What Is A Deck Boat?

Perhaps you are new to the boating world and are searching up the different types of boats out there or maybe you have been around boats for a good chunk of your life and are now curious about purchasing your boat…either way, you are here for a reason and that reason has two words: deck boat.

Deck boats are great boats and chances are, you have probably seen a few of them in the waters this past spring and summer. Deck boats are very popular so we can understand why you would be curious about them. Okay enough talking, let’s dive into more information about deck boats.

Deck Boats 101: All You Need to Know

Okay, let’s get the first and most obvious question out of the way, “What is a deck boat?” After all, it is the reason you clicked on this article right? Well, we will not leave you guessing any longer.

Deck boats are boats that were built to have an expanded bow section to maximize the seating and deck area. Their structural design calls for an open floor plan which means deck boats are great for cruising around all day in the water.

They are more spacious than some other boats which means you will not have to fight for legroom. This is especially important if you are a taller individual.

Deck boats can also be taken out at night as well but be sure to have some sort of light with you. That way, in case anything does happen and you call for help, it would make it easier for the other party to spot you.

According to Pure Florida’s website, they describe deck boats as, “A deck boat is designed with maximum open space and speed for recreational water sports, fishing, and entertaining.

It’s innovative engineering from bow to stern, provides a versatile platform for the ultimate boating experience. Packed with amenities, the deck boat is the answer for the active boater.”

And honestly? We could not have said it better ourselves.

Are Deck Boats and Pontoon Boats the Same?

When you Google the words “deck boats,” you will see the words “pontoon boats” popping up as well. It seems pontoon boats and deck boats are so popular that people are having a hard time deciding between the two of them.

Here is the general rundown:

  • Deck boats were designed by combining the layout of a pontoon boat with the hull of a runabout. Deck boats have a spacious, open deck but they are also great because they provide the speed that you will want for recreational activities such as water sports and fishing.
  • Deck boats are great because they can provide for everyone in your group. If your friend wants to take it out to just cruise around, deck boats can do that. If you want to take it out to go fishing, then deck boats are great for that as well.
  • Deck boats are a lot faster than pontoon boats and they are also preferred over pontoon boats by more active individuals such as tubers, wakeboarders, and of course, water skiers.
  • Deck boats are faster than pontoon boats because of their pointed-bow hull. This pointed-bow hull allows them to perform at higher speeds. The V-shaped hull on a deck boat is the primary difference between deck boats and pontoon boats.
  • Pontoon boats have their advantages as well. They are perfect if you want to lounge around and relax. While they are not known for their speed, they are perfect if you are the type to want to relax by the water.
  • Pontoon boats prove to be very popular and sought after so do not be surprised if you find a bunch of pontoon boats in the water this spring and summer months.

Most people think that you have to pick between pontoon boats or deck boats but many boaters do not adopt this mindset. After all, boat pontoon boats and deck boats are great and if no one is forcing you to pick one, then why would you make yourself, right?

Deck Boats are a bit costlier than pontoon boats so if you are thinking of buying one, do make sure to try to catch them at a good sale. A good rule of thumb is to purchase boats during boat shows (boat shows tend to give great discounts and these discounts are only given at boat shows.

The same way fishing conventions offer prices that can only be found at said convention. If there are some conventions or shows near you, do not miss them. Grab tickets while you can as they might sell out quickly.)

If you had just missed your local boat show, then another good tip is to think about buying them during the offseason. The winter and fall months are a great time to buy pontoon boats or deck boats (or any sort of boats) because they are not in high demand.

What Is A Deck Boat? 1

Of course, you can also buy a pre-loved boat that will serve you just as well. Just be extra careful and inspect the boat well. Most boat owners take great care of their boats because they know that they are investing in them, so chances are, used boats will still be in great condition.

How Much do Deck Boats Normally Cost?

Now, this is an important question. Does it matter how great deck boats if their price repels you? Deck boats range from $30,000.000 to $80,000.00.

This gives you quite a bit of legroom in the middle but yes, we understand that is still quite a chunk of change. As we had mentioned earlier, owning a boat is no small feat and that includes the hefty price tag.

If you are interested, pontoon boats cost around $19,000.00 to $60,000.00. While they are not as costly as deck boats, they are also not cheap to buy either.

If you are thinking to yourself, “that is the same price or more of a car” then you are one hundred percent right. So unless you plan on using your pontoon boat or deck boat often, you might want to consider just renting them.

The same way you would not spend $50,000.00 on a car you would only drive once a month, the same logic applies here. Unless of course, you have the monterey means to, then by all means…

This is why we strongly suggest you purchase your deck boat or pontoon boat during the off-season or a boat convention for special discounts and promotions.

If all else fails, there is always the used boat market. The majority of these websites will not list a boat for sale if it is not in good condition. Another great aspect and advantage of buying your boat online are being able to see reviews from many customers.

In Conclusion | Are Deck Boats the Boats for You?

Deck boats are great boats to invest in because they are truly versatile. Do you like fishing? Buy a deck boat. Do you like lounging around all day and soaking up the sun? A deck boat is great for that. Do you envision a perfect evening as one where you get to relax and chat it up with friends? Well, deck boats are great for that.

It is no wonder that they are so loved by the boating community and despite there being a variety of boats out there, more and more people are starting to become interested in deck boats.

We hope you found this article informative and that you learned some new things about deck boats. If you enjoyed this article, please feel free to pass it on to a friend who is also interested in learning more about deck boats.