What Boats Can a Nissan Titan Tow? [+21 Examples]

Owners of the Nissan Titan know that this truck is a powerful vehicle that is capable of carrying out heavy-duty tasks. If you have recently purchased a boat, or are thinking about buying one, you will likely be asking yourself if your Nissan Titan can be used to tow it. In this article, you will learn anything you need to know about how you can take advantage of your Nissan Titan’s towing capacity for boat trailering.

Towing Capacity: How Much Weight Can a Nissan Titan Tow?

The Nissan Titan is among the strongest pickup trucks and can haul an impressive weight depending on the model that you own. Its towing capacity ranges from 9,240 pounds up to 12,710 pounds.

The Nissan Titan exists in two versions: The regular version, which runs on gasoline, and the XD, which runs on Diesel. Each of these can be purchased with a 4×4 crew cab and a 2×4 single cab.

The single cab Diesel is the most powerful variety of the Nissan Titan, with a maximum towing capacity of 12,710 pounds. The crew cab gasoline version is at the lower end and can tow up to 9,240 pounds.

Now you know that the Nissan Titan is a truly heavy-duty truck that can tow most boats, but you still need to figure out what types of boats you can haul with this vehicle.

What Boats Can a Nissan Titan Tow - Towing Capacity
Nissan Titan Towing An AirStream Camper

What Types of Boats Can a Nissan Titan Tow?

Because the Nissan Titan has a maximum towing capacity of 9,240 to 12,710 pounds, you have countless options in terms of the kinds of boats you can trailer behind this vehicle.

We have compiled a table for you below that will provide you with a solid overview of the types of boats or watercrafts you can tow with your Nissan Titan. You will also find some information on the average dry weight of each of these boat types.

Do not exceed your vehicle’s towing capacity when using a boat trailer.

At the bottom of the article, you will find some more boat trailering tips that will help you prepare for towing your boat. Remember that in addition to your boat’s weight, you need to account for the weight of your trailer.

For example, if you own the Nissan Titan XD, single cab, and you have boat that weighs 11,000 pounds, your trailer’s weight has to be below 1,710 pounds.

Here is a list of the kinds of boats you can tow with your Nissan Titan, as well as the average dry weight for each boat category.

Type of Boat Average Dry Weight
Sailing Dinghy 100 pounds
Skiff Boat 900 pounds
Cuddy Cabin Boat 2,700 pounds
Pontoon Boat Accessories You’ll Be Sorry You Don’t Have!”>Pontoon Boat 3,100 pounds
Deck Boats Go In The Ocean?”>Deck Boat 3,100 pounds
Catamaran Boat 4,000 pounds
Center Console Boat?”>Center Console Boat 5,000 pounds

These are eight examples of different boat types that you can tow with your Nissan Titan. Remember that the Nissan Titan’s towing capacity depends on the model you are driving. The single cab Diesel can tow up to 12,710 pounds, while the gasoline version can haul between 9,240 and 9,660 pounds, depending on whether you own the crew or the single cab model.

Finally, keep in mind that the dry weights given in the table are merely averages. Actual weight varies with each model. Moreover, remember that a boat’s dry weight differs from its wet weight.

Sailing Dinghy

A sailing dinghy is a small sailboat designed to be operated single-handedly, either by one or two people. Popular for their robustness and straight-forward mechanism, sailors have raced small dinghies for centuries.

Below are some sailing dinghy models that your Nissan Titan can tow:
  • RS Aero – 66 pounds
  • Laser 4.7 – 130 pounds
  • Catalina Expo 12.5 – 130 pounds

Skiff Boat

Skiffs are small boats with a pointed bow and a flat stern. They are mainly used for fishing or leisure, typically on rivers or in coastal areas. Skiffs were historically rowing boats, but now they often come with a small outboard motor.

Here are some examples of skiffs that your Nissan Titan could tow.
  • 17 Yellowfin – 600 pounds
  • Sundance K16 Skiff – 680 pounds
  • 18 HPX-V – 1,460 pounds

Cuddy Cabin Boat

These family-friendly boats are both versatile and maneuverable. “Cuddy” is an old sailor’s term for cabin or room. On a cuddy cabin boat, you will find a small indoor space that may contain sleeping quarters, a restroom, or storage space. Some models even have a small nook for cooking.

