What Does Boat Stand for?

What Does BOAT Stand for?

What Does Boat Stand for?

The other day I was looking around the internet and I realized there were several people searching and asking what does boat stand for?

So what does boat stand for? Answer: Boat stands for Break Out Another Thousand (B.O.A.T.). At least this is what it means to boat owners who spend thousands of dollars per year to properly upkeep their boats.

Yes, this is sort of a boat owners slang version for what does boat stands for. Were you looking for a different answer?

What Does Boat Stand for? The Dictionary Response:

If you are asking what does boat stand for in a literal meaning of the word, then I would go with a dictionary response.

The online dictionary says a boat is a small vessel propelled on water by oars, sails, or an engine.

Sounds like a dictionary answer doesn’t it! As for me, I like the slang version of what does a boat stand for. Mainly this is because I am a boat owner and I refused to add up all of the money spent maintaining boats over the past 30 years of boat ownership.

This said modern outboard engines have made it much easier to maintain a boat.

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