Shimano Tyrnos 2 Speed Conventional Reel

If you’re serious about saltwater fishing, finding the right equipment can make all the difference. We’ve recently had the chance to test out the SHIMANO TYRNOS 2 SPD and it’s certainly a reel that should be on your radar.

Shimano Tyrnos 30 Fishing Reel for saltwater fishing and trolling offshore
(Shimano Tyrnos 30 Fishing Reel)

Crafted for both serious and recreational anglers without compromising on performance, this reel has been a reliable companion for our deep-sea exploits.

The sturdy build and smooth drag system of the TYRNOS 2 SPD have been noteworthy; it feels like it’s made to handle the vigorous challenges of saltwater game. From my years of fishing the Tyrnos, it’s clear that SHIMANO has put their trusted expertise into this model.

My Experience

My family and I have fished the Shimano Tyrnos 30 reels for years. I use them offshore on my 28′ World Cat, and our family uses them on the 55′ Sportfisher for big game fishing as well.

On one of our last trips out of Pirates Cove, NC we hooked up and released a 200+ pound blue marlin on the Tyrnos 30. I’ve caught blue marlin, white marlin, sailfish, and dolphin (Mahi Mahi/Dorado – not flipper) on the Tyrnos 30 reels.

Shimano Tyrnos 2 Speed Conventional Reel 1
(Mahi caught using a Shimano Tyrnos 30 reel)

Anytime we are fishing for fun (not tournaments), we use the Tyrnos 30. In my opinion, they are the perfect blend of light weight, strong drag, reasonable price and most importantly a lot more fun to cach a trophy fish and fight it with the Tyrnos vs the heavy weight Tiagra’s.

There is a time and place for the giant Tiagra’s, but those are for tournaments, and when you see the 700-pound blue marlin crash, you spread.

For just about everything most anglers would want to catch, a Tyrnos might be the perfect offshore trolling and pitch bait reel for offshore sport fish like mahi, sailfish, marlin and more.

Sailfish caught on a Tyrnos 30

Bottom Line

The SHIMANO TYRNOS 2 SPD is a solid choice for serious fishermen looking for performance in a lever drag reel.

It’s proved its mettle on the open ocean with us and has the design and durability to back up its reputation. Plus, its user-friendly features mean less time fiddling with equipment and more time focusing on the catch.

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Overview of the SHIMANO TYRNOS LD Reel 2 SPD

We’ve often trusted SHIMANO for reliable fishing gear, and the Tyrnos 2-Speed doesn’t disappoint. Feeling it in action, the smoothness of those four ball bearings and the versatile gear ratio allows for a substantial edge when tackling various fish.

The anti-reverse feature is a game-changer, preventing those annoying handle backplays that can cost you a catch.

Its aluminum construction is a testament to durability. I’ve personally hauled in some hard-fighting tuna with it, and it’s opened up new possibilities for targeting species that demand a robust reel. When friends ask about its performance, it’s easy to comment on its solid build and the sense of control it provides.

However, one has to consider its weight, especially when planning for extended trips. While some may find the heft reassuring of its quality, others might prefer something lighter.

Remember, the fishing technique for this reel is pretty specific. If fly fishing is your game, this could very well become the workhorse of your expeditions. Overall, it’s a reel that brings SHIMANO’s reputable performance to the table. Just know your fishing style and needs before making a decision.

Shimano Tyrnos 2 Speed Conventional Reel 2

Drag System Efficiency

When we’re out on the open water, the last thing we want is for our gear to fail us during a crucial moment. That’s why examining the drag system of the TYRNOS LD REEL is so important before you decide to add it to your tackle box. From personal experience, I can vouch for its smoothness and reliability.

On a recent trip targeting hefty game, I spooled the reel with a sturdy 65 lb line and hooked into some spirited 40-pounders.

Throughout the multiple battles, the drag was remarkably consistent, offering just the right amount of resistance without any unexpected give or lockup. The anti-reverse feature came in handy, giving me the confidence needed to let the fish run when necessary without fearing a backlash.

Though it’s only tested through a few outings, it’s evident the build quality and materials used, with aluminum components playing a key role, contribute to a robust drag system. The ease of adjusting the drag even with wet hands or while handling a vigorous fish also speaks volumes about its design.

It’s important to mention that while the setup shines when used properly, overloading or improper use can strain any reel. With a crafted blend of materials and with proper care, this reel’s drag system should hold up well for serious anglers pursuing anything that might put up a respectable fight.

Gear Ratio Differences

After spending a good amount of time with our reels on the water, one feature that stands out in our TYRNOS 2 SPD is its gear ratio versatility.

The high and low gear ratio options allow us to switch between powerful cranking and speedy retrieval efficiently. While out on the chase for that stubborn catch, the high gear really helps in winding in quickly when repositioning or following a fast-moving fish.

However, it’s in the moments of playing out a heavier fish that the lower gear ratio proves invaluable. It gives us the added torque we need without exhausting ourselves. It’s a balance between power and speed that not all reels manage to achieve, and this SHIMANO model nails it, making our experience feel seamless.

One trade-off to note is that when we’re in that high-speed retrieve mode, we sacrifice a bit of our control in the low gear—something to consider when targeting species requiring a nuanced approach.

