Why Buy A Center Console Boat?

If you are a fan of boating then you probably have heard of center console boats. They are one of the best if not best boats for fishing and also for families as well, and if you are a family that loves to fish…well, you probably know all about center console boats. However, there might be a few of you that do not know much about center console boats and that is okay too.

You have heard many people talk about center console boats or maybe you have seen a few by the river or lake and wonder if they are any good. Or maybe you do like them and wonder, “Should I buy a center console boat?” If you have ever asked yourself this question or if you have ever wondered, “Why buy a center console boat?” then we have got you covered.

Let’s get started!

What Are Center Console Boats?

Before we get started on why you should buy a center console boat, let’s talk about what center console boats are. Now some of you may be center console boat experts but there is always more to learn. And this section will be super helpful if you are new to center console boats or if you know about them but very little.

Let’s get started, shall we?

Center console boats got their name because yes, you guessed it, they have a helm station mounted at the center console (or near it) of the boat. Well, wasn’t that easy? We love it when names for items make sense.

It is important to note that boats with cabins are not center console boats even if they have a centered steering station. Boats with consoles on the side (with one for the driver and one for the passenger) are typically called dual console boats.

It may be a bit confusing at first since both these types of boats are in the water but after a while, you will get the hang of it and will be able to spot them out easier.

Back to center console boats- the stern and bow cockpits of center console boats are usually open. Center console boats may have various propulsion systems that include stern drives as well as inboards. More modern center console boats are powered by outboard engines.

Why Buy a Center Console Boat?

Now that you know what a center console boat is, you are probably wondering why you should buy a center console boat, right? Well, we cannot convince you to buy one because the ultimate choice is yours. However, we can give you a list of reasons why many people are fans of center console boats.

● Family Friendly

  • If you have a family that loves being on the water then you might want to consider a center console boat.
    • Center console boats are spacious and they are accommodating for people of all heights and sizes and yes, that includes the little ones.
    • A lot of center console boat owners love their center console boats for fishing. Fishing is an activity that is both for the young and for the old. That means you can take your son with you and also your uncle as well and they will both enjoy it.
Must-Have Center Console Boat Accessories for 2021

● Great Visibility Space

  • This is an aspect of center console boats or boats in general that most people tend to overlook. After all, you are out in the water and usually, it is not crowded. Unlike driving, most boats do not think much about great visibility or why that is important.
    • Well with a center console boat, that is not something you have to worry about because your center console boat has got you covered.
    • Since the helm is located right smack dab in the middle of the center console boat then you can see everything around you, and nothing will be in your way.
    • Nice huh? Once you get used to the great visibility of your center console boat, you might not want to ride another boat again. Hey, don’t say we didn’t warn you.
    • Great visibility is also great because you will have the most scenic view of the land and water around you. After all, what is the point of having a beautiful boat and beautiful scenery if you are not able to see or appreciate it?

● Excellent Storage

  • To be quite honest, is storage on any book even an option? It seems as if finding any sort of slot or compartment on a boat is like finding gold. We understand the struggle but we also understand why it is so hard.
    • Boats, unless they are a huge cruise ship, were not designed to have multiple storage spaces so you will have to make do with what was given to you on the boat you are on.
    • However, with center console boats, you will have more of an advantage.
    • According to Sea Born Boats, center console boats are great for storage and they know what they are talking about.
    • Here is what Sea Boar Boats had to say about the storage system of center console boats, “While modern boats have come a long way to allow for more storage, center console boats tend to have a “better” feel and flow. From bait wells to rod storage, a center console boat will typically contain forward, central, side, and aft storage areas that are placed in usable and practical locations. Similar to the first point, having accessibility to the water that’s free from gear or awkward storage solutions, helps you and your passengers bring in fish, but also promote safety.”
    • Now if that does not sell you, we do not know what else will.

● Balance

  • Now, this might be a stage aspect to some people but if you have ever been on a boat, then you know how important balance is or even how fickle it can be.
    • With a center console boat, you do not have to worry about balance issues because being center will help stabilize the boat. You see, it is all in the name.

Advice on Center Console Boats

When it comes to buying center console boats, knowing that you want one just is not enough. The same way wanting to buy a house or wanting to buy a car is not enough, you have to decide what kind of house and what kind of car.

Do you want a one-story house or one with multiple stories? Do you care if the front yard is spacious if there is little or no backyard? What about the city? When it comes to cars, do you want a truck? An SUV? A minivan? A sedan? What color do you want the car to be or what model?

Well, you get the point.

Knowing that you want a center console boat is a good first step but there is so much more to this process and this makes it exciting.

According to Fish Talk Magazine online article, they note that “…choosing the best center console for your needs presents a boat-buyer with virtually limitless choices.

There are center consoles out there of all shapes, sizes, prices, and designs, ranging from skiffs to yachts. Bay boats, flats boats, deck boats, canyon-runners – there are even some center console pontoon boat fishing boats.”

This means that reading this article and deciding that you want a center console boat is only the beginning and like we had mentioned above, that is very exciting.

In Conclusion | Are Center Console Boats for You?

Now that you know a bit more about center console boats, you have to ask yourself if center console boats are for you. The truth of the matter is, despite how great center console boats are, they are only one type of boat among a sea (no pun intended) of other boat types.

Boats, like homes and cars, are an investment. You will need to take care of them once you buy one and speaking of buying one…they do not come cheap either. Also like cars, the resale value on boats does vary and that is something you will need to consider.

However, if you are set on buying a center console boat then we suggest checking out Boat Traders (only if you are looking to buy online).

We hope you found this article helpful and informative. Happy boating!