Towing Capacity: What Boats Can a Lincoln Navigator Tow?

Do you already own a Lincoln Navigator and are looking to by a boat? Or, do you own a boat and are considering replacing your vehicle with a Lincoln Navigator? Well, look no further, as this is the article for you. We can determine what boats your Lincoln can tow as well as what you need to ensure the safety of yourself, your vehicle, and your boat.

What Boats Can a Lincoln Navigator Tow?

A Lincoln Navigator can tow boats between 6,200 and 8,700 pounds depending on which Lincoln you purchase.

A Lincoln Navigator can carry PWCs (or personal watercraft), smaller sailboats, ski boats, small cabin cruisers, small-to-average speed boats, pontoon boats, and small-to-average fishing boats.

Now, there is a lot of variation in different makes and models of boats in terms of their weight, and there could be over 2,000 pounds of difference in tow capacity depending on the model of your Lincoln Navigator.

Keep on reading to determine what Lincoln Navigator is right for you or just how much boat you can tow with your current vehicle.

Towing Capacity: What Boats Can a Lincoln Navigator Tow?

Determining the Towing Capacity

First and foremost, it is important to determine the towing capacity of your Lincoln Navigator. For the older models, you can check Ford’s website to determine the towing capacity. For the 2020 Lincoln Navigator, here is a quick table that shows you how much each Lincoln Navigator can tow.

Automatic Transition Maximum Loaded Trailer Weight (lbs)
Engine Axel Ratio GCWR (lbs) Navigator Navigator L
3.5L V 6 3.73   4×2 4×4 4×2 4×4
  12,500 6,200
12,700 6,200
13,100 6,600  
13,300 6,600
15,300 8,700* 8,300
15,500 8,400 8,100

*Best in Class for Maximum Tow Weight

This table covers the 2020 Lincoln Navigator, but be sure to look at the towing capacity for your model and year as these numbers may vary. However, if you are looking to buy a Lincoln Navigator, this table easily shows you that the 4×2 Navigator with a GCWR of 15,300 is going to allow you to tow the largest boat. However, you need to consider the other factors of the regular use of your vehicle to determine what option is the best for you.

If you find Ford’s online towing guide confusing, or you aren’t sure what your model can handle, you can also reach out to your dealership or call Ford’s Customer Service line (1 (800) 392-3673), and they can help you out.

Consider the Full Weight and Frontal Area

Now, you may be tempted to run out and buy the maximum sized sailboat your Lincoln Navigator can tow, but slow your roll. The dry weight of your boat is not the only factor that you need to consider.

It is worth assuming that if you are looking at an 8,000-pound boat, that you are going to be carrying some equipment and cargo with it. This can be everything from provisions to fishing gear. All of those things can add up quickly, so it is important that you leave a few hundred pounds of leeway so that you don’t go over your limit once it is all said and done.

The frontal area of your vehicle and trailer/boat are also of great importance. You will severely decrease your vehicle’s tow performance if you exceed the recommended frontal area. For the 2020 Lincoln Navigator, this is 55 sq. feet of trailer frontal area without the heavy-duty trailer tow package, and 60 sq. feet with the heavy-duty trailer tow package. A light but large boat may not be able to be towed, so be sure you are doing these calculations as you make your decisions.

Purchase the Correct Gear

Now that you know how much weight your Lincoln Navigator can handle in theory, it is important to purchase the best gear for your model and trim. Especially if you are planning on maxing out your tow load, you need high-quality hitches to ensure you protect your boat and your vehicle, as well as other drivers on the road.

For the 2020 Lincoln Navigator, the heavy-duty trailer towing package will get you off to the right start. These items include:

  • 7-Wire Harness and 4- /7-Pin Connector
  • Class IV Hitch Receiver
  • Trailer Sway Control
  • Smart Trailer Tow
  • Heavy-Duty Radiator
  • Electronic Traction Assist (eLSD)
  • 2-Speed Transfer Case (4×4)
  • Pro Trailer Backup Assist
  • Trailer Brake Controller (TBC)

You may be able to purchase and install some of these items at your dealership if you would like to add them to your current Lincoln Navigator.

