Can You Wakeboard Behind a Jet Ski?

As a water sports enthusiast, I have always enjoyed exploring new adventures. Wakeboarding is one of the fun activities that caught my attention. I wanted to know whether I can wakeboard behind a jet ski, so I researched, and this is everything I gathered.

Can You Wakeboard Behind a Jet Ski?

Yes, you can wakeboard with a jet ski, and it even gives you a chance to practice more tricks.  Jet skis are pretty light and powerful, which makes the sport a bit different. You need to have the right accessories, safety equipment, basic riding, and towing skills. Read on to learn more.

How Can You Wakeboard Behind a Jet Ski?

The jet ski uses jet propulsion to create thrusts that push the vessel forward. Its smaller and relatively faster than other watercraft, which brings new opportunities and challenges. The more fun a sport is, the greater the responsibility and the higher the risk. Wakeboarding on a jet ski requires a skillful driver to keep the boat speed from rising too much and a proficient rider who can comfortably respond to the inevitable speed variations.

When wakeboarding, the most critical factor is for the vessel to produce enough wake and a driver’s ability to control the boat’s speed. The process of pulling someone on a tow while on a jet ski requires a high level of responsibility, so you should always choose an experienced rider.

The driver should be well-versed with the Jet Ski’s lever on the handlebar to control the take-off speed. Note that a high speed can rip the tow rope handle from the rider, causing an accident. The driver should also maintain a speed of 15mph to 25mph while towing a rider.

It’s a bit problematic to create a large wake using a jet ski since it’s lightweight. Although the wake might be narrow, the jet ski still provides a large enough wave to push the board, and it’s upon you to learn how to catch and stay on the wave.

What Is the Best Way to Wakeboard With a Jet Ski?

Once you get into the water, the driver towing you will throw out the tow rope, grab it and relax. Stay in the proper position, with your knees bent, the chest, and arms stuck forward. The front edge of your wakeboard should be perpendicular to the tow rope lightly out of the water. Once you are ready, signal the driver to pull you up while still in a crouched position.

When the jet ski begins to move forward, you will feel the rope pulling you. Gradually raise yourself until you stand. Remember that the jet ski will increase the speed once it begins to move, so you must maintain a steady stance. Stretch your hands forward, pull the rope handle and align it with your hip.

When wakeboarding, you should always keep your eyes straight ahead. Gazing down may make you lose balance, and the board can even dip in the front, so you risk falling into the water. Also, ensure that you steer the board by applying pressure on the toes and heels. It’s worth noting that falling is part of every towing sport. If you happen to find yourself in such a situation, don’t panic. Relax and wait for the jet ski driver to rescue you.

For most regions, it’s legal to pull a wakeboard behind a jet ski, but different states require that you follow specific rules. The first step to ensure a hassle-free and safe ride is by familiarizing yourself with the rules and regulation governing the waterways you intend to explore. In some states, the laws applied on jet skis are similar to those of other boats, while in other regions, they are separate, so ensure that you confirm.

The use of jet skis for tow sports is becoming increasingly popular, and you can even enroll in classes for licensing. Although the rules vary, some restrictions apply in most regions. Some states require that you use a three-sitter jet ski that can accommodate the driver, an observer, and tow rider.

There should be, therefore, a third party on board, facing behind to monitor the wakeboarder. It’s also a requirement by most states that the jet skis have mirrors. If the ski comes with pre-fitted mirrors, check to ensure that they meet the specific size requirements in your region. The purpose of these mirrors is to ensure that the operator knows what is going on behind them.

Every Jet Ski driver and wakeboarder should have a lifejacket with a high impact rating. Keep in mind that some states do not allow a single jet ski to tow multiple wakeboarders. Although jet skis have become increasingly popular, this doesn’t mean that everybody can ride them. Check the age requirement in your region for the driver and wakeboarder to ensure that you are on the safe side.

Engaging in any form of drugs or taking alcohol before or during the sport is highly prohibited. This rule applies to the observer, the driver, and the wakeboarder. Some people believe that such substances improve performance. Unfortunately, they will only increase the chances of accidents, injuries, and even death.

Some areas also outline the minimum tow rope length required, so you must pay attention to this as well. Be sure also to check the speeding limits and riding hours in your region. Vocal communication is quite a challenge while out in the waters, so some states require that you learn visual communication through hand signals.

Can You Wakeboard Behind a Jet Ski?

What Accessories Should I Use While Wakeboarding on Jet Ski?

Your wakeboarding experience will be as enjoyable as the type of accessories you use. There are various items designed to increase your comfort and boost your water adventure experience. For instance, you can use a re-boarding step or ladder if you wish to climb back to the jet ski while in deep waters. You can also purchase a skier-down flag to signal when you are preparing to tow or in case someone falls into the water.

Since space is limited on a jet ski, you can buy wakeboard racks to store your board. If you have a dog that enjoys outdoor activities, you can take them along in your jet ski. Ensure that you buy them a doggie life jacket for safety purposes in case your hyper dog decides to jump into the water. Some accessories are essential, while others are meant to make your experience better. You don’t have to buy all, only determine what works best for you.

Is Wakeboarding With a Jet Ski Any Good?

Wakeboarding with a jet ski is an exhilarating sport that is entirely legal, provided that you comply with the regulations in your state. Although wakeboarding behind a jet ski may not seem safe, it’s better than other regular boats when done correctly.

The jet ski propulsion system is safer compared to that of other watercraft. A boat has a fully exposed propeller that isn’t protected, and if someone gets close to it while rotating, it could lead to fatal accidents. On the contrary, a jet ski propeller is safely fitted within a pipe, so you are less likely to get into contact with it.

However, there is still a risk if your tow rope gets sucked into the impeller, but the injuries resulting from this are nothing compared to those caused by the spinning metal blades in a boat’s propeller. You can prevent this risk by fitting an impeller protector at the end of the tow rope.

Wakeboarding isn’t a cheap sport, and when you add the cost of buying a boat, it becomes even more expensive. A jet ski is a more affordable alternative that makes the sport accessible to many. A standard boat can cost you over $100,000, and you will also incur higher maintenance and operation costs. Yet, you can get a jet ski for as low as $12,000. For a tow sports lover on a budget, you are more likely to find a more affordable solution in a jet ski than in a boat.

Jet skis are generally smaller and weigh less than boats, which increases their maneuverability. They, therefore, accommodate more tricks compared to other watercraft. The Jet Ski can change direction very fast. They are also easier to restart even after a wakeboarder falls. This vessel can turn more sharply to get you closer to the ramp for a better transition on the wakeboard. The small size also makes a jets ski easier to store and move around.


Jet skis are incredibly fun, and today, there are various unique tow models which give wakeboarders a new level of experience in their water adventures. All you need to do is acquire essential skills and learn some fundamental towing procedures.

The right Jet Ski for wakeboarding should be slightly heavier to create enough wake necessary for doing tricks. It should also meet your state requirements and provide enough storage space for your gears and accessories.