The 10 Best Bass Pro Shop Boat Brands

Outdoor enthusiasts with an inclination towards water-based activities are usually on the market for the best boats. If you are a boat lover, you probably may have come across a brand owned by a brass pro without knowing. To narrow down on the brands owned by the company, I did in-depth research. This article is focused on some of the brands I was able to find.

During my research, I came across a question, Does Johnny Morris own Bass Pro Shops and Cabela’s? The answer is yes; he founded the company in 1978. Founder Johnny Morris has been its champion and nurtured it to become one of the leaders of innovation and producers of fishing boats in the marine industry with the brand Tracker, dominating the market in North America for the last four decades.

The 10 Best Bass Pro Shop Boat Brands 1

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Boat Brands Owned By Bass Pro Shops

White River Marine Group, the Bass Pro Group manufacturing segment, manufactures the following boat brands:

  • Tracker-boats
  • Ranger boats
  • Nitro boats
  • Sun Tracker-boats
  • Regency Boats
  • Tahoe boats
  • Mako boats
  • Ascend Kayaks
  • Stratos boats

Tracker Boats

If you’ve ever found yourself wondering, who owns tracker boats? Bass Pro Shops owns Tracker boats. Tracker is manufactured by White River Marine, the manufacturing arm of Bass Pro Shops.

These boats have been on the market for the last forty years and are known for excellence. This boat brand was among the first brands to offer boat lovers boats, motors, and trailers at an affordable price nationally. The company has continued to produce high-quality fishing boats with an affordable price tag.

The brand is currently focused on models such as the aluminum mod v bass boats, John boats, and deep v boats. The brand is currently working on providing anglers and families with ready-to-fish boats. This way, the clients can enjoy the outdoor experience and even make lasting memories.

Nitro Boats

These fiberglass fishing boats are built specifically for fishing trips. The boats have become a favorite for most anglers looking to rise on the leaderboards. They are also built for speed, making them a good choice when chasing the walleye or the big bass.

The designers and boat building experts of this brand left nothing to chance, subjecting the boats to several tests and retests to achieve the best performance before realizing them to customers. The boats are also made to support the different needs of a varied client base. This is definitely a brand built for champions.

Mako Boats

These saltwater fishing boats have a legendary performance. This brand was originally introduced into the market back in 1967 and has continued to provide saltwater anglers and clients with fishing-featured, comfortable, and rugged boats for both offshore and inshore activities.

These boats are also built to serve deep-sea fishermen and guarantees safe return fishing trips. The model makes both offshore and inshore boats.

Ranger Boats

This brand has built a reputation for making reliable, high-performance, and attractive boats for your outdoor needs. The team beyond these boats is driven by a desire to provide their clients with nothing short of the best quality.

These boats feature customized features, modern safety features, advanced technology, and best of all, guaranteed customer satisfaction. These boats have become a major presence in various tournaments, including the bass anglers, and have also received recognition from several seasoned saltwater captains and families.

The brand has been making freshwater and saltwater fiberglass boats, aluminum boats, and pontoons.

Triton Boats

Triton boats found their way into the boating world in 1996 and were originally built to provide tournament anglers with the most advanced technological, high-performance bass boats. This brand was the first to introduce a 100% composite, wood-free boat. The brand has continued to build its reputation for making innovative and performance-driven boats.

The brand recently launched a line-up built in the state-of-the-art facility Midway AR. These new models feature fiberglass aluminum fishing boats designed to meet angler needs when out on the water.

Sun Tracker boats

This brand offers a wide range of fishing and recreational pontoon boats. The boats are designed for small companies giving you a chance to enjoy your day. With a market presence of almost four decades, Sun Tracker-boats have made a reputation for themselves by building quality pontoon boats that bond people over precious moments. These boats can serve different purposes, from lazing around with family fishing on the shoreline to participating in watersport adventures.

The boast lineup offers clients various fishing and recreational models to choose from. Keep in mind that every model is built to the best craftsmanship with reliable features to fit your boat needs.

Tahoe Boats

This brand is known for making Bowriders, sport, fish, and ski and deck boats. This brand mainly focuses on making family fun boats that provide clients with a chance to create new memories through water-based adventures. These boats are perfect when looking for a fishing trip vessel or if you want to play in an outboard, sterndrive, side console, or the center console. With their versatile models, your boating needs are covered both offshore and inshore.

Built in 1998, the brand has risen to become America’s fastest-growing builders of fiberglass sport boats. These boats are become a favorite due to the outboard and sterndrive-powered runabouts and deck boats that provide both anglers and families with options for cruising, lounging, or fishing. Each model is built for comfort, performance, and convenience features for family needs.

Regency Boats

This brand has a passion for building luxury and sport pontoon boats. With these models, you are assured of the most luxurious boating experience. The models come with standard amenity designs for convenience and comfort. This is your best pick if you are an entertainer if looking for a boat with elegant entertainment features. This brand also offers triton performance for all their models with the complementary features of the sports series lineup. This brand was recently launched in 2014 to answer to the demand for upscale models that offer comfort, luxury: elegance, and enhanced performance.

The brand also offers its clients peace of mind through excellent craftsmanship, durability, and a ten-year limited lifetime warranty.

Ascend boats

This brand is more focused on recreational, fishing, and hybrid kayaks. The brand boasts to being the world’s leading builders of quality kayaks. True to their words, their kayaks boast of a rotomolded construction with an exquisite hull design and a stable kayak fishing platform. Regardless of your choice of water-based adventure, either white water rapids, still, lakes, or lazy rivers, these kayaks are built to give the best kayaking experience.

The models are built from Aqua Tuff to improve durability and are NMMA certified to ensure safety standards are at per. The kayaks also come with accessories such as paddles, life jackets, convenient storage, and transportation gear.

What Boat Brand does Bass Pro Own?

Stratos Boats

This brand is known for making excellent fishing boats. Bass Pro bought the company back in 2014 to join the growing list of boating brands owned by the boating company. The brand is known for producing fiberglass boats, specifically for the American bass and pan fishing markets.

The brand originally introduced its models back in 1984 had been selling to a wide range of clients across the globe. The brand also partnered with celebrity anglers to help promote their brand as one of the best options for anglers looking for a thrilling, fun-filled adventure on the water.

Despite being in production for over three decades, the brand is currently undergoing re-evaluation by the new owners, White River Marine Group. The company is focusing its attention on building high-performance fishing boats. However, the company still maintains support for boats in operation through warranty spare parts and service support. Before shifting various hands in terms of ownership, the model was known for producing sturdy boats capable of withstanding rough waters.

Bass Pro is a continuously growing company with interests in more than just boats. Outdoor enthusiasts are in for a treat by launching high-quality boats and equipment in the near future.