The 9 Best Boat Manufacturers In North Carolina

Choosing a new boat is a huge decision. Whether you’re looking for a weekend getaway boat or you are searching for something to live aboard permanently, choosing the right boat maker in North Carolina can be a challenge. 

The 9 Best Boat Manufacturers In North Carolina 1

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What Are Some Boats Made In North Carolina?

What boats are made in North Carolina? All kinds of different boats are made in North Carolina. You can choose from relatively simple skiffs and fishing boats like those made by Parker and Grady White. If you want a smooth-riding catamaran, choose WorldCat or Tideline. If you’re looking for a luxurious yacht, look into the Hattera.

Whatever kind of boat you are looking for, there’s a good chance you can find it on this list. Here are some of the craftsmen making boats in North Carolina:

North Carolina Boat Builders


Parker Boats have been in production since the 1960s. They are handmade for superb quality and designed to be strong, simple, and seaworthy. Parker Boats makes four different models, each simple but very well-made. 

  • Center console. This simple open skiff design features one console in the middle and plenty of room to walk around for a 360-degree angle view. 
  • Dual console. This model features two consoles with seating at each, along with a windshield to break up spray.
  • Sport Cabin. If you’d like a bit more shelter, you’ll appreciate the overhead cover that makes this boat fun even in the rain. There is even room to stretch out and take a nap undercover and a small toilet.
  • Walk Around. The Walk Around is similar to the Sports Cabin, but it offers a bit more room and luxury both in the cabin and below deck, including a head and full-sized toilet. 

World Cat

If you’re looking for the most stable ride possible, this might be the boat for you. This sleek catamaran may look like any other monohull motorboat, but it’s not.

Two hulls provide a much smoother ride, even though this boat won’t take up much more room on a trailer or in storage. You can build your own World Cat design, or choose from the options available:

What Boats Are Made In North Carolina?
World Cat 280 cc
  • Center console. This straightforward little cat offers plenty of storage and fuel capacity in a luxurious fishing cruiser. Choose from a number of sizes between 23 ft and 29 ft. Each has a live well and fish boxes.
  • Dual console. This boat offers an incredible amount of deck space, a significant portion of which is covered so that you can enjoy the ride even when the sun or rain is beating down. Customizations like a built-in grill and sink make this a highly functional and luxurious ride.
  • Sundeck. This boat is designed for comfort, with wraparound seats, an entertainment center, nad an extra-wide swim platform and ladder, making it great for diving off of, wakeboarding, or fishing. 


Here’s another catamaran maker that’s perfect for the boater that wants to design it themselves. Every boat is built to order and can take up to a year to be completed, but the boat you get is very likely to be exactly what you want. 

These boats are made to last with 100% composite material and the finest hardware and materials. As a catamaran cruiser, it’s hard to beat the ride, even in choppy water. You can choose from two models to start with, then customize them as much as you want.

What Boats Are Made In North Carolina?
Tideline at the Miami boat show.
  • Hybrid. This boat is an ideal combination of a bay cruiser and an offshore fisher. It combines a shallow draft with superb offshore capabilities.
  • Offshore. If you know that you want to hit the open ocean, The Offshore is right for you. This is a seaworthy little boat with superb fuel efficiency that is designed to perform well on the open ocean.

Grady White

Grady-White makes a wide variety of different boats, so there’s a good chance that you’ll find the one you want, no matter what you’re looking for. You can also build your own Grady-White boat to precisely the specifications that you are looking for. Here are some of the models you can choose from: 

  • Center console. Choose from two varieties of center console models, the Fisherman and the Canyon. Each comes in a number of sizes and specifications. They provide a built-in live well and rod storage, but it also offers a swim platform and ladder for easy swimming. 
  • Dual console. These boats are surprisingly luxurious, with a wide-beam, plush seating, a lockable head, and built-in swim platforms.
  • Coastal Explorer. This boat is well-designed for offshore and also includes live well, rod storage, and a bunch of other fishing features. It also has family-friendly features like water sports storage and easy access to the water.
  • Express cabin. If you just can’t stand to leave the water, you’ll love the luxurious cabin which makes it easy for you to enjoy an entire weekend on the water with family and friends. 
  • Adventure. Are you looking for a great compromise between a day out and an overnight boat? This series offers a simple overnight birth along with all of the features you expect from an ideal fishing boat.


