Can You Ski Behind A Wakeboard Boat?

If you have just discovered wakeboarding then you might be super excited to find out more about it. Many people have said that if you can surf, then you are able to wakeboard. However, wakeboarding is also great for those who want to surf but are still in the beginner stages. Whatever the reason may be, wakeboarding has been getting more and more popular.

If you have been wondering, “Can you ski behind a wakeboard boat?” then you have come to the right place.

Let’s get started!

What is Wakeboarding?

If you are reading this article then you know what wakeboarding is but if there is the off chance that you know of it, but not much about it then we have got you covered.

Wakeboarding, if you want to visualize it, is surfing but instead of riding the waves unattached, you are actually attached to a boat. Wakeboarding is basically a combination of jet skiing and surfing- in fact, that is how wakeboarding got its name.

To get even more specific, think of it like this: Wakeboarding is a watersport in which the rider is standing on a wakeboard (wakeboards are not as long as surfboards if you want to visualize that) and is then towed behind some sort of motorboat.

Here is a fun little history tidbit for you: wakeboarding was first discovered by a surfer by the name of Tony Finn back in 1985. One day, Tony found himself tired of attempting to surf against light and calm waves, and thus…wakeboarding was invented.

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Any surfer who knows a thing or two about waves can understand how frustrating it is to want to ride them but they are all too calm. If you are an avid surfer but the waves are not cooperating with you, then be sure to give wakeboarding a try.

The history behind wakeboarding is actually quite interesting. If you want to read more, check out this great article.

What is a WakeBoard?

If you are new to wakeboarding you might be wondering what many people before you (and many after you) have wondered…what is a wakeboard?

Some people mistakenly think that they can use their surfboard for wakeboarding and although that is not true, it does not mean that some people have not tried. We will be the first to say, do not try this. Surfboards and wakeboards are very different.

Wakeboards are often made of foam, honeycomb, or wood mixed with resin and then are coated with fiberglass. Some metal screws are put into wakeboards in order to attach the bindings and the fins.

The size of the wakeboard is individual to the specific rider– it is recommended to pick a wakeboard that is directly proportional to your weight and height).

Can You Ski Behind a Wakeboard Boat?

Now the question you have all been wondering, “Can you ski behind a wakeboard boat?”

Yes, you can definitely ski behind a wakeboard boat.

There is no rule in any book that says you cannot ski behind a wakeboard. Even though wakeboard boats were created for, yes you have guessed it, wakeboarding it does not mean that you cannot ski behind them.

Can You Ski Behind A Wakeboard Boat? 2

The same way steak knives were created to cut steak, it does not mean that you cannot use them for vegetables or to spread some butter onto a bread roll. So yes, skiing behind a wakeboard board is fine.

However, if you want to stir the pot a bit so to speak, there is a more complicated answer. While yes you can ski behind a wakeboard boat, there is a boat that was designed for water skiing and it is called a ski boat. Super simple right? It is so great when items’ are named not conspicuous.

The truth of the matter is, the same way you can use a steak knife to cut vegetables and spread butter onto your bread, there are knives that were invented to do these two tasks more efficiently and easier than a steak knife.

A steak knife is sharp but it is too big to spread butter on a dinner roll and if you have tried it, you will see that it will work in a pinch but then again, you would probably choose a butter knife because it is easier.

If you are planning on skiing behind a wakeboard boat, then you have our green light. However, if you want to know more about ski boards then please continue onto the next section.

Wake boat Vs Ski Boat

Before we get into what ski boards are, let’s first dive into what wake boats are. According to The Better Boat’s online article, they describe wake boats as:

When wakeboarding was in its infancy, there was no such thing as a wake boat. Instead, people would shove weights into the aft end of the boat. Companies began selling ballast bags that could hold hundreds of gallons in order to weigh the boat down, shoving the aft end further into the water, and creating more of those sweet wakes.

They then conclude that:

 V-Drive inboard boats have skyrocketed in popularity as wakeboarding ascends to the most popular water sport. Manufacturers have jumped on board as well, and there is no need to buy a ballast bag anymore.

The vast majority of wake boats now feature built-in ballast systems, and plenty of other options to increase weight. The popularity of wakeboarding means that you’ll be buying that v-drive watercraft for a premium, even if you’re shopping for something aftermarket.

As for ski boats, they were invented for water skiing. The engine of a ski boat was designed to sit right smack dab in the middle of the boat paired with a direct-drive transmission.

The reason for this design is because the combination allows for great acceleration while at the same time, keeping the wake behind the boat to be still somewhat flat.

According to the Better Boat article, they conclude that while it is not “wrong” to use a ski boat for wakeboarding or to use a wake boat for skiing, they work best when you use them for their intended purpose.

They note that “While it isn’t ideal, I know plenty of water skiers that have decided that larger wakes are a small price to pay for that extra passenger space.

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Wakeboarders probably won’t have a good time getting pulled around behind a ski boat. This isn’t providing a wake, but it’s certainly possible to hitch a ride at the very least.”

The Final Word | Try it Out Yourself, First

You can absolutely ski behind a wakeboard. In fact, if you go up to any water skier he or she will probably tell you that he or she has tried it once or twice.

Whether they prefer it or not is a completely different story. Although ski boats were designed for water skiing and wake boats were designed for wakeboarding, it does not mean that they cannot be interchanged.

We suggest trying it out and deciding for yourself whether you prefer one combination over the other or whether you are indifferent either way. The great part is, there is no right answer.