Can Deck Boats Go In The Ocean?

Deck boats simply do not get enough love compared to their pontoon boat counterpart. Many people know about pontoon boats, and there are many articles written about them, but deck boats are usually used in comparison with pontoon boats. Well, we, and we are sure many other people, love deck boats. They offer so much versatility and reliability, and they are stable, great for bigger parties, and they offer a smooth ride. So smooth, in fact, that some people wonder if they can take their deck boats for saltwater use. Yes, we are talking about the ocean. If you have ever wondered, “Can deck boats go in the ocean?” but were too afraid to ask because you were scared it might be a “dumb question,” then we have got you covered. By the way, it is not a dumb question at all.

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Can deck boats go in the ocean?

Yes, deck boats can go in the ocean. You don’t necessarily even need a saltwater deck boat, but a deck boat with a V-shaped hull will offer you more stability in choppy ocean waters.

See, we told you it was not a silly question. This might come as a surprise to some people since pontoon boats cannot go in the ocean. Pontoon boats are not stable enough to handle ovean waves. They simply are not ocean boats.

Yes, we know we are comparing pontoon boats and deck boats again but hear us out. Normally, people think that deck boats cannot go into the ocean if a boat built very similarly to them cannot as well.

You are probably thinking, “Okay, that is the short and simple answer but is there more to do it?” The answer to that is yes. You can take your deck boat out into the ocean, bay, or Gulf but with some restrictions.

According to Deck Boat World, this is a question they get often. Here is how they answered it:

Deck boats can handle the ocean, but we recommend you only use ones with a V-shape hull. A boat with this type of hull can withstand rougher waters, maintaining smooth-riding conditions in the ocean. We aren’t talking about hurricane weather, but the usual chop on a normal day.

When you compare the hull of a deck boat to the flat hull of a pontoon, you indeed get more stability with the latter. That said, flat hulls cannot handle choppy ocean conditions like boats with V hulls can.

Best Deck Boats For The Ocean

There is no denying that there is not and probably will not be a shortage of deck boats any time soon. Because deck boats are so popular, companies and dealers are constantly trying to one-up one another by creating the “next big” deck boat.’s online article, titled, “Best Deck Boats” is a great place to start if you are looking for some ideas. If you are interested and want more options, you can check out that article here.

As for us, our list is a bit shorter. We understand how expensive deck boats can be so we wanted to choose ones that are the best bang for your buck, but we also did not want to skimp out on quality as well. Affordability isn’t a word you use much with boats.

What is the point of saving a few hundred (or maybe even thousands of dollars) dollars on cheap deck boats if you are just going to spend it, fixing the deck boat again anyway right?

That said, you can often get crazy discounts if you buy a boat during the off-season.

Down below are our top picks of quality deck boats:

● Stingray 212SC

  • Pricing: $44,930.00 (Note: This is the current sticker price of the Stingray 212SC. Depending on the year and sales promotions, prices may increase or decrease from the listed price tag).
    • The Stingray 212SC can seat up to twelve passengers comfortably which means if you want to host a little party on your deck boat, you most definitely can.
    • The Stingray 212SC is nearly 22 feet long and you get the choice of a Yamaha or Mercury four-stroke 150 HP outboard engine.
    • Because the Stingray 212SC is so spacious, you will not need to worry about your gear and personal belongings taking up space on deck.
    • If you do not plan on taking eleven people on your deck boat, then you and your smaller party will have optimal passenger capacity to their spacious layouts.

● NauticStar 223

  • Pricing: $51,396.00 ((Note: This is the current price of the NauticStar 223. Depending on the year and sales promotions, prices may increase or decrease from the listed price).
    • Next on our list, we have the NauticStar 223.
    • The NauticStar 223 is around 22 feet long and can sit up to ten passengers comfortably in the cockpit and bow. We will also let you in on a little secret, if you strategically position your cup holders, you can fit one more person, making the total eleven. However, we cannot promise that it will be super comfortable.
    • You do not have to worry about running out of fuel because the NauticStar 223 has a large, 66-gallon gas tank.
    • The NauticStar 223 is the priciest deck boat on this list so do consider looking more into the boat before you decide to buy. We will say that the owners of the NauticStar 223, seem to like it.

DC Starcraft IO 2000 I/O

  • Pricing: $27,000.00 ((Note: This is the current price of the DC Starcraft IO 2000 I/O. Depending on the year and sales promotions, prices may increase or decrease from the listed price).
    • Last on our list, we have the DC Starcraft IO 2000 I/O. The DC Starcraft IO 2000 I/O has a fiberglass hull and although it is more on the shorter side (it measures a little over 20 feet in length), it makes up for it in HP.
    • The DC Starcraft IO 2000 I/O has a powerful V6 Mercruiser base engine that yields 220 HP.
    • If you are wondering if the DC Starcraft IO 2000 I/O is a comfortable ride then you will be happy to know that the answer is yes. It features a swivel bucket seat wish cusions and a slider and a flip-up bolster for the boat. Anyone that thinks you need a large deck boat to have fun has yet to discover the DC Starcraft IO 2000 I/O.
    • With the price of the DC Starcraft IO 2000, I/O set at $27,000.00 it is more in the mid-price range as well.

In Conclusion | Have Fun, but be Safe

Taking your deck boat out in the river and lake is not the same as taking your deck boat out in the large ocean. Of course, this is not to say that it is super safe in the rivers and lakes, but deck boats were made for calmer waters. When you take your deck boat out into the ocean, you risk a lot more than if you took your deck boats out in the rivers and lakes.

However, this does not mean that you cannot do it. It just means that you will need to be more cautious than usual. If this is your first time taking your deck boat out into the ocean, we would recommend not doing it alone. After all, it is better to be safe than sorry.

We hope you found this article informative. If you enjoyed this article or found it helpful, then please feel free to pass it along to a friend or family member.

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