5 Best Jon Boat Accessories For 2021!

If you are someone that enjoys the calmer and more peaceful moments in life, such as spending time on a quiet lake, then you might be a fan of Jon boats. Jon boats are flat bottom boats which means they offer very stable and relaxing rides. Since Jon boats are such a hit with many people, there are a ton of great accessories made for Jon Boats.

If you have a Jon Boat and are looking for ideas or if someone you know has a Jon boat that he or she loves and you are looking for ideas on what to buy them, then we have got you covered. Let’s get started!

Best Accessories for Your Jon Boats

Owning a boat, like owning a car or a house, is an investment. You pay a lot of money for your boat so you want it to be the best it could be right? We understand that completely.

Some people might see accessories as a waste of money because they believe if an item is built well then it will not need any extra accessories. While there is some truth in that, it does not hurt to buy accessories, especially ones that are beneficial for your Jon boat.

Also, even if you want to buy a certain accessory simply for aesthetic reasons then why not right?

Five Best Jon Boat Accessories for 2021

Down below is our list of the best-of-the-best accessories for your Jon boats.

●     Comfortable Seats

  • Since all Jon boats come with benches, you can pretty much assume that the seats will not be comfortable long term.
    • This is why one of the first accessories Jon boat owners buy is new padded seats.
    • If you are someone that plans to be out in the water with your Jon boat for a long period, say for fishing purposes, then trust us when we say you will want to invest in some comfortable seats.
    • Aside from patted seats, many boat owners also choose to install seat mounts or pedestals for their Jon boats.
    • One of the most popular seats mounts are from a brand called Lowe, their “Lowe Seat Mount” are quite great and well-loved.
    • Since Jon boats come in so many different sizes, Lowe Seat Mount will accommodate that. Lowe Seat Mount comes in five different sizes.
    • You can Find Lowe Seat Mounts here.

●     Boat Covers/Protectors

5 Best Jon Boat Accessories For 2021! 15 Best Jon Boat Accessories For 2021! 2
  • One of the best ways to keep your Jon boat looking new and in top shape is by protecting it when it is not in use.
    • Chances are, even if you love your Jon boat, you will not be using your boat every single day.
    • Protecting it when it is not in use is crucial to prolonging its life span.
    • Boat covers, sometimes called boat protectors, are great for keeping your boat safe when it is not in use.
    • What kind of boat cover you decide to buy is completely up to you, but if you need any ideas, then click here.

●     Key Floats

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  • Now key floats are usually not something most people think of when they think of accessories for their Jon boats (or any boat really) but they are very handy and very useful.
    • Why? Because is there anything worse than accidentally dropping your keys in the water?
    • Exactly. That would be a pain, especially if it happens at night.
    • Key floats are an inexpensive and very practical accessory for your Jon boat. Trust us when we say, you will not regret it.
    • Key floats also come in a variety of colors and designs, check them out here.

●     Bluetooth Speakers

  • As much as a peaceful day out in the lake sounds, with the only sounds being that of the waves and birds, there are some days when you just want to relax with some music. Maybe listen to a nice podcast?
    • The best news is, you do not need to spend a lot of money on great Bluetooth speakers. If you shop around, you will be able to find some quality ones for under $50.00.
    • If you need some ideas though, check them out here.

●     Coolers

5 Best Jon Boat Accessories For 2021! 55 Best Jon Boat Accessories For 2021! 6
  • What is a day out in the lake without some food and drinks right?
    • Especially if you are hunting, fishing or even reading-it is always a good idea to bring extra food and water just in case.
    • You might be more hungry or thirsty than you had planned or maybe you had to stay out in the water longer than you had wanted.
    • Either way, it is good to be prepared and coolers will keep your foods and drinks in great condition.
    • Here are some great color options.

● All of the Lights

  • As relaxing and fun as a day out in the lake is, the truth is, you never know when trouble might occur.
    • You plan to be out for only a few hours but say something happens and you end up being in the water until dark and need to find your way back. It is during this time that you will wish you had some extra lights.
    • For more information about boat lights and where to buy them, click here.

What Are Jon Boats? | All You Need to Know

Let’s talk about what Jon boats are known for and why they are such popular boats.

Oh and before you ask why Jon boats (sometimes they have even spelled “John boats”) are called Jon boats…well we are afraid to say the sentiment behind that, has been lost in time.

This means, so many people have called it a Jon boat without knowing why. As the years go on, fewer and fewer people know. While we are sure the meaning behind the name of Jon boats is fascinating, we are not sure where the name came from.

Now Jon boats are super popular among hunters, dock owners, boat owners, and especially fishermen! Basically, anyone that is looking for an affordable recreational boat to use in calm (and shallow) waters will love the Jon boats!

What makes Jon boats stand out is their flat-bottom vessel. These flat-bottom vessels are usually made out of wood, aluminum, or sometimes even fiberglass. The flat-bottom design of Jon boats makes them a dream in calm and shallow water, as we had mentioned above. If you keep this information in mind, you will be able to spot a Jon boat easily. So the next time you are out in the waters, you should try to see how many Jon boats are out as well.

Jon boats will have benches but how many depends on the size of the Jon boats. For example, you will see some boats have as many as three benches while smaller ones can only fit one.

What Makes Jon Boats Stand Out?

Well, the main difference between the structure of a Jon boat and say that of a hull boat, is its flat-bottom design. Okay, we understand that you are probably tired of reading the phrase “flat-bottom,” but hear us out.

The flat-bottom design of Jon boats is unique because it allows Jon boats to ride on top of the water, versus “cutting” through the water the way v-shaped hull boats do.

How Much do Jon Boats Typically Weigh?

As we have mentioned above with the number of benches in a Jon boat (some boats have as much as three benches while others have two, and the smallest ones will only have one), the same rule applies when it comes to the weight of Jon boats.

Five Best Jon Boat Accessories for 2021

Since there are many different sizes of Jon boats, then that means the weight will also fluctuate. This is great news because it means there is a Jon boat for everyone.

Typically, smaller Jon boats are around 10 feet with the biggest ones being double that at 20 feet.

  • 10 Foot: 130 pounds (equivalent to 59 kg)
  • 12 Foot: 170 pounds (equivalent to 77 kg)
  • 14 Foot: 275 pounds (equivalent to 125 kg)
  • 16 Foot: 525 pounds (equivalent to 238 kg)
  • 18 Foot: 880 pounds (equivalent to 440 kg)
  • 20 Foot: 1,200 pounds (equivalent to 544 kg)

In Conclusion | The Joys of Jon Boats

You have probably seen pictures of Jon boats or movies where Jon boats were used and think to yourself that they look quite peaceful. While some people might find Jon boats a little tame, many people love them for their simplicity and quaintness.

If you are a fan of fishing then you should check out Jon boats if you have not already. Jon boats are great for recreational activities such as fishing because it is super easy to get in and out of Jon boats.

However, just because they are simple does not mean that they need to plain and boring. We hope that you were able to find some inspiration from this article to make your Jon boat standout.

Happy boating!