What Boat Companies Are Owned By Brunswick?

There are various boat brands on the market, with few people knowing who exactly owns them. I have been in contact with various boats of different designs and models, but I took to research to know who is behind these builds. This article is focused on my research on the boat brands owned by Brunswick.

Boat companies owned by Brunswick

Brunswick has been in the boating business for a very long time. The company currently owns some of the major brands like Bayliner, Sea Ray, Mercury Marine, Harris Pontoons, Mastervolt, MotorGuide, Boston Whaler, Freedom Boat Club, Uttern, Heyday, Lowe, Czone, Quicksilver, and Princecraft. Aside from being a leader in quality in the boating industry, the company is also one of the top boat sellers across the globe.

Here is more information on some of the popular brands owned by the company.

Boston Whaler

This boat brand boasts of producing some of the best quality ‘unsinkable’ boats in the boating industry. Over the years, designers and builders have incorporated some of the latest technologies as well as elegant designs into their models. The boars are built with a custom Unibond hull construction to increase durability and safety while out on the water. With advanced technology, premium builds, and smart design, these boats are a good choice for people looking for an alleviated boating experience.

The builders have dedicated their efforts to making the Whalers the safest boasts through technology. The sound system, the shade, and the build are all design to give you maximum comfort and functionality for the best boating experience.

Sea Ray

The designers and builders at Sea Ray have focused their efforts on providing clients with the best experience on the water. A chance to make memorable memories. The brand has been using high-quality materials in their build, exposing their models to rigorous testing protocols, giving the models an exquisite finish. Sea Ray boats guarantee the best craftsmanship on the market.

The models have incorporated both classic and modern specs to give you Sea Ray styling. Looks aside, the models are also built to serve various needs of the clients. The boats at Sea Ray are built to offer a seamless and agile glide over the waters. These boats will definitely give you the adrenaline rush you need on your water-based activities.

Harris Pontoons

Harris pontoons have been on the market for the last six decades designing high-end luxurious pontoons. The designers have been working towards upholding the prestige and heritage of Harris by focusing on engineering to provide high-performance pontoon boats. This brand boasts of a patented Total Torsional Reduction System deck construction. Every model is designed to weather rigorous use with an integrated system to serve you for a very long time.

Harris boats are designed with a Dolphin Nose Cone with splash fins to increase performance while cruising over the water. The TTRS is built with unparalleled contact are to provide stable floor support. It also comes with precise fastening to secure the deck. The models are also fitted with rub rail deck protection to absorb unintended impacts without causing damage to the deck structure.

Bayliner Boats

This brand is known for producing varied types of boats, from watersport boats to fishing boats. You can even find an open bow boat for that weekend getaway with your family and friends. Bayliner has built a reputation for building reliable and affordable boats on the market, bringing out nothing short of maximum customer satisfaction. With a confident and stable performance, you are guaranteed an incredible time at the helm of these boats. The boats are also comfortable and durable, built using some of the latest innovative material.

Heyday Boats

Heyday has made a name for themselves, making mostly wake sports boats. The brand has been building sports boats capable of meeting the sporting needs of clients for maximum thrill. Built almost two decades ago, the company was originally founded by the team that invented wake sports. Cotton Welshman was a wake hull engineer with a rich background in the watersport world.

The company has been focusing its attention on building wake boats that meet the best wake quality performance. By giving their best, the brand has dominated the market, providing watersport enthusiasts with the best combination of performance and value in their boats.

Lowe Boats

This brand was first introduced into the boating industry in 1971. The company was known for building high-end aluminum boats and canoes for families. Since its inception, the company has grown, giving more families memorable moments through quality products. The brand’s selling point has been its ability to build high-quality aluminum boats and pontoons to fit the various needs of its clients.

The company has continued to evolve, producing over a hundred models features some of the innovative features. These upgrades have been a magnet to modern-day anglers looking for high-performance boats with advanced tech. Lowe boats currently feature boats such as Roughneck, mod-v fishing, bay, deep-v fish, and ski-in their lineup.

Princecraft Boats

This company is has been in the business of making some of the best deck, pontoon, and fishing boats on the market. The brand has been working on providing clients with high-end boats that assure clients of the best experience out on the water. With an experience spanning half a century, Princecraft has been making aluminum boats that can only be defined as great boats.

The company believes that the only way to remain in the market is through producing high-quality products. Because of this, the company has focused on integrating the best practices throughout the entire building process of their boats. The brand believes its models are only as good as the construction process.

Uttern Boats

Utter boats are driven by the need to produce the safest boats in the boating industry. Aside from safety, the builders and designers also make headway in terms of style, comfort, storage, and versatility. These boats are designed to withstand Nordic conditions. The company has been able to integrate simplicity and functionality in its designs to give clients the best boats. The boats are built to support an active boating lifestyle.

Their boats are fitted with spacious cockpits to help you feel at home when at the helm. They have also added a deployable canopy to allow some time to bond with your company. The boats are built with storage spaces where anglers and families can store their gear when getting ready to hit the water.

Crestliner Boats

Crestline boats have built a lifelong brand from making durable and high-performance boats for their clients. The entire has company is built on the principle of hard work and family values. Each model is built using aluminum to increase strength and durability. The company has also been using fishing innovations as the basis of their inspirations when building their designs.

Every model is built with a thick, high-quality aluminum hull to ensure maximum protection even against harsh waters and even unforgiving sea weather. The company recently launched Active Performance (ASP-X) Hull, which can be found in their 1850 raptor and 1950 Sportfish.

Cypress Cay Boats

With these boats, you have little to worry about when on the water. These boats are designed to offer smooth rides, excellent comfort, and, more importantly, a sense of safety to the client. Cypress Cay boasts of solid construction using some of the best manufacturing processes in the industry. The boats are designed with cypress cay tubes that use a full-length mount to provide a structure capable of absorbing the forces produced by harsh waters.

The pontoons are built with several seating selections to provide extra comfort for you and your company. The seats are made of soft, resilient-vinyl for that extra comfort you are looking for. The versatile nature of these boats also makes them a popular choice for various clients. They can be used for fishing or water sporting activities. When it comes to safety, every tubing is fitted with at least three sealed chambers reinforced by welded baffles to ensure a safe return trip. The boats are also designed with a wraparound rub rail system to protect the deck in the event of a collision.

This has been my take on some of the boating companies owned by Brunswick. Brunswick is a boating company that continues to expand, launching new ventures as time goes by.