Best Snacks to Take to Pack on a Boat Ride

A lot of people might think all snacks are created equal, but you know better than that and that is why you are here. Truth is, all snacks are great but certain snacks seem to be made specifically for boat rides.

If you are planning on hopping on a boat with a few friends or if you are taking a family trip with children and are needing some good snack ideas, then we have got you covered.

Let’s get started!

Snacks to Avoid

Depending on how long you plan to be out on the river, lake, or ocean it is best to avoid snacks that are “high-maintenance.” by that, we mean snacks that will require you to eat them hot or eat them cold right away.

  • Ice cream for example is fine if you have a cooler or if you are planning to eat it right away but if you do not have a cooler, then it can get quite messy and quite fast.
  • Soups or any sort of hot liquid are also snacks that we would recommend avoiding. While for some people, soups are not a snack, for others, a hot cup of soup is not filling so they do not consider it a full meal.
  • Gummy candies are also on the list. This does not apply if you are going out on a boat during the cold winter months but if you are boating in an area that is known for its hot weather, then you might want to skip the gummy candy. It can easily melt in your purse or pocket. Now with that said, the majority of gummy candies are sealed in individual bags so you do not need to worry about them destroying your bag or clothes. However, unless you keep them in a cooler, they will not be as appetizing after they have melted in the sun.
  • Chocolates are on this list and for the same reason as the gummy candies. If you have a cooler to keep them in then great, but if you do not and it is cold outside then can only imagine the mess it will make.

If you plan on bringing a cooler then you can bring all sorts of great snacks and keep them cool.

However, if your boat is on the smaller side or if you are not planning on staying out in the water for long, then the best kind of snacks are the ones that will be fine on their own.

Snacks that you do not need to keep a certain temperature for them to be safe and delicious to eat.

Best Snacks to take on a Boat

Everyone that has spent a day on a boat knows that having the right snacks are crucial. The best snacks are those that can be resealed in containers (this is to ensure that the snack does not one, become stale after being left out for hours, and two, do not get wet from the water.

As much as you may love the salty ocean water or the cold lake and river water, you probably do not want any of that water touching your food) and ones that are non-perishable (for those that do not want to bring a cooler with them).

So now that you know what snacks you might want to avoid, we have a list of snacks that have the green light.

● Fruits

  • Fruits are one of the best snacks to pack because they can be kept cool in the cooler and be eaten at any time.
    • Some fruits are a bit more high-maintenance than others, as if you leave them out for too long they will not taste as good. Fruits like pineapples, melons, or cut bananas.
    • Speaking of cut fruits, the best kind of fruits are the ones that you can peel and eat. Some examples are bananas, kiwis, oranges, and tangerines.
    • Apples are also great as well because you can wash them beforehand then snack on them, the same goes for grapes.

● Trail Mix

  • Trail mixes are as low maintenance as you can get. They are already dry so you can snack on them without getting your fingers dirty.
    • They are also great no matter what temperature it is and they also come in reusable packagings such as a ziplock bag or a can.
    • They are also great because there is variety. If you do not feel like packing a bunch of snacks then opt to buy snacks that offer a variety.

● Dry Bars

  • Dry bars include cereal bars, protein bars, and fruit and nut bars.
    • They are easy to pack and they do well in the heat as well.
    • If you want to opt for a healthier option then go for protein bars that will keep you full and happy for longer.

● Lunchables

  • There is a reason why Lunchables are so popular and that is because there is a little bit of everything for you.
    • Just one container will give you the main dish, dessert, a drink, and sometimes a small side. This depends on what kind of Lunchable you opt for of course.
    • If you are hard-pressed on time and space then opt for Lunchables or any one of those pre-packaged lunches.

● Sandwiches

  • A simple sandwich can still taste so great and the best part is you can make a bunch ahead of time.
    • If you will not be eating until much later then it is best to remove ingredients that will sog up your bread like tomatoes and condiments.

● Popcorn

  • Popcorn is the perfect snack because like chips, all you have to do is pack them in a bag and you are good to go.
Best Snacks to Take to Pack on a Boat Ride

Bonus Tips

Here are a few easy tips and tricks to remember next time you are spending the day on the boat:

● Keep It Clean

  • While it may be tempting to just toss a few crumbs overboard or to wash your items in the water, we advise to keep it as clean as possible.
    • The river, lake, and ocean are (mainly) public property so keep it clean for others to enjoy as well. It is also beneficial to the environment, so you are doing two great deeds!
    • Bring a trash bag so you can toss all of your trash in there and the kids will know where to put their trash as well.

● Don’t Forget the Wipes

  • There is nothing worse than sticky hands, especially with no clean water insight. Or maybe someone dropped their soda can and now the entire floor of the boat is sticky and there is no way to clean it up…either way not pleasant.
    • Bringing some wipes can be such a lifesaver!
    • If you do not want to bring the entire pack, then pick up a travel size pack. These should be available at all drugstores and markets.

● Pack a Chip Clip

  • Chips are a great snack but if you do not finish them all at once then it can kind of be a pain because they get stale pretty fast.
    • Also, if you do not finish them, then there is the problem of not knowing what to do with them. Do you hold onto them? How will you keep them from not spilling?
    • The quick and easy answer to all your chip related problems is to bring a chip clip!
    • They are super affordable and usually come in a pack, so you can have backups.

● Coolers for All

  • If possible, bring a cooler!
    • If you are only going to be out in the water for a few hours or if your boat is quite small, then you can opt to bring a smaller cooler. Coolers come in many different sizes and some of them are as light as a tote bag.

In Conclusion | “The Danger Zone”: An Important Tip

Knowing which snacks are the best to pack on boating trips is a great hack to know because when you get it right, it can make a day in the water so much easier.

This is especially true if you travel with small children! To keep food safe, do remember that there is a “Danger Zone” that you will want to avoid.

Bacterias do multiply quite rapidly at warm temperatures and your food may become unsafe to eat if it is held in the “Danger Zone” for over two hours.

Do remember that above 90 degrees F, food can become dangerous to eat only after one hour. In direct sunlight, the temperature can climb even higher than that.

To avoid food poisoning, be sure to keep all foods and snacks inside a cooler if you have one. If not, keep your snacks in the shaded areas of the boat and cover it with a jacket or blanket if you have one.

Lastly, when in doubt, toss it out. If you are questioning whether a certain snack is okay to eat because it looks questionable or you are not sure if how long it has been sitting in the sun for, just toss it out.

Chances are, you are probably right if you are questioning it. It is better to throw away some food than risk the chance of you, your friends, or your family members getting sick.