Can You Ski Behind A Deck Boat?

Deck Boats are great because they are very versatile and are seen as the “do it all boats.” What we mean by that is that you can take it out for a nice, sunny day to fish or lounge around on. Or you can use it for more active activities such as for various water sports. One very popular water sport is water skiing.

If you have been wondering if you could ski behind a deck boat, then we have you covered.

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What is a Deck Boat?

Most people might think they know what a deck boat is, but did you know that many people confuse deck boats with bowriders? This is understandable since the two boats have similar features but they are in fact, very different.

According to Go Downsize’s online article titled, “Deck Boat or Bowrider? 11 Important Things to Consider,” here are some easy ways to separate deck boats from other boats you might see in the water this year.

These boats have a maximum passenger load of about 8-12 people. The length is from 18-28 ft, and commonly from 25-35 ft. They have a stern power drive. They’re commonly used for freshwater fishing, water sports, and day cruising.

Deck boats are commonly used in bays, oceans, and lakes. They are limited to use on nice weather days. Deck boats are newer than bowriders and can be described as a crossover between a bowrider and a pontoon boat. Deck boats typically have a fiberglass bottom.

Both deck boats and bowrider boats are great for water sports as well. Which one you should pick depends on a variety of reasons. If you want to learn more about the differences between a deck boat and a bowrider boat, be sure to check out Go Downsize’s online article.

Can You Ski Behind a Deck Boat?

The quick and simple answer to that is yes. Yes, you can ski behind a deck boat. In fact, many water skiers already do. Something you should consider though is if the speed of the boat matters to you.

Let’s bring back the comparison between deck boats and bowrider boats again. According to Go Downside’s article, they note that there is a difference between the performance of a deck boat vs the performance of a bowrider boat, however, they are quite slight:

Bowriders are often faster than deck boats. This is because the design of the boat lends itself to be faster. Both boat designs have outboard motors, and you will be more likely to find a powerful outboard motor in a deck boat.

Bowriders have stern-drive motors that are quite powerful. At higher speeds, because of their design, bowriders will often perform better.

Since deck boats are roomier and have a bigger deck room, hence the name, this would be a great choice for water skiing.

In fact, if you want to bring your friends and family on the boat, it would make the experience even more fun vs just having one or two other people with you.

Can You Ski Behind A Deck Boat?

What Are Some Good Deck Boats?

If you are curious about deck boats and are considering purchasing one, then we definitely can understand why.

There are plenty of great deck boats out on the market today, and we would not be surprised if newer deck boat models in the making are being produced.

However, these are some of the most popular and well-loved models. We hope that you find what you are looking for in one of them.

● Stingray 212SC

  • Pricing: $44,930.00 (Note: This is the current price of the Stingray 212SC. Depending on the year and sales promotions, prices may increase or decrease from the listed price).
    • The Stingray 212SC can seat up to twelve passengers comfortably which means if you want to host a little party on your deck boat, you most definitely can.
    • The Stingray 212SC is nearly 22 feet long and you get the choice of a Yamaha or Mercury four-stroke 150 HP engine.
    • Because the Stingray 212SC is so spacious, you will not need to worry about your gear and personal belongings taking up space on deck.
    • If you do not plan on taking eleven people on your deck boat, then you and your smaller party will have plenty of room.

● NauticStar 223

  • Pricing: $51,396.00 ((Note: This is the current price of the NauticStar 223. Depending on the year and sales promotions, prices may increase or decrease from the listed price).
    • Next on our list, we have the NauticStar 223.
    • The NauticStar 223 is around 22 feet long and can sit up to ten passengers comfortably in the cockpit and bow. We will also let you in on a little secret, if you strategically position your cup holders, you can fit one more person, making the total eleven. However, we cannot promise that it will be super comfortable.
    • You do not have to worry about running out of fuel because the NauticStar 223 has a large, 66-gallon gas tank.
    • The NauticStar 223 is the priciest deck boat on this list so do consider looking more into the boat before you decide to buy. We will say that the owners of the NauticStar 223, seem to really like it.

● DC Starcraft IO 2000 I/O

  • Pricing: $27,000.00 ((Note: This is the current price of the DC Starcraft IO 2000 I/O. Depending on the year and sales promotions, prices may increase or decrease from the listed price).
    • Last on our list, we have the DC Starcraft IO 2000 I/O. The DC Starcraft IO 2000 I/O has a fiberglass hull and although it is more on the shorter side (it measures a little over 20 feet in length), it makes up for it in HP.
    • The DC Starcraft IO 2000 I/O has a powerful V6 Mercruiser engine that yields 220 HP.
    • If you are wondering if the DC Starcraft IO 2000 I/O is a comfortable ride then you will be happy to know that the answer is yes. It features a swivel bucket seat with a slider and a flip-up bolster for the boat. Anyone that thinks you need a large deck boat in order to have fun has yet to discover the DC Starcraft IO 2000 I/O.
    • With the price of the DC Starcraft IO 2000, I/O set at $27,000.00 it is more in the mid-price range as well.

In Conclusion | Are Deck Boats for You?

Deck boats definitely have their advantages and their disadvantages. Before you consider buying a deck boat whether it be for water skiing or any other activities, we would suggest doing some research on whether deck boats are for you or not. While their prices do vary widely (from around $16,000.00 to up to $100,000.00), they are not “cheap” by any means. Like buying a house or buying a car, buying a boat is an investment and one that should be taken seriously. Luckily, there are plenty of online websites, Youtube videos, and boating forums that are dedicated to these kinds of topics.

If you are stuck and want to start somewhere, we would recommend giving this article, “Deck Boats (Pros and Cons)” a read.