What Is A Good Boat Warming Gift? (18 Creative gift ideas)

Maybe you’re invited to a boat warming party, or perhaps you’re just excited for the new boat owners in your life. Either way, you’ll need a boat warming gift to help celebrate the occasion.

But that leaves the question, what is a good boat warming gift?

The answer is that it depends on the recipient. Below, we cover the keys to picking a boat warming gift that your friends or family will love. Then, we’ll give you several ideas that you can use to start your search.

The Keys To Picking A Good Boat Warming Gift

Buying a boat warming gift for friends or family that they’ll absolutely adore takes a little thought and a bit of reconnaissance.

Start by using your powers of observation and your memory. Consider what gifts the new boat owners tend to give to your other friends.

For example, maybe you’ve noticed that they tend to gift blankets or throw pillows for Christmas every year. From that, you can infer that the new boat owners like a cozy environment; they’ll probably love receiving an extra soft blanket for below deck.

You might also be able to think of other hobbies they participate in. Ask yourself if those hobbies intersect with their new boat in any way.

Maybe they’re wine aficionados, or perhaps they’re obsessed with their dogs. Custom tumblers or a doggy boat ladder might be perfect gift options.

Alternatively, you can get a gift that speaks to your expertise. Perhaps you’re a bit of an audio geek, in which case it’d make sense to find the best waterproof speakers for your boat-owning friends.

If you know the new boat owners want to host events with friends on board, you might consider a gift that will help. A nautical-inspired cheese tray or boat-shaped serving dish is almost sure to be well received.

Of course, if all else fails, you can never go wrong with custom swag, whether it’s personalized pillows or a monogrammed doormat.

Everyone loves to see their name on things! Plus, personalization usually takes extra time and considerations, which shows you put some thought into the gift.

Below we give a few gift ideas for several categories, including:

  • Practical boat warming gifts
  • Hobby-related boat warming gifts 
  • Boat warming gifts for entertaining
  • Below deck decor 

Keep in mind, though; these are just ideas! You know your friends best, and what makes a good boat warming gift has a lot to do with the amount of thought you put into it.

Practical Boat Warming Gifts

If this is your friends’ first boat, they’re probably in need of a few essential accessories, some of which make great gifts.

Even if they’re boat pros, though, they may benefit from one of these practical presents.  

Eversprout Boat Hook And Scrub Brush Kit

Gifting a tool that helps clean up may seem sort of boring. After all, you would never bring a vacuum cleaner to a housewarming party! But hear us out.

The Eversprout boat hook and scrub brush kit are more than just a tool for boat cleaning. Its aluminum extension pole can handle up to 100 lbs of pressure and reaches up to 13 feet.

That means it can help with a few other essential tasks, like retrieving lines from the water or docking the boat in windy conditions.

Boat Trash Bag

If your friends’ new boat is in an area that’s prime for water play and occasional day drinking, this boat trash bag might make an awesome gift. 

They can hang it anywhere that’s convenient, and it will hold up to twenty empty cans. What’s great about it, though, is its funnel-like top that holds empty cans in place even when you’re gliding through the waves.  

Yeti Sidekick Dry

Stylish and practical, the Yeti Sidekick Dry makes an excellent gift. This sleek but small dry bag promises to keep possessions secure and waterfree, which may come in handy when your friends are out at sea!

The bag also works well for keeping dry goods in a cooler, where melting ice can be a threat. And, if your friends own any other Yeti products, the Yeti Sidekick likely attaches to them.

Chapman Piloting, Seamanship, & Boat Handling

An essential part of any boater’s safety education, Chapman Piloting, Seamanship, & Boat Handling is what seasoned boaters often call “the boating bible.”

Your friends probably won’t sit down and read this book cover to cover, but it’s excellent for reference. It covers docking, terminology, distress calls, and navigation, amongst other essential items.

Seachoice Boat Fenders

Many new boat owners forget about fenders until they realize they need them. Fenders are essential for protecting your boat in the dock, so this is a very practical gift.

We like these fenders, specifically, because they come inflated and ready to use. They’re also incredibly durable, even in ocean conditions.

They come in sets of two, but keep in mind, most boaters recommend a fender for every 10 feet of waterline, so you may need more than one set!

Hobby-Related Boat Warming Gifts

Whether the new boat owners love to sail, fish, play with their pup, or show off their wine smarts, we have a gift idea that they should love.

Tissot Sailing Watch

If you’re buying for a true sailor, consider a sailing watch. Really, boat owners of all sorts would probably love a watch like this.

It’s waterproof, obviously, but beyond that, the Tissot Sailing watch has a few features that makes sailing a little easier. 

The watch features a compass to help navigate the open seas. It also has the ability to keep track of time in two different zones, and it can monitor meteorological conditions.

All of that is very helpful when you’re on a sailing expedition.

Magma Bait/Filet Table

Every fisherman or woman needs a place to ready their bait or filet their catch. Sure, they could use the boat deck or the top of their tackle box, but that makes a mess!

