How Much Does a 29 Ft Boat Weigh?

In the world of boating, a 29 Ft boat is a large boat that is, in most cases, still able to be easily towed behind a truck or large SUV

Boats this size usually weigh a lot and there are a few contributors to how much the boat weighs – dry weight, motor weigh, gear and fuel weight, and trailer weight. 

Finding a clear answer online about boat weight can be tricky sometimes too, because there are some variables depending on the boat’s set up.  One great aspect of boats this size is they are very customizable, meaning two seemingly identical boats could be equipped very differently and, therefore, have very different weights.

I’ve looked into the weight of a few boat types and have come up with an answer to the question:

How Much Does a 29 Ft Boat Weigh?

How much does a 29 ft boat weigh? Depending on the boat and how it is set up, between 4,900 lbs. and 8,900 lbs., without a trailer.

Knowing the weight of your boat is important for several reasons, with one of the main reasons being safely towing your boat behind your tow vehicle. 

You see, every vehicle has a maximum weight limit they are rated to tow, and if you go over this weight, it could put you and your passengers in a dangerous situation. 

Since boats in the 29 Ft range typically weigh a lot, it is important to truly understand just how much your boat weighs before setting out on the road with your boat in tow. 

There are a lot of variables that go into weight – as you can see by the huge range of what a 29 Ft boat can weight.  Some things to be on the lookout for are materials used for construction, size and number of engines, hull shape, onboard options, etc. 

We are going to dive into a few boat models and break down just how much they weigh and where the weight comes from.  Then, we’ll go over a few tips for safe boat towing.

WorldCat 296 DC – Catamaran

The WorldCat 296 DC is built for power, stability, and comfort while fighting through rough seas.  The bow sits high in the water to allow the WorldCat to cut through even some of the toughest chop, giving you the comfort you need to get to the fishing action even when other boats this size decided to stay behind

Catamarans are known for their stability because of a twin-hull design.  The two hulls work together to transfer the energy of the rolling sea from one hull to the other, effectively reducing the amount of roll you would feel in a comparable V-hull design. 

The WorldCat was designed with multiple purposes in mind – to be a fishing machine and to be a comfortable cruiser.  There’s cushioned seating in the bow for six adults and comfortable captain’s chairs at the helm. 

There are also two fish boxes (total 375 quarts), a live well, rod holders along the gunwale, and lockable rod storage for 6 rods. 

But what does the WorldCat 296 DC weigh?
  • Dry Weight – 8,900 lbs. (assumes twin Yamaha 300 HP outboards).  Just the hull of this boat weighs about 7,775 lbs. and the rest comes from the weight of the engines, which weigh about 556 lbs. each.
  • Gear and Fuel Weight – approx. 2,400 lbs.  Being such a large boat with so much horsepower on the back, it requires a large amount of fuel.  This boat has a 233-gallon fuel tank that, when full, will hold just under 1,500 lbs. of fuel.  Add in the 48-gallons of fresh and wastewater on board and the rest for other gear you might bring, the weight adds up quickly.
  • Trailer Weight – approx. 2,000 lbs.  This assumes an aluminum triple axle trailer with a weight capacity of 12,625 lbs. 
  • Gross Trailer Weight (GTW) – approx. 13,300 lbs.  GTW is the entire weight of the boat, motors, gear and fuel, and trailer.

Century 2901 Center Console

When you step onto the Century 2901 it’s immediately apparent this is a fishing machine that is designed to go far in comfort. 

This boat features a host of accessories to assist in your fishing expeditions – rod holders in the gunwales, lockable rod storage, 454 quarts of fish boxes and a 62-gallon live well.  But what is a fishing boat without comfort and style?  That’s where the Century excels. 

They have incorporated standard features that increase the comfort and style of the boat, including forward-facing backrests on the wrap-around seating in the bow, captain’s chairs at the helm, and a table with drink holders in the bow. 

With a maximum rating of 600 HP (twin 300 HP’s), you’ll have the power you need to get where you’re going. 