These are some cuddy cabin boats that your Nissan Titan can tow.
  • 2006 Bayliner 210 Cuddy – 3,090 pounds
  • Bayliner VR 5 Cuddy – 3,130 pounds
  • Stingray 220CS – 3,143 pounds

Pontoon Boat

Pontoon boats use floats on the sides to stay buoyant, which allows boat builders to create spacious decks with plenty of features like bars or lounges. Pontoons are popular for fishing and pleasure boating, with space for up to 10 people on board.

Below are some examples of Pontoon boats that your vehicle can tow.
  • Sun Tracker Bass Buggy 16 DLX ET – 1,235 pounds
  • Tahoe Pontoon GT Cruise – 23′ – 2,150 pounds
  • Regency 230 LE3 Sport – 3,375 pounds

Deck Boat

A deck boat is a versatile open space watercraft designed for activities such as fishing, water skiing, or pleasure boating. The bow of a deck boat is wide, allowing for more deck space in the mid-section. Typically, the extended deck space is used for additional seating, which makes them ideal family boats.

These are some deck boats your vehicle can tow.
  • NauticStar 193 SC – 2,100 pounds
  • Hurricane Sundeck OB – 2,718 pounds
  • Bayliner 215 Deck Boat – 4,028 pounds

Catamaran Boat

A catamaran, or “cat” for short, has two parallel, same-sized hulls. Catamarans are stabilized by their wide beams. Their wide stance in the water reduces the impact of waves, making them ideal for oceanic boating. Catamarans can come as sailing or engine powered catamaran boats and serve a wide range of purposes, including sports, cruising, and transportation.

These are a few examples of catamarans that your truck can tow:
  • NACRA F20 Carbon FCS – 445 pounds
  • Marstrom M32 – 1,124 pounds
  • C3800 Catamaran – 6,500 pounds

Center Console Boat

As the name suggests, these open hull boats come with the helm at the center, making them especially suitable for fishing. Because of the position of the console, you can walk from front to back easily. In some cases, these boats have a small cabin where you can sleep.

Here are some examples of center console boats that you can tow with your Nissan Titan can tow:

  • Larson 274 Cabrio – 6,000 pounds
  • Bayliner 285 SB – 8,000 pounds
  • Rinker 301 Express Cruiser – 12,000 pounds

More Information

Prior to your first drive with a boat trailer, you should do some more research and learn everything you can about your vehicle’s towing capacity. You need to properly and safely set up a hitch and a trailer before you can tow. Here are some additional boat trailering tips for you to consider.

Choosing a Hitch

To select and mount the right hitch for your Nissan Titan, you need to know two numbers: your vehicle’s towing capacity and the tongue weight.

We have already talked about the Nissan Titan’s towing capacity, which ranges from 9,240 to 12,710 pounds depending on the model you own.

The tongue weight is the force of the trailer’s weight that pushes down on your hitch. It is between 9% and 14% of your fully loaded trailer’s weight. After you have hitched your trailer and fully loaded it, you should always use a tongue weight trailer scale to make sure you are not exceeding your vehicle’s or your hitches capacity.

You also need to choose the right hitch for your trailer. This guide can help you decided which of the five hitch classes is appropriate for you load and vehicle.

Nissan Titan Towing Capacity - Towing a boat with a pickup truck
Nissan Titan SL Pickup Truck

Boat Trailering Tips

Here are some boat trailering tips that will help you stay safe on the road. Remember to do some additional research on trailer safety before you tow your boat for the first time. 

  • When driving with a boat trailer, it is important to stay alert and mindful at all times. If something is wrong, pull over and check if your boat trailer is safe.
  • Remember that you need to drive slower than usual when you are towing a heavy boat trailer. Try to stay in the right lane.
  • Braking distance and time is prolonged when you are hauling a heavy load. Keep an appropriate distance to the cars in front of you.
  • When taking turns with a trailer, remember that your vehicle is now much longer. Think wide turns. 

Closing Thoughts

Reflecting on this article, it is clear that the Nissan Titan is a heavy-duty truck that can easily tow light- to mediumweight boats. With a towing capacity ranging from 9,240 to 12,710 pounds, you have a wide choice of boats that you can haul with this powerful vehicle. Remember that there are different models of the Nissan Titan, each with a slightly different towing capacity.

Towing Capacity: What Boats Can a Nissan Titan Tow? [+21 Examples]