Now, you will need to purchase the hitch ball and ball mounting. You should also buy weight-distributing equipment to be able to reach your maximum load. These items include equalizing arms, snap-up brackets, and sway control systems. This will ensure that you are towing your boat properly and will be less likely to run into any costly issues or accidents.

Examples of Boats a Lincoln Navigator Can Handle

So now you have the Lincoln Navigator of your dreams, all you need is a boat. Here is a list of our favorites that a Lincoln Navigator will be able to tow with the proper equipment, and some considerations for each option.

Nitro Z18

The Nitro Z18 is a small fiberglass bass boat. This is the perfect boat for hobby fishing with regularity. This boat has a smooth and fast ride and it is optimized to making fishing easy. It is 18/8” long and can seat four people comfortably.

Despite its comfortable size, the dry weight of this boat is only 1,700 pounds, meaning any Lincoln Navigator with the proper equipment can tow this boat with ease. Even the weight of the average package of this boat is 3,200 pounds, meaning your Lincoln Navigator won’t have a problem handling it.

Boston Whaler 170 Montauk

This high-performance deck boat is the perfect boat for skiing and other watersports. If your family wants to hop in your Lincoln Navigator and go wakeboarding for a long holiday weekend, this is the boat for you.

The Boston Whaler 170 Montauk has a classic aesthetic, meaning it will look good for years to come. There is even an optional fishing package that you can purchase with this boat.

This boat can be outfitted with luxurious options such as teak flooring, meaning it is a great upscale companion to a brand new Lincoln Navigator with the highest quality trims. It also seats 7 people, meaning you can load up your Lincoln Navigator on the way to the lake and everyone can sit comfortably on your Boston Whaler 170 Montauk.

The dry weight of this boat is 1,700 pounds, and with a full fuel tank and gear, it should come out to a little under 3,000 pounds. This boat will be easy for any Lincoln Navigator to tow.

Hunter 260, 26

The Hunter 260 is a serious sailboat. It can hold 8 people, 20 gallons of freshwater, and clocks in at 26.25 feet. This is a great boat to use to take the family on longer voyages at sea.

Despite this boat being such a big size, the dry weight is only 3,000 pounds. This means even with fresh water, fuel, and gear, your Lincoln will likely be able to handle to load, particularly if you have one of the higher-grade trims that can handle the maximum of 8,700 pounds.

Parker 750 Cabin Cruiser

We wouldn’t want to end this list without a great cabin cruiser that can be towed by a Lincoln Navigator. While this is the heaviest boat on the list with a dry weight of 4,100 pounds, your Lincoln Navigator should be able to handle it even with fuel and gear.

The Parker 750 Cabin Cruiser boasts 24 feet of deck space and sleeps four people comfortably, making it a great option for most families. It also holds up to 60 gallons of fuel, meaning its perfect if you’re looking to take longer voyages. It can hold up to seven passengers, so it’s a great option for daytime gatherings.

Towing Capacity: What Boats Can a Lincoln Navigator Tow?

The Bottom Line

If you are looking for a new vehicle to tow your boat, the Lincoln Navigator is a great option. It is considered one of the best in its class for towing, meaning you might struggle to find an SUV that tows more boat than a Navigator.

However, you can check out this list to see what your other options may be. There could be a truck with a heavier towing capacity that may be a better fit for you.

If you already own a Lincoln Navigator and are looking to purchase a new boat that you are able to tow, the world is your oyster. While we have provided many great boats to get you started in the list above, you can check out many lists of boats in different weight categories to determine what boat is best for you. Just remember to evaluate the difference between dry weight and wet weight and keep in mind that you need to factor in trailer weight as well.

Towing Capacity: What Boats Can a Lincoln Navigator Tow?