19 Boater Gift Ideas: Must-Haves for a New Boat Owner

Are you looking for great boat-related gift ideas for that special boat owner? If so, look no further than this list of the 19 best must-have gifts for any boating enthusiast. Whether your special someone (or you) is a new boater or an experienced enthusiast with years on the water, my guess is there are some accessories on this list to make any boater happy!

Whether you need the best gift for yourself or you want to get them for a friend or relative, they’re plenty of great gift ideas for boat owners. Don’t delay any further, let’s start by looking at a few of the most practical boat gifts and gear for a new boat owner.

19 Boater Gift Ideas: Must-Haves for a New Boat Owner 1

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**Someone, PLEASE buy #19 and send me a photo! I could not stop laughing at the idea of this item. Plus, it really works well for floating in the water... it’s not just for a good laugh.


1. Fenders

These are one of the most durable and sturdy boat fenders available, made from the highest possible quality of marine grade vinyl, roll prevention with molded ribs, strong and even wall thickness, come with an air valve system aimed at making inflation easy.

You’ll also observe that the rope holds are strong and thick due to its double molding. All these and more are aimed at ensuring that your boat is safe from deck and hull scratches and structural damage.

2. Motor Flusher ( by Shoreline Marine)

This motor flush tool is by far the most practical item on this list. If a boater does not own one of these, their boat’s engine will probably not last as long as it should.

Comes in very handy during maintenance, you wouldn’t want your boat to have a breakdown in the middle of nowhere and leave you and your guests stranded. With this Motor Flusher from Shoreline Marine, you’ll be able to efficiently flush sand, salt, and any other unwanted material off your motor.

Also comes with a dual input system that makes it easily flow through the engine. You could easily get your boat winterized with this flusher.

3. Boat Loop

This boat accessory is a must for your boat; it would help in getting you tied to the desired post or make docking easier. This boat loop is made of fiberglass and comes with rubber pole stub used in doing some pushing. The fiberglass is up to seven feet long and would certainly ideal for your ducking needs. Very efficient locking mechanism for easy maneuverability.

4. Boat Cleaning Kit

Soon you’ll realize that the boat could be a mess except you make a commitment to keeping it clean all the time. A few long days cleaning your vessel and you’ll be looking for any way to make the process go faster. There are simple tools all sailors should have that can help make this task less cumbersome.

With this standard cleaning kit, you get all the materials needed for washing, waxing, polishing, and carrying out other maintenance activities on your sailboat. Certainly, one of the most cost-efficient perfect gifts you could get for a loved one.

5. Scotty Throw bag

Boating enthusiasts will appreciate this very unique self-draining bag with adjustable straps. The company’s commitment to delivering the highest quality of service continues to make them stand out from the crowd.

6. Emergency First Aid Kit

Accidents occur from time to time on the water, from minor cuts to major shark bites, whichever be the case, you’d want to ensure you have a first aid kit on board, it could be a lifesaver. All relevant medical and first aid supplies are kept clean, and maintain the right storage condition. It comes with a Plano waterproof bag, can house all the required first aid items comfortably, and it weighs just 3 pounds.

7. RTIC Soft Pack

You’ll certainly need a sweat proof Can-holder that can hold a reasonable amount of Cans plus some ice to chill it with on board. These specially designed soft pack can hold up to 30 standard sized Cans with some extra room for ice. It’s the better way to drink on the boat!

The material is made of laminated and strong fabric, 2-inch foam insulation, Welded Seams, etc to ensure you get some value for your money, it even comes with a no leak zipper as well.

8. Large Tote Bag

19 Boater Gift Ideas: Must-Haves for a New Boat Owner 2
19 Boater Gift Ideas: Must-Haves for a New Boat Owner 3

This is probably my wife’s favorite item on this list. She uses her Scout bag for everything, not just on the boat!

For your major storage needs, you’d want to include a very large tote bag in your collection, they usually come in handy. This bag can carry almost about anything you need, it’s 19 inches wide, 10 inches deep, and 15 inches high. It’s made of weather-resistant fabric with a strong leather base.

It’s preferred because it can easily be wiped clean, water resistant, and is very lightweight. [Amazon Link]


These gifts are focused on making a day on the water epic. Whether you want to blast music at the sound bar or capture a video of the kids tubing, these are the gifts every boater will be sure to love.

Get your boat a reliable receiver and broadcasting system for close and medium-range communication. With a range of about 100 feet, you can easily send audio signals from your mobile device or microphone, making it a way better option than Bluetooth. Plus, they are small enough to fit in your pocket. Makes use of an AUX input and is easily programmable. Comes with connection cables, a USB charging cable, a Y adaptor, etc. using the wet sound technology, multiple systems can send audio signals at once. Be sure to pick up a spare battery!

