What Are The Best Fishing Gloves For Offshore Saltwater Fishing (Explained)

Offshore fishing is one of the most exciting, unpredictable, and adrenaline-pumping ways you can spend a day. But the water also presents some dangers that anglers need to be acutely aware of at all times. 

One of those dangers becomes evident after you’ve hooked a monster pelagic and brought it to the boat. Once alongside the boat, the angler gives way to the wireman so he can wire the fish and bring it to the boat so the fish can be gaffed or released. Without the right gloves, this act can be downright dangerous. 

More than a few anglers are short a finger or two on a count of an accident when wiring a fish. Fortunately, a quality pair of gloves can help keep you safe while helping you land that trophy fish. Today, we’re going to cover the best fishing gloves available and help you select the perfect pair for your needs.

Top Five Best Fishing Gloves for Offshore

Without further adieu, let’s check out the five best options for offshore anglers available today. 

Aftco Wire Max Gloves

The Aftco Wire Max gloves are among the most popular wiring gloves on the market, and countless mates from New England to Japan rely on these gloves to keep them protected and keep that trophy fish on the line. Aftco consulted with legendary wireman Charles Perry for these gloves, and they offer the perfect mix of protection and feel. 

These gloves feature a Tacky-Grip palm that offers tons of grip without sacrificing breathability. Where protection is needed, Aftco uses an EVA closed-cell phone with Armortex covering to protect both your hands and gloves from wire and thick leaders. There’s also a terrycloth section on the back of the glove for wiping sweat from your brow as you fight fish. 


  • Offers the right amount of padding in the right places
  • Provides plenty of grip 
  • Terry cloth sweat wipe
  • Comfortable enough for all-day wear


  • Expensive 

Pelagic Battle Series Gloves

The Battle Series from Pelagic is the perfect choice for anglers who need a lightweight wiring glove that isn’t going to restrict their motion or dexterity when you’re using them. 

These gloves offer a similar form to a pair of gardening gloves, so they aren’t as bulky as other models. These gloves leverage a three-finger design, but where most gloves provide a partial thumb, index, and ring finger, these gloves leave the index and ring intact and cut away the ring and pinky fingers. 

When you need to tie knots or use a touch screen, these gloves have you covered while offering a bit more protection than fingerless gloves. The palms are Kevlar reinforced to provide cut resistance against heavy leaders, and there’s an adjustable strap to keep them firmly in place as you wire a fish. 


  • Affordable 
  • Comfortable while still providing ample protection 
  • Padded, reinforced palms 
  • Allows for unimpeded dexterity


  • Better suited for inshore and nearshore species than large pelagics 

Cuda Wire Wrapping Gloves

These wire wrapping gloves from Cuda are full of intuitive features that make it easier than ever to land big fish. 

These Cuda gloves are crafted from microfiber and neoprene and feature a Kevlar palm for improved cut resistance. There are even touchscreen-friendly, finger tips, so when you need to mark coordinates on your fishfinder or fire off a text message, these Cuda gloves have you covered. 

Rounding out these gloves is a reinforced strip along the back of the hand for wrapping, a pull loop to make putting the gloves on easier, and reflective piping for improved visibility in low light conditions. 

  • Reinforced in all the right places
  • Touch screen-friendly
  • Reflective piping for added safety 


  • A bit bulky
Best Fishing Gloves For Offshore Saltwater Fishing

Fish Monkey XT Series Wiring Gloves

The XT Series from Fish Monkey provides a bold new take on the classic wiring glove and adds some convenient features that anglers are sure to love. 

These gloves offer a two-finger design, so your thumb, index, and middle fingers are exposed for maximum dexterity and feel when wrangling big gamefish. The palms are heavily reinforced, with Kevlar sections in key wear areas to keep you safe from heavy leader materials and a non-slip coating to help you keep your grip on the leader. 

