Used Grady–White Boats, What to Look for When Buying (No Mistakes!)

What should you look for when buying used Grady-White Boats? Finding a trouble-free Grady-White boat depends less on luck; it is more about doing good research. Knowing how to identify potential problems and assessing the reliability of a used Grady-White boat will save you money in the long run. This article will help you avoid buying a lemon and find yourself a decent deal. To reduce the chances of buying a trouble-prone Grady-White boat, you need first to identify reliable Grady-White models before you start shopping.

Whether you are buying a boat for saltwater fishing or freshwater fishing or just for hanging out in your free time, a Grady-White boat will serve you well. The Grady white boats are designed with great visibility, speed, and power for comfort. But these boats don’t come cheap. Therefore, you can consider buying a used boat. There are a lot of great well-maintained Grady White boats available if you’re willing to take an older one and know what to look for.

Used Grady–White Boats, What to Look for When Buying (No Mistakes!) 1

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Factors to consider when shopping for a Used Grady-White Boat

What to look for when buying older Grady White boats? When shopping for a used, older Grady-White boat, you have to consider several factors, which include:

  • Size and design of the boat
  • Weight of the boat
  • The durability of the boat
  • Inspection – internal, external, and engine check

Size and Design

When you consider buying a Grady-white boat, its size and shape will be an important factor to consider. The sizes and design of Grady-White boats vary from one model to another. This allows you to choose the model, size, and design that you like and one that will fit in your parking space or front or backyard.


Grady-White boats come in different designs and sizes. When shopping for a used Grady white boat, you can easily tow it with your vehicle. The table below shows some of the different types of Grady-white boats, their weight, and cost.


Can you afford it? The model of Grady-white boat that you will buy will depend on the amount of money you would wish to spend on it. Buying a used Grady-White boat will save you some money compared to buying new vessels. But to get a good deal, you have to do thorough research and inspection of the used boat. The table below shows some of the Grady-White boat models, weight, and cost.


How long do Grady White boats last? Most boats will last for over 20 years before they are out of service. But this will depend on the care and regular maintenance that the original owner has done on the boat. When you are buying a used boat, it is important to know how long the previous owner has stayed with the boat.

Choose a used Grady-White boat that has not been used for many years, which will, in turn, cost you less in repairs and maintenance.

Used Grady – White Boats, What to Look for When Buying

Below is a table showing the features of various models of Gray-White boats:

Model Weight (Kg) Power (HP) Passenger Capacity

  • Fisherman 180 975 150 7
  • Fisherman 216 1417 250 8
  • Fisherman 236 1769 300 10
  • Fisherman 257 1951 400 10
  • 251 CE 1685 300 10
  • Freedom 215 1429 250 8
  • Freedom 235 1837 300 10
  • Express 330 4917 850
  • Express 370 6905 1275
  • Adventure 208 1315 250 8
  • Seafarer 228 1592 300 10
  • Gulfstream 232 2089 400 10
  • Marlin 300 3729 700


When you are shopping for a used Grady-White boat, or any other used boat for that matter, you must do a very thorough inspection of the boat yourself. And if you don’t have the expertise and technical know-how of boats, consider hiring an expert to help.

By the end of this article, you will be able to assess a good used boat in a few minutes. In this article, we will cover:

  • Exterior Hull inspection
  • Exterior Driver Checks
  • Engine compartment checks
  • Interior Checks.

Exterior Hull Inspection

Shopping for a Grady-White boat is a lot of fun, and thinking about the future of it will sometimes blur your vision when it comes to finding problems. The first place to start is on the outside of the used Grady-White boat. You have to inspect the entire exterior of the Grady-White boat for problem areas. You have to check for:

  • Damages on the rub rail to see if there is anything that looks like it has rubbed up against the dock.
  • You also have to look for cracks in the hull or any superficial or structural damage in the topcoat of the thick gel coat. Even a small crack can be a sign of poor maintenance and increase your risk of encountering hazards on the water.
  • Check for anything that is worn out or broken, or missing components.
  • And overall, you need to check the condition of the Grady-White boat and how it has been taken care of.

Next, check the bottom of the boat. If the boat is in the water, you should insist that it is pulled out of the water for your inspection before you sign off and pay for it. At the bottom, you will look at things like old repairs. This will be seen by some discoloration between the color of the boat and what you see in a spot at the bottom.