10. GoPro Hero 7

Personally, this is one of my favorite unique gifts for a boater. Because it is waterproof and it has built-in stabilization, this is the perfect camera for capturing a day out on the water with the family or on that epic fishing day when you finally catch “Old Walter” (movie reference).

Catch the most thrilling scenes and epic moments even while you’re at top speed with the GoPro Hero 7 digital Camera. It’s waterproof, making it an ideal device to use in the ocean. With this camera, your footage would remain highly smooth due to its video stabilization technology.

To help you get the best shots, the camera makes use of its noise reduction feature and tone mapping to help optimize its performance and give you the best quality pictures.

It’s a 12MP camera that allows for live streaming and voice command enabled, and the rugged design makes it ideal for the job.

11. Inflatable Towable Tube

With an improved side rest and very comfortable walls, you’re bound to have a thrilling experience and an enjoyable ride. Handles are double-webbed with foam and knuckle guards that help you try out several positions. Comes with a safety valve built with the latest technology to help you stay safer. Can be easily inflated at a rate as fast as the deflation itself.

12. Booster Tube

Comes in an advanced booster ball towing system, able to improve the performance of anywhere from one to four persons. You’ll find a 4k booster ball, 60 feet long tow rope, heavy-duty nylon cover, heavy-duty PVC bladder, etc .the hybrid system created a shock absorber and helps to reduce the rate of fuel consumption.

13. Air Max Pump

If you have a towable then you definitely need this pump. It’s a reliable way of getting your towable inflated. It’s a high-pressure pump with up to 2.0 PSI, has a power of 400W, and a speed of 600 liters per minute.

Has a flexible and accordion hose design with a hookup for both inflation and deflation. When speed is required then choose this pump. Get one for yourself or recommend it as one of the many nice gift ideas for boat captains.


Finally, our last segment of gifts are all about the fun you can have during a day out partying on the water. These gifts might not be “practical” but they sure are fun!

14.First Mate Hat

19 Boater Gift Ideas: Must-Haves for a New Boat Owner 4
19 Boater Gift Ideas: Must-Haves for a New Boat Owner 5

Your friend would definitely love this hat as a gift, with a very comfy 100% cotton fabric and adjustable sides, you’ll be giving your partner or friend a very important device to help save from the impact of direct sunlight. Make your orders here  [Amazon Link]

15. Seafoam colored Stainless Steel Colster (by Yeti)

Keep your drinks cool and secure with this stainless steel colster that comes with a double wall vacuum insulator to ensure your drinks stay the way you want them and a reliable gasket to secure the drink even during a rough ride.

Very high-quality Duracoat color that is weather resistant and durable. Ideal for most standard bottle sizes and cans.

16. RoboCup

The RoboCup clamp-on holders are an ideal way of holding a wide variety of items like your fishing poles, keys, phones, etc. it comes with reinforced clamping jaws which ensures a firm grip, improved threading for the bottom caps, it’s made of a weatherproof stainless steel material to guard against rusting.

In addition, rubber is attached to the clamps to prevent it from slipping off. The UV inhibitor makes it ideal hardware for outdoor use.

17. Docktail Butler

It’s a very portable and useful food and cocktail table, made to easily be mounted on most rod holders. Comes with already made bottle slots, knife holders, a flat surface ideal for eating and drinking with friends even while the boat is on the move.

Manufactured with UV stabilization and the material is made from a combination of King Starboard and stainless steel material. Can be easily folded for storage and remains a sturdy and beautiful product.

18. Wine Tumbler Cup

Choose from a carefully designed selection of engraved wine tumbler cups available, for wine lovers who want to add to that soothing experience of taking down a chilled glass of wine or other cold drink (or hot drink!) in a sunny afternoon at sea in the middle of nowhere, even better, in the tumbler you love. They’re premium quality and sweat free, you can get almost anything you want to be engraved on it using the laser. And don’t forget the corkscrew!

19. Floaty Pants

I laughed so hard when I saw these. Somebody, PLEASE purchase these! You know you want to get a laugh. Whether it is as a gag gift or a gift for a boat owner who would use them just for shock factor… you simply have to buy them for the laugh… but they actually work!

Are you a party lover? Then you don’t want to organize a boat party without the party floatation devices. They usually play a very vital role by adding to the overall experience. Made from a very soft and water-resistant nylon fabric, a neoprene crotch was built in to ensure you remain as comfortable while relaxing on the stuffed water-resistant foam. This hands-free floatation remains one of the most ideal gift ideas for boat owners.

Hope you found these helpful and maybe even a little bit funny!. Thanks for reading!

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