It’s far easier to use a specialized table that attaches to the boat’s side. 

The Magma Bait/Filet Table is a perfect size and has all the right features. Drainage holes and grooved sides keep any fish juices flowing overboard, a ruler across the back allows you to slice uniform filets, and holders along the sides let you store knives and other accessories.

Paws Aboard Doggy Boat Ladder

Maybe the new boat owner in your life has a pup that they adore. If that’s the case, they’ll love the Paws Aboard Doggy Boat Ladder.

This convenient ladder is ideal for dogs that can’t get enough water play. It attaches onto the back of the boat or dock allowing pups an easy way to get out of the river or lake.

Better yet, it folds flat and won’t take up too much precious storage space.

Wooden Wine Rack And Glass Hangar

For the boaters who love their wine, there’s no better gift than a wine rack and glass hangar. This nifty tray holds two bottles and four glasses in place, making it perfect for the boat.

Best of all, it has a handle so they can easily transport their favorite vintages from above to below deck.

For bonus points, add on a set of boat-friendly glasses and a couple of bottles to fill the rack.

Steiner Marine Grade Binoculars

If the new boat owners in your life love watching for wildlife, marine-grade binoculars might be a good gift choice.

Marine binoculars are rugged and ready for life on a boat. They have protective layers over the lens, keeping water, dirt, dust, and snow from impeding your view.

They also feature an auto-focus system that keeps images vivid and sharp, even in rough waters.

Boat Warming Gifts For Entertaining

If you’re attending a boat warming party, there’s a good chance the hosts love to entertain. So why not get them some boat-themed serving ware they can use at future parties?

Mariner Cheese Board And Tool Set

Shaped like a ship’s wheel, this serving board is an ideal boat-warming gift.

It comes with pull-out serving tools that lock into magnetic slots when not in use, so you can be sure they’ll stay stable even in rougher seas.

Plus, the tray turns like a lazy susan, making it easy to pass the cheese!

Row Boat Serving Bowl

This rowboat serving bowl is perfect for sharing fruits, snacks, and salads with guests. Silver and sleek, it also looks great next to other nautical decors.

And the wooden oars that double as salad tongs look elegant on any table. 

Customized Nautical Cutting Board

Buying a personalized gift always shows you care. That means this customized nautical cutting board is perfect for the new boat owners in your life.

Available as a large rectangle or in a paddle shape, the cutting board features an anchor engraving complete with a customizable space for the new boat owner’s boat name.

The board itself is cut from lightweight bamboo, making it sturdy, sustainable, and ready to use.

Ship In A Bottle Globe Decanter and Glass Set

Every good entertainer will own a decanter or two, but the new boat owner in your life probably doesn’t have one as gorgeous as this.

Perfect for whiskey, scotch, bourbon, or brandy, this globe-shaped decanter features an etched map of the world and a wooden ship inside its belly.

It comes with four glasses and a sturdy tray making it perfect for on-boat entertaining.

Below Deck Decor

Most boat owners spend a lot of time and money on accessories for their vessel, but many of them forget to add the extras that make it like home.

Comfy throw pillows, nautical-inspired blankets, and a few pieces of decor can make below deck living so much more comfortable.

Customized Anchor Doormat

This non-marking anchor-themed doormat is perfect for a boat. It’s water-absorbing, machine washable, and heat resistant.

Plus, you can personalize it! Add the new boat owner’s name across the front and make sure everyone knows whose boat they’re standing on. 

Anchor Fleece Throw

Life on the open seas comes with the chance of chilly nights, so gifting a fleece throw to the new boat owners in your life is an excellent idea.

This one comes in several sea-friendly designs and features soft sherpa fleece on the inside.

It’s perfect for throwing over a couch below deck. Plus, it’s machine washable, so cleaning it is a cinch. 

Nautical Throw Pillows

Throw pillows make any space look a little cozier, and every boat owner needs a few below deck, making these nautical throw pillow covers the perfect boat warming gift.

The coastal designs feature a compass rose, anchor, ship’s wheel, and sailing boat in muted blue and khaki tones that work with most decor schemes.

Plus, they’re durable, which means you can use them on the deck in the summer months.

We recommend purchasing inserts for them before you wrap them up. Otherwise, your gift might look a little underdone!

Personalized Wood Map

This personalized wood map might be our favorite gift idea on the list. It’s beautiful, personalized, and any boat lover is sure to adore it.

This wooden map has two layers, giving it a 3D effect. There’s a wood layer on top that’s etched to show geographical features. The bottom layer is bright blue to indicate the water. 

You can customize the map to represent any body of water on earth! The artist will even include custom landmarks, like the location of homes or docks.

The Wrap Up

So, what is a good boat warming gift?

Well, in our opinion, a good boat warming gift is one that shows you’ve put some thought into it.

Choosing a gift starts with thinking of the recipient, determining what they like, or considering what they need.

Then, you can look for something within those categories.

Any of the gifts on this list will work for a boat warming celebration, but picking a good one always involves individual considerations.