These boats have been in production for over 40 years, and they make some truly beautiful boats. If you want to enjoy fishing in all-weather and enjoy the occasional overnight trip as well, one of these boats might be right for you. They offer a great ride thanks to the elegant bow of the Carolina hull. They also offer a dry ride even in rough seas. 

  • Express. This is a simple boat that offers a lot of power on the open water. The flared bow and V-shaped bottom are ideal for rough seas. A big cockpit and an overhead bimini will keep you comfortable while you fish. The Express comes in a range of sizes. 
  • Dual console. This boat is designed to take the whole family fishing. It provides a great dry ride even in open water but it’s just as comfortable anchored at a sandbar or pulling a water ski. This boat has plenty of amenities to keep you comfortable even on longer journeys.
  • Custom Carolina. This boat is absolutely packed with luxury, many of the ideas having been taken from clients. From the teak helm chairs to the molded fiberglass windshield to the cherry cabinetry, this gorgeous boat is truly a slice of luxury on the water.

Ken Craft

Ken Craft boats have been in production for over 45 years. They take great pride in creating boats that offer a great balance of quality and affordability. There are three different designs to choose from:

  • Bayrider Bay. This is the ideal boat for offshore and shoreline fishing. It provides excellent maneuverability, front and rear live wells, and lots of room for your rods.
  • Bayrider skiff. This sturdy little boat is made free of wood and other materials that may rot, making it one of the more durable boats you can choose. It is also extremely maneuverable, as it will not slide on a turn even at a good clip.
  • Kencraft boats. The namesake boats are sturdy little offshore boats for fishing but also work great for shoreline fishing. A Bimini provides both shelter and rod storage.

Carolina Skiff

The Carolina Skiff is a sturdy, affordable fiberglass boat that works well in the bay or out on the open water. They have been offering a wide variety of skiffs for over 30 years. 

They give you a lot of features with superb value. The fiberglass hull is sturdy and will hold up over the years, as well as providing positive flotation and great balance. 

There are a wide variety of Carolina Skiff models, each of which is highly customizable. Choose between lengths from 12 to 35 feet and drafts varying from only four feet to as much as eight. 

Whether you want to fish in shallow shoreline waters or hit the open ocean, you can find an affordable, durable boat to meet your needs with a Carolina Skiff. 

Jarrett Bay Boatworks

If a luxury yacht is what you’re looking for, this may be the boat for you. They’ve been making luxurious fishing yachts since the 1980s.

These yachts are custom-made to your needs, and each is designed for long-term use or even living aboard. These yachts come in at over 60 feet, and every inch is designed to make your trip comfortable and your fishing successful.

55' Jarrett Bay, Inspiration Sportfishing boat.
55′ Jarrett Bay – Inspiration (3 sailfish and 3 white marlin, it was a great day fishing)


These lovely boats have been in production for over 60 years. Choose from sportfish models designed to make your next fishing trip as much fun as possible and motor yachts that make living aboard feel like being on a private cruise ship. 

Wide-open spaces with a 360-degree view of the ocean, entertainment spaces, and gorgeous wood lining truly make these boats a snapshot of luxury. Whether you want to retire on a boat, choose a yacht as your full-time home, or you want a boat made to impress on your next fishing trip, a Hattera might be right for you.

Enjoy Your Carolina Boat

North Carolina makes some of the best boats in the world. The combination of lots of nearby ocean and plenty of land for boat yards makes this a great place for boat building. Whether you want an affordable skiff for casual adventures or you want a liveaboard yacht for your entire family, you can find your ideal boat in North Carolina.