The transition between gears is something that’s smooth enough not to disrupt our focus during those critical moments of the fight. This feature and the reel’s anti-reverse function really step up our game in recreational and more challenging saltwater fishing scenarios.

Construction and Durability

Shimano Tyrnos 2 Speed Conventional Reel 3

After countless trips offshore, we’ve found that the TYRNOS reel blended material construction stands up to the harsh saltwater environment impressively.

The aluminum handle feels sturdy—on several occasions, reeling in those stubborn 40-pound tunas has been remarkably smooth, thanks to the reel’s solid build. The anti-reverse feature gives us the confidence we need during a relentless fight with the fish, ensuring no slip-backs when it counts.

It’s reassuring to see that the reel holds up just as well on our fifth year chasing white marlin as it did on day one, which speaks volumes about the long-term reliability SHIMANO has delivered here.

It’s worth mentioning, the reel’s multi-colored design hasn’t faded over time, helping it maintain that fresh-from-the-box look. When it comes to longevity, SHIMANO’s one-year warranty is just an added peace of mind for us.

From our experience, you’re investing in a reel that won’t let you down when you’re out on the water, season after season.

*Hint: For the weekend warrior, don’t be afraid to buy used gear off eBay. That’s how I started and have progressed to new year over time.

Ease of Use

The Tyrnos reel is user-friendliness. Handling this reel is a breeze, even when spooled with heavy 65 lb line. We were able to bring in several large fish without a hitch smoothly. There’s a sense of reliability with each use, and I’ve found the dual-speed feature helpful when needing that extra control during a tough fight.

It’s clear that the design has been well thought out, providing a comfortable grip and ease of operation. Swapping between speeds doesn’t interrupt the thrill of the catch, which, as fellow anglers, we know is crucial. Although the reel excels in many areas, some might find the initial setup a touch challenging if they’re new to multi-speed reels.

In our hands-on experience, there’s a lot to appreciate about how this reel functions out on the open water. The payoff of feeling more connected during a fight with a hefty halibut or spirited tuna justifies the learning curve, making it a noteworthy companion for any serious fisher.

Shimano Tyrnos 2 Speed Conventional Reel 4

Pros and Cons


  • Sturdy Build Quality: We’ve noticed the Shimano Tyrnos is remarkably durable, thanks to its solid construction. After many outings, it holds up well against the corrosive nature of saltwater.
  • Smooth Drag System: The multi-disc drag system hasn’t failed us yet. It’s smooth and reliable, which is crucial when fighting those strong, unexpected tugs from big catches.
  • Sufficient Line Capacity: With the ability to spool a generous amount of line (20/700, for instance), we’re primed for deep water without running out of line mid-battle.


  • Components: Being a lighter weight reel compared to the heavy metal Tiagra’s, Shimano had to cut weight somewhere and so the body and other components may not hold up as long as other Shimano reels.
  • Price Point: For serious offshore fishermen the price of the Tyrnos is quite good. However, for the weekend warrior, the Tyrnos cost meaningfully more than the TLD series reels.

Customer Reviews

We’ve scoured through the feedback on the SHIMAN TYRNOS LD REEL, and it’s clear this reel has impressed its users.

With a near-perfect 4.8-star rating from multiple anglers, the consensus is that it’s a reliable addition to any saltwater fishing arsenal.

One fellow angler shared their experience of effortlessly landing 40-pound tunas, praising the reel’s performance. Another emphasized that the product matched their expectations to the dot.

The durability and ease of use seem to be the reel’s standout features, making it a favorite for those chasing big game.

Though the sample of reviews is not vast, with only eight total, it’s evident that those who invested in this reel feel they’ve gotten their money’s worth.

It’s not just about hauling in catch after catch; it’s about enjoying the fight more, a sentiment echoed by a veteran halibut fisherman who recommended the product based on his enhanced experience.

No tool is perfect, but the few pieces of shared insight suggest that the SHIMAN TYRNOS LD REEL is close to it for those who’ve made it their choice. These opinions are valuable as we consider what gear to entrust with our future expeditions.


After spending quality time on the water with the TYRNOS REEL 2 SPD, we’ve formed a solid opinion on this reel’s capabilities. It’s clear that SHIMANO has put significant effort into crafting a reel that stands out in both reliability and functionality.

We particularly appreciated how it handled the rigorous challenge of reeling in sizable tuna, demonstrating its smooth operation even under stress. It’s reassuring to know that when you hook a big one, the TYRNOS can withstand the fight without any hitches.

The consensus among us is that this reel enhances the fishing experience. It’s a real pleasure to use, and you can feel the difference when battling with the likes of halibut and other large game fish.

Yes, every piece of gear has its downsides, but the drawbacks here are minimal and get overshadowed by the reel’s overall performance and the satisfaction it delivers.

For anyone serious about saltwater fishing and looking for equipment that won’t let them down, the TYRNOS by SHIMANO is one to keep in the arsenal.

It has earned its high rating honestly, and feedback from fellow anglers frequently echoes our positive view. It’s a solid investment that we wholeheartedly recommend for enhancing your angling experiences.