Towing Capacity: What Boats Can a Chevy Colorado Tow?

A Honda Pilot may not be the first vehicle that comes to your mind when you think about towing a boat. But if you own one, you may want to think about purchasing a boat after reading this. You may be surprised at your options.

Whether you want a boat for your fishing excursions or just for a fun day on the water with family and friends, there are plenty of boats to choose from that will fit with the towing capacity of your Honda Pilot.

How Much Weight Can a Chevy Colorado Tow?

There are different configurations to the engines available for a Chevy Colorado. So, the towing capacity completely depends on which configuration you choose.

2.5L 4-Cylinder

Every non-configured Chevy Colorado comes with this engine. It has a towing capacity of only 3,500 pounds. So, if you want to tow something heavier, you will want to consider one of the following engine options.

3.6L V6

This engine has the same 3,500-pound towing capacity. But, if you purchase the towing package, you will be able to increase that capacity to 7,000 pounds.

Duramax 2.8L Turbo-Diesel 4-Cylinder

You can get the most towing capacity with this engine. It offers a higher 7,700-pound weight limit, but only 7,600 pounds with the four by four configuration.

There is one more option with the high-end Colorado ZR2 trim. With this, you would get a towing capacity of 5,000 pounds.

Never forget to add the weight of the boat trailer when you are considering a boat to two behind your Chevy Colorado. The total of the trailer and boat should not exceed the limit to avoid damage to your Colorado and to keep you safe.

Three thousand five hundred to 7,600 pounds may not seem like much when you are thinking about a boat and trailer, but you will be please to know that there are many boats that you can tow behind your Chevy Colorado, even with a smaller towing capacity. Read on for some suggestions and tips. 

Towing Capacity: What Boats Can a Chevy Colorado Tow?
2020 Chevrolet Colorado ZR2

Types of Boats That a Chevy Colorado Can Tow

Boats come in different sizes and weights. There are boats designed for varied activities. Some are designed specifically for speed, while others are made for water recreation like skiing and wakeboarding. Still others are intended specifically for fishing.

With that in mind, I have tried to provide information for a few different types that you may want to consider as good options to tow with your Chevy Colorado. But you should remember that each engine will have a different limit.

Type of Boat Average Dry Weight
Center Console 5,000 pounds
Ski Boat 3,500 pounds
Pontoon Boat?”>Pontoon Boat 3,100 pounds
Cuddy Cabin 3,750 pounds
Fishing Boat 1,700 pounds
Airboat 2,000 pounds

Don’t forget that these are average weight options. Each boat will weigh differently, plus you must think about the weight of the boat trailer. If you plan to have any equipment inside of the boat while towing, be sure you know the approximate weight of those items.

Center Console

Most often used for fishing, these boats have a deck area that is great for standing to cast off and reel in. If you are a fisherman, you will want to consider one of these.

The average weight of a center console boat is 5,000 pounds, but there are many that fall well below that average. Here are three that you can consider to two behind your Chevy Colorado.

  • 2019 Boston Whaler 150 Montauk – 1,049 pounds
  • 2019 Boston Whaler 170 Dauntless – 1,680 pounds
  • 2020 Bayliner Element F21 – 2,000 pounds

Ski Boats

If you love to ski or wakeboard, this boat is for you. They can also be used for water tubing. Because you need speed for these water activities, a ski boat offers that, as well.

Here are a few different options that could work with your Chevy Colorado.

  • Mastercraft Prostar 2017 20 – 3,000 pounds
  • 2020 Chaparral 21 Surf – 3,300 pounds
  • 2014 Chaparral 204 Xtreme – 3,549 pounds
  • Boston Whaler 170 Montauk – 1,700 to 2,254 pounds

Pontoon Boats

Just like a ski boat, a pontoon boat is a good option if you are looking to have a fun day on the water. Skiing, waterboarding, and tubing are all options. Generally, they have a ladder on the side that makes getting in and out of the water easy. So, they can also be used to get out into the middle of a body of water to swim. They can also be used to fish.