Four-way stretch fabrics are used in the areas where your hands flex to provide maximum comfort. These gloves are comfortable to the point where you may forget you have them on. While they don’t offer quite as much protection as the Aftco or Cuda models above, they’re well-suited for most offshore gamefish. n


  • Kevlar reinforced in critical wear areas
  • Most comfortable gloves on the market
  • Bold graphics for a distinctive look


  • Expensive
  • Fingerless design offers less protection than a full-finger glove

Pelagic Wifingertipsreman HD Gloves

They might look like a pair of gardening gloves, but rest assured, the Wireman HD gloves from Pelagic are built for wrangling big game on the water. 

These gloves offer multi-layer construction. The top layer is non-abrasive, which keeps your leader from chafing. Below that is the main protective layer which provides 360-degree protection and protects your hands against crushing under the pressure. The internal layer features a four-way stretch for the ultimate in comfort and flexibility. 

These gloves have reinforced stress points throughout, including kevlar on the index finger. The high-performance sweatband is perfect for wiping your brow during a big fight, and the gloves offer a moisture-wicking fabric to keep your hands cool and comfortable. 


  • Offers excellent protection against crushing 
  • Reinforced wear areas
  • Four-way stretch adds comfort and dexterity 


  • Non-abrasive outer shell is prone to rips and tears

Fishing Glove Buying Guide

Before you begin shopping for the best fishing gloves, there are a few things you’ll want to consider.

Primary Use

What you’ll be using the gloves for is critical when you’re deciding on the perfect pair of gloves. If you’re looking for something lightweight to protect you from the sun on a hot day, your needs will be very different than someone shopping for offshore wiring gloves, like the models featured above. 


The material the gloves are made from is also critical. The materials should be lightweight and breathable without sacrificing protection. For offshore purposes, look for gloves that use materials like neoprene, mesh, or microfiber. You can expect your gloves to get wet, and you’re going to want fabrics that dry quickly. 


Wiring fish is dangerous work, and it takes a toll on your hands. Gloves that offer adequate protection are critical on the water. Look for gloves that offer padding in key areas along the palm and back of the hand. Ideally, the palms of the glove should be reinforced with Kevlar to keep them from wearing prematurely while protecting your hands against heavy fishing lines. 

Highly protective gloves also tend to last longer since they’re reinforced in critical wear areas. 


Shopping for fishing gloves can be an exercise in compromise. You want gloves that are protective but still allow you to use your fingers just as well as you could if you were bare-handed. 

Many anglers prefer gloves with cut-off fingers, as these allow you unimpeded use of several of your fingers for tasks like tying knots, using a touch screen, or rigging up a pole. Keep in mind that fingerless gloves do sacrifice a bit of protection. It’s up to you to find the right balance between comfort, usability, and protection. 

Frequently Asked Questions

When shopping for the best fishing gloves, anglers usually have a few questions. We’ve answered them below to help you find all the info you need in one convenient place. 

What are fishing gloves for?

Fishing gloves serve several different purposes when you’re on the water. Gloves help protect your hand when you’re landing fish and bringing them into the boat. Gloves also protect your hands from the sun and help reduce fatigue as you’re reeling in a large fish. 

Should you wear gloves when fishing?

While there’s no right answer to the question since it’s a matter of preference, most offshore anglers wear gloves while landing fish. If you’re enjoying a leisurely fishing trip close to shore, gloves aren’t necessary.

Are fishing gloves worth it?

Investing in a pair of quality fishing gloves is a must for offshore fishing, and you’ll want to invest in a good pair that will last for many seasons. But you can probably avoid buying dedicated fishing gloves unless you’re chasing monsters off the coast.

What Are The Best Fishing Gloves For Offshore Saltwater Fishing (Explained) 1


For offshore anglers, a pair of the best fishing gloves are a must to safely land fish like tuna, sharks, or sailfish. Wiring a fish is dangerous and difficult, and you’ll need quality equipment to get the job done. 

While each of the gloves on our list is an excellent choice, we recommend the Aftco Wire Max gloves, as they offer the ideal blend of performance and protection you’ll need to score the fish of a lifetime.