3 Marine 6.5″ Speaker Pods Every Boater Needs To See!

A day on the water, whether it is on the lake, river or at the coast, is not complete without great sounding music.

Imagine being anchored up at the sandbar, you cooler is full of cold beverages, friends are setting up games and chairs on the beach, but something is missing.

Music is missing! Not just any music but loud, clear and excellent sounding music that produces the ultimate fun atmosphere on the water!

For that reason, I have put together this guide on 3 boat speaker pods everyone should consider putting on their boats. This applies to lake boats or boats designed for offshore boating.

I personally run Rockville Audio, Kicker and Polk Audio components and feel confident recommending these products to others.

Regardless of your boating setup, I am confident these are the pods you should consider!

Best 6.5″ Budget-Friendly Speaker Pods

While these may be low cost, they perform great and give amazing sound when paired with powerful marine amplifier to really push power to these speakers.

Kicker 6.5′ Marine Speaker Enclosures

The Kicker brand is a name car and boat audio enthusiasts know well. They make a solid product and this 6.5″ marine speaker setup is sure to impress.

A 6.5″ speaker gives a good all-around sound and the white speaker enclosure with its silver accents looks striking.

This is sure to dress up your boat and obviously make it sound amazing!

Full 6.5″ Speaker Pods, Speaker, and Amplifier Setup

Our final recommendation is for the boater who just wants it all and does not want to mess around with pairing speakers to amplifiers and enclosures.

If you want a high quality all in one package, this marine wake tower package features excellent Polk Audio marine speakers with the kicker 6.5″ black enclosures.

Black 6.5″ Speaker Pod Enclosures

Maybe the black enclosure does not work as well for the looks and design of your boat.

For those who want a lighter color, no need to worry. Kicker has you covered by offering the same attractive speaker pods as mentioned in item #2.

White Marine 6.5″ Speaker Pods Enclosures

Closing Thoughts

Great sounding music is critical to me. It does not make a difference if it is car audio or marine audio, I want the best sounding music no matter where I am located.

I personally run Rockville Audio, Kicker and Polk marine audio components and feel confident recommending these products to others.

**Still not convinced of the fact you should add boat speaker pods to your boat? If you still have questions, here are frequently asked questions about marine speaker pods to help you learn more!

FAQ – Boat Speaker Pods

What Are Boat Speaker Pods?

Boat speaker pods are exclusively designed for boats. Unlike many other types of speakers, these objects are made to withstand water, sea salt, and moisture. Sudden changes in temperature, strong sea conditions, and constant rays of the sun do not harm these speakers thanks to their design.

They are basically waterproof boat speakers made with a special plastic cone to protect the internal components from water. Likewise, the grilles through which the sound comes out are also resistant to water and temperature changes.

One aspect that characterizes boat speaker pods is that they are designed to produce a loud and clear sound that is not overshadowed by the noise of the sea.

What Types Of Boats Do 6.5″ Speaker Pods Work With?

Installing speakers in a boat are different than do it in a car. When using 6.5″ speaker pods, there are certain things that must be taken into account. Many people think that the main thing is the way they should be mounted, and that is not the case.

The size of the boat and its acoustics are two essential factors for the correct installation of 6.5 speaker pods. It is not the same to install a sound system with marine speakers in a 10-meter boat than to install it on a yacht of more than 20 meters.

If you are going to install them in a large boat, you will need a sound system that provides more power (Watts) than one for a smaller boat. Keep in mind that the wattage of an audio system should always be less than that of marine speakers.

Why Are Wakeboard Boats So Expensive?

Placing the speakers in a cabin boat can be negative as the walls may not reflect sound. Be sure to put the speaker in a boat with open spaces and depending on the location of the navigator and passengers. Try to position them in one place so that they are aimed as directly as possible at the passengers.

How Much Do 6.5″ Marine Boat Speaker Pods Cost?

Generally, marine speakers are priced higher than other conventional speakers. That’s because they are made to withstand special conditions like water, temperature changes, or the sun’s rays.

Prices may vary depending on the size of the marine speaker enclosure, its material, design and wattage capacity.

Commonly, smaller and underpowered boat speaker pods typically cost from $ 99 (some may cost less depending on the brand). 

However, the larger ones are used for larger boats while offering higher wattage. The latter can cost between $ 400 and $ 900 depending on the brand and quality.

Should I Install The Speaker Pods Myself Or Do I Need To Hire A Professional Installer?

It is not mandatory to hire a professional to install the speakers in a boat. Everything will depend on your willingness to work on it or your budget.

Many people say that installing speaker pods yourself is somewhat complicated, but that is not true. Doing so can be very easy and even fun. You simply have to decide if you want to do it or if you have time for it. That way, you would save money.

If you install them yourself, you must take into account several aspects. You must guarantee sufficient power to the speakers, install them on the boat tower, and carefully connect them to the amplifier. Those steps require other procedures that must be performed correctly.

On the other hand, if you do not have enough time to dedicate yourself to installing the speakers in your boat, you can hire a professional.

That will guarantee you quality work and the placement of the marine speakers in the right places. The choice will be up to you.

How Much Does It Cost To Have Boat Speaker Pods Installed By A Professional?

If you do not have enough time to install the boat speaker pods on your own and you have enough budget, then you should hire professionals.

Most marine component installation services are performed at their own stores. In most cases, you should consider the cost of transporting your boat to those places.

Generally, the average price established by certified professionals is $ 150. In many cases, additional materials are charged separately.

3 Marine 6.5″ Speaker Pods Every Boater Needs To See!