The seating capacity is another reason many people are attracted to them, as they can seat up to 10 people. Some will seat less, depending on the model.

Some of the better models for towing behind your Honda Pilot include:

  • 2016 Cypress Cay 160 / FS – 1,585 pounds
  • NauticStar Angler 193 SC – 2,100 pounds
  • 2018 Larson Escape CRUZE – 1,700 pounds
  • Lowe SS210 – 1,900 pounds

If you decide to go with a pontoon boat, you should remember that they can be rather bulky. This isn’t a problem if you drive carefully and compensate for its size with proper safety precautions.

Cuddy Cabin

A cuddy cabin boat is perfect if you want to get out on the water for a day of fun and relaxation, or maybe even an overnight trip. Great for getting out on the water to swim, open-water cruising, and lounging, these boats offer a sleeping area, porta-potty, and a shower. 

  • 2016 Bayliner 642 Overnighter – 3,084 pounds
  • 2015 Regal 2250 Cuddie – 3,900
  • 2013 Beneteau Flyer 650 Cabrio – 3,329

Fishing Boats

If it’s just fishing that you’re looking for, there are many more options. Because fishing boats tend to weigh less than other types of boats, there are many more options for you. Here are just three of the options that your Chevy Colorado could tow.

  • Tracker Pro Team 2017 175 TF – 1,010 pounds
  • Charger Elite 210 – 1,900 pounds
  • Bass Cat Jaguar – 2,150 pounds


Many areas have marshes and swampland that you can’t bring certain types of boats into. If you live in an area like that, an airboat may be for you. These boats are propelled by large fans as opposed to motors. They are not very heavy with the average boat weighing in at 2,000 pounds.

A Few Things You May Want to Know

Once you have chosen a boat that will work well with your Chevy Colorado, there are a few other things to consider.

If you have never towed a boat before, make sure you do your research and that you have all of the equipment you need to tow safely.

Check all the connections to make sure everything is done properly. It is a good idea to make sure there is no rust, too.

Look into the laws in your area about braking systems as certain states require them. If you will be driving outside of your normal area, you will want to check the laws there, as well.

Watch your speed while towing. If you are going too fast, you could easily lose control with the swaying of the boat and trailer. Also, when you take any turns, be sure to take them wide. With your load behind you, it is easy to hit any objects along the side of the road if you don’t allow enough room for your turn.

If you need to stop suddenly while towing your boat, you will find it won’t be as easy as driving without a load. Remember to leave space between you and the next vehicle.

You should also use the brakes very carefully. If you feel the boat begins to sway as you are driving, you should not apply the brakes too hard. This could cause you to lose control. Instead, press the brakes gently and slowly if needed at all.

You should also keep in mind that your tow rating doesn’t take into consideration the weight of any passengers in your Honda Pilot and gear or other things you may be bringing with you.

If you are carrying any gear in the boat, make sure it is properly secured so that it doesn’t bounce around during the drive. This could include life vests, ice chests, and any fishing gear you may be bringing along. Securing it well could also keep it from flying out of the boat while in motion. This could be dangerous for other drivers on the road.

Towing Capacity: What Boats Can a Chevy Colorado Tow? Towing Capacity Chevy Colorado
2020 Chevrolet Colorado ZR2

Closing Thoughts

You may have been discouraged to find out that the towing capacity of your Chevy Colorado isn’t very high compared to other vehicles, but I trust this article has given you some hope. There are plenty of boats to choose from that will fit within your weight limits.

Just make sure you are paying attention to the weight to make sure you aren’t overloading your vehicle to avoid any damage. Remember to figure in the weight of the trailer and any other people and items in the vehicle and boat.

By following the tips for driving safely with your Chevy Colorado while towing a boat, you will be set for any adventure. 

Towing Capacity: What Boats Can a Chevy Colorado Tow?