If you see blisters, cracking, and grazing, it will indicate some repairs or damage to the Grady-White boat. The bottom of the boat stays in the water; therefore, it will not be perfect, but there shouldn’t be any visual damage, and if there is, you need to find out why before you buy the Grady-White boat.

Check for the presence of marine flora like barnacles growing on the bottom. Grady
White hulls that have spent too much time in

Used Grady – White Boats, What to Look for When Buying

Exterior Drive Checks

It is important to ask the owner questions when you spot anything on the boat. When looking at the external drive of a Grady-White boat:

  • The outside should have very little damage to the lower unit. Some minor chips on the propeller are fine.
  • The propeller should not have a large curl in it. Because this shows that it has been hit before.
  • You also have to push the drive side to side and make sure there isn’t any excess play. If the drive swings significantly, it means some of the steering components are worn.
  • The other thing you should do is to turn the drive up and check whether the rubber bellows are there. These are the components that keep the boat from sinking by keeping the water from penetrating the boat. Therefore, there should be no cracks or tears. You should also touch and squeeze them. If they are soft and supple, then they should be replaced.
  • Check for corrosion on the drive. Sometimes it may just be dirty, with no visible corrosion.

Engine Compartment Checks

The engine compartment of a Grady-White boat may have some dirt, but this should not put you off. What you should look out for in the engine compartment is more clues to mechanical issues.

  • Grab and squeeze the hoses to ensure they are soft and supple.
  • Look for rust, graying of metal, or any signs of corrosion.
  • One of the major concerns when buying a used Grady-White boat is whether the engine has ever been submerged or sank. To check, look around the engine compartment for any lines where water may have sat for long.
  • Check underneath the engine to see if you can see rust or any of the bolts for the starter, or the alternator, or any of the componentry on the lower side, because that may be an indication that water was in the bilge for a long time.
  • Check the lubricants. Everything should be clean and well maintained.

Interior Checks

The inside of the Gravy-White boat is where you will spend the majority of your time. You should pay close attention to how the inside looks and feel. In order to check inside:

  • You should touch the vinyl. Grady-White boats are made up of marine-grade vinyl, and you should see and feel that it is soft to the touch and pliable.
  • Check the seams where the sticking is and pull it apart gently to expose areas where the sewing is starting to come apart.
  • Check the wood coring on the floor. Often, they will absorb moisture, and you’ll get some soft spots, which will indicate some problems.
  • On the sides, makes sure that your hardware is all in good shape and there is no evidence of cracking or loose componentry. All these things are deal-breakers, you can use them to negotiate price when talking to your dealer or private boat seller.

The older Grady-White boats were designed with a wooden interior finish. But this changed. Therefore, when shopping for a Grady-White boat, it is important to consider whether you would like one with a wooden or fiberglass interior design.

What Year did Grady White stop using wood? Gray-White boat manufacturer stopped using wood on boat models released after the year 2005. This was necessitated after reports of the wooden parts rotting. All Gray-White boats designed after that do no have the interior wooden finish.

Used Grady–White Boats, What to Look for When Buying (No Mistakes!) 2

Some Common Problems with Used Grady-white Boats

What are some of the common problems with Used Grady-White Boats? Despite being ranked among the best offshore boat manufacturers, Grady-White boats have a fair share of problems. Some of the problems that you may experience with used Grady White boats include:

Hull Construction problems – The hull of the Grady-White boats is made of fiberglass and has a thick gel topcoat applied to them. Despite this topcoat, you will experience problems with the hull’s fiberglass structure on used boats.

High maintenance – when you buy a used Grady-White vessel, you should be prepared for routine maintenance and repairs. This will be due to wear and tear from hard use of the boat on the water by the previous owner, as well as depreciating parts like electronics wearing out or as a result of hard use.

Inefficient Fuel Mileage – Grady White boats are made to last using high-quality materials that are both durable and long-lasting. However, the material is heavy compared to other less expensive boats. As a result, the boats are heavier and get poor fuel mileage.

Wood Problems – the older models of Grady-White were designed with wood in most parts of its construction. But this changed in 2005 because of the concerns about rotting wood. Therefore, if you don’t want rot issues, you should go for the models that were released after the year 2005.


Boats aren’t cheap to buy, but they can be very inexpensive to own if you go for a used one. Before buying a used Grady-White boat, you should take your time to inspect it thoroughly. Check for repairs that are required. Always insists on a leak test. Inspection is very valuable, but also the time in the water is very important.