How much does this boat weigh?
  • Dry Weight – 8,124 lbs. (assumes twin Yamaha 300 HP outboards).  The weight of the hull without the engines is approx. 7,000 lbs. and the engines weigh about 562 lbs. each (1,124 lbs. total). 
  • Gear and Fuel Weight – approx. 2,600 lbs.  The Century 2901 has a fuel capacity of 280-gallons and a water capacity of 28-gallons (22 freshwater gallons and 6 in the holding tank). About 2,035 lbs. comes from just the weight of fuel and water on board.  The rest will come from the weight of batteries, fishing tackle, rods, ice chests, etc.
  • Trailer Weight – approx. 2,000 lbs.  This weight is for a triple axle aluminum trailer with a weight capacity of 12,625 lbs.
  • Gross Trailer Weight (GTW) – 12,724 lbs.  Gross Trailer Weight is sometimes referred to as Towing Weight.

Grand Entertainer 290 CL – Pontoon

Pontoon boats are often the go-to option for people looking for a great cruiser with plenty of room and versatility on the water. 

Pontoons offer a variety of seating options and something for everyone – platforms for diving in, lounge area for sunbathing, and ability to tow a tube or water skier. 

In the case of the Grand Entertainer, it also has a built-in bar area with a refrigerator, sink, and bar stools.  There’s a reason they call this the Grand Entertainer. 

With room on board for 21 people and ability to handle up to 700 HP, you can take everyone with you and get there with speed. 

How much does the Grand Entertainer weigh?
  • Dry Weight – approx. 5,774 lbs. with an upgraded 36” center pontoon.  This weight also assumes twin 300 HP outboards, though you could have twin 350 HP outboards.
  • Gear and Fuel Weight – approx. 1,000 lbs.  The Grand Entertainer comes with a 30-gallon fuel tank that, when full, will weigh about 253 lbs.  The rest of the weight will be from other gear that may be brought on board.
  • Trailer Weight – approx. 1,420 lbs.  This is the weight for a triple axle galvanized steel boat trailer that’s big enough to tow a pontoon of this size.
  • Gross Trailer Weight (GTW) – approx. 8,194 lbs. 

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Final Thoughts

Getting out on the water in a boat is fun and a great way to create long lasting memories.  There are a lot of boat types to choose from and a lot to consider when making the decision that’s right for you. 

Keeping boat weight top of mind may not be fun, but it is a great way to ensure safely towing your boat.  With a boat this size, you are going to be towing a lot of weight.  As such, you will need either a truck or a large SUV with a big towing capacity to safely tow; every vehicle has a max weight it can tow

In the weight breakdown of each boat we talked about the Gross Trailer Weight (GTW).  For deciding if your vehicle can tow your boat, this may be the most important number to know and understand.  You’ll want to stay below the maximum GTW for your vehicle to make sure you are safe on the road.  Below are a few other ratings you’ll need to know:

GTW Gross Trailer Weight Trailer + gear
GVWR Gross Vehicle Weight Rating Vehicle + people and gear
GCWR Gross Combined Weight Rating Vehicle + people and gear + trailer and gear
GAWR Gross Axle Weight Rating Distribution over each axle of vehicle + people and gear + trailer and gear
A few other towing tips:
  • Strap the boat to the trailer – on the bow, attach the ratchet strap to the eye on the hull.  Depending on how far you’re traveling, strap the rear of the boat to the trailer to keep the boat from bouncing.
  • Make wide turnstowing a 29 Ft boat means there is an extra 35’+ attached to the back of your vehicle.  When you turn, the trailer won’t turn at the same angle as the vehicle.  To avoid hitting curbs or other vehicles, make wider turns than you would usually make.
  • Keep safe distances between you and the person in front of you – remember, you’ll have an additional 8,200 lbs. to 13,300 lbs. behind you.  Stopping will take a lot more effort than it does without a trailer. 

Armed with the knowledge of your boat’s weight and some tips to make towing go smoothly, you’re ready to hit the water.

How Much Does a 29 Ft Boat Weigh?

How Much Does a 29 Ft Boat Weigh?