How Much Does It Cost to Rent a Wakeboard Boat? (Explained!)

If you’re traveling to a lake, hiring a wakeboarding boat can be a good idea. There’s nothing like a warm summer day on a lake. If you want to have some lake fun-time, but don’t have your boat, renting a wakeboarding boat is a great option. 

How much does it cost to rent a wakeboard boat? Renting a wakeboarding boat in the States costs about $300 for two hours, $580 for four hours, and $758 for a whole day—which is eight hours on average. 

The cost of renting a wakeboarding boat varies depending on where you are and how long you’re renting it for. Different sizes and classes of boats are also available at different places. The more advanced wakeboarding boats, which can accommodate up to ten people, are more expensive to rent than small boats without a wakeboarding tower.

The Cost of Renting a Wakeboarding Boat

To determine the average cost of renting a wakeboarding boat, we compared pricing from several boat rental locations around the United States. 

We checked out a few of the states with the most famous lakes in several states and found out how much wakeboarding would cost there. 

Hopefully, this gives you a clearer idea of how much to anticipate the cost of boat rentals in each location, because rental prices in different areas might vary considerably.


Nevada has some beautiful lakes where water sports can be enjoyed. One of the lakes is Lake Meade. This reservoir, located on the Colorado River, is one of the largest in the United States. 

Lake Meade

Lake Meade is a pretty popular body of water in the United States. During the hot summer months, it is a favorite place to cool down. It’s about a 25-mile drive from Las Vegas. It’s actually in both the states of Nevada and Arizona. Here’s how much renting a wakeboarding boat on Lake Meade will cost.

Paradise Boat Rental, located in Henderson, Nevada, is one wakeboarding boat rental location. They only have one type of boat up for rental. It’s a Yamaha AR195 250HP Supercharge, and it costs $600 for an entire day and $4200 for the week.

On average, a boat rental on Lake Meade costs around $100 for an hour, $585 for an entire day, or 8 hours, or $4095 for a week.


Lake Powell is one of Arizona’s most popular lakes when it comes to water sports. It is situated on the Utah-Arizona border. Let’s have a look at the amount it will cost to get yourself and your friends a wakeboarding boat for a period. 

Lake Powell

Canyon Boat Rentals is a place where you can rent wakeboarding boats at Lake Powell. They have the Bayliner Element, which goes for $465 a day or a sum of $3,255 a week; the Bayliner 195 for $495 a day or $2,969.09 a week. $700 will grant you a day on the HeyDay WT Surf. You can get a bargain if you want to rent weekly instead at $4894. 

How Much Does It Cost to Rent a Wakeboard Boat?


Missouri has numerous lovely lakes where you can go water skiing, tubing, wakeboarding, or exploring. Table Rock Lake is probably the most popular and largest lake in the area. 

Table Rock Lake

One of the best places for a wakeboarding day is what is affectionately known as the Redneck Riviera. Located in the southwest of Missouri, the Ozarks are truly beautiful and full of lakes to choose from. Table Rock is a real gem, and here’s how much renting a boat at this lovely lake will cost you. 

The State Park Marina is where you will find the Cobalt Ski Boat and a great place for boat rentals if you don’t mind a lack of extensive options. This is the sole boat available for rent, and it costs $519 for an entire day and $3633 weekly. 

The Port of Kimberling Marina and Resort is another spot where you can rent a boat. The Regal 20′ boat is one of their boats up for rent, costing $495 a day or $3465 weekly. The Regal Lx2 Luxury boat costs $585 a day. It will cost the sum of $4095 a week. The spectacular boat, Mastercraft nxt22 costs $810 a day. It will cost the sum of $5670 a week.


In California, there are some genuinely magnificent lakes. Lake Tahoe and Lake Shasta are two prominent water sports destinations in northern California. 

Lake Tahoe

From spring to summer, Lake Tahoe is another famous water sports destination in California. Wakeboarding boats can be rented from a variety of locations near Lake Tahoe. Here are some of the prices charged to rent wakeboarding boats:

Zephyr Cove Resort is a pretty popular place in the Tahoe area for renting wakeboarding boats. They have two-hour, half day, and full day choices available. The 23′ Wakeboard boat with a tower is their most popular wakeboarding boat to rent, and it costs $529 for 2 hours, $799 for half a day, and $1499 for a whole day.

A popular boat rental place in the region is Tahoe Sports Ski Run Boat Company. They have about ten different boat brands and models to pick from. The Class D+ boat with a wakeboarding tower is their most popular boat. It costs $458 for two hours, $687 for half a day, $1374 for an entire day, and $9618 weekly rentals.

Lake Shasta

Lake Shasta’s Bridge Bay Resort rents wakeboarding boats for as little as $125 for two hours. You can also rent for ½ of each day for $200, all day for $300, or all week for $1400. 

Another place to rent a wakeboarding boat on Lake Shasta is Antlers Resort and Marina. The cost of renting a boat with or without a tower is determined by the type of boat you rent.

You can rent a boat with a wakeboarding tower for $275 for half a day, $395 for an entire day, or $1975 for a week. 

The typical cost of renting a wakeboarding boat at Lake Shasta, Northern California, is $130 for two hours, $250 for half the day (or 4 hours), $375 for a whole day, and $1900 for a full week.

How Much Does It Cost to Rent a Wakeboard Boat?
Boy and girl enjoying summer day and watching wakeboarding exercises.


There are also several lovely lakes to see in Georgia. Allatoona Lake, about 35 miles northwest of Atlanta, is a favorite lake of both locals and tourists.

Lake Allatoona

With 270 miles of shoreline, you’d find a beautiful area to spend a day on the water. A rental at Lake Allatoona offers a 20-foot dock and costs $495 for eight hours or $339 for less. Depending on your time and budget, you can always book a round trip. 

Another spot has a 19 foot Bayliner Runabout that costs $448 for eight hours and $379 for less. It is safe to conclude that, on average, an 8-hour period costs 463. Four hours costs $359 on average. 

Other Expenses You Need to Consider

If you’re calculating the entire cost of renting a boat, keep in mind that you’ll pay for items like petrol the boat consumes. Many boat rentals include life jackets, although you will need to pay more to add things like tubes or a kneeboard to your boat. 

You’ll also have to factor in accommodation, the size of the boat—that is, how many passengers it can take—comparing it to how many people you are going with. You also have to be careful not to damage anything on the boat because you’ll have to pay for that as well. 

As we discussed above, costs vary depending on where you rent the boat. Furthermore, wakeboard boats that have towers are costlier than small ski boats without towers or tubes. This article about average wakeboarding boat rental fees across the United States will help you better understand how much your boating day will cost.