The Top 12 Best Sailing Boat Gift Ideas

Does your father or your best friend have a beloved sailboat? Is their birthday coming up? Then you’ll want to check out our guide below detailing the top 12 best sailing boat gift ideas. You can even check out some of these items for yourself (we won’t tell!).

Sailing Gloves

If you’re looking for sailing boat gift ideas that will please anyone, you can’t go wrong with sailing gloves. 

Sailing gloves are a fantastic present for those boat hands that are active sailors and act as part of a crew. They’re great for anyone who works hard on the deck of a boat. Furthermore, sailing gloves are perfect for raising the sails and steering a wheel. 

In the most severe weather, sailing gloves will keep the sailor’s hands warm. The best gloves are made of material great for gripping. Your loved ones will also avoid blisters or rope burn when wearing sailing gloves. 


Sunglasses are imperative to wear when out on a sunny day enjoying a sail. Also, sunglasses will protect your eyes from the shiny rays of the sun reflecting off the waves. 

When buying a pair of sunglasses for your friend or family member, you’ll want to get the floatable type. In case your sunglasses fall overboard into the water, they’ll have a better chance of yanking them back up from the ocean.

Lightweight sunglasses capable of floating are a great choice. This option is resistant to wear and tear and will keep your eyes from damage.

Waterproof Watch

A waterproof watch can look fancy and tell your loved one what time it is out on the water in their sailboat. Most importantly, sailors won’t ruin it if they get a splash of water on the watch.

If knowing the time is essential for your friend or family member, then a waterproof watch is perfect for this sailboat lover. This item will be a great addition to the accessories of a sailor.

You might want to choose an ultra-thin waterproof watch with a minimalist design. Check it out and see what you think! 

Waterproof Solar Panel and Charger

With nearly everyone bringing electronics with them wherever they go, it becomes more essential than ever before to purchase the sailor in your life a waterproof solar panel and charger.

This way, you’ll know that you can always contact your family members and give them a call even when they’re out on the boat. Solar-powered panels are a great solution to charge electronics on a sailboat.

You’ll need to pick out a waterproof and durable solar panel and charger so that it isn’t likely to break when sailing. 

Sailing Knife or Swiss Army Knife

While many men love to carry a Swiss Army knife, sailors are even more likely to need a sailing knife or a Swiss Army one.

Some durable and strong knives are designed specifically for sailing out on a yacht. A sailor can use multiple tools with a Swiss Army knife, such as pliers, numerous screwdrivers, tweezers, wire cutters, knives, bottle openers, and wire strippers.

Furthermore, the corkscrew on a Swiss Army knife can be great for opening a bottle of wine to toast a great sail or a new sailboat that your family recently bought. 

Remote Control Sailboat

Another excellent boat gift idea for those who love sailing is to give them a remote control sailboat. There will be days, especially evenings when your loved one won’t be able to get out on their sailboat.

When this happens, they can enjoy using their remote control sailboat on a lake or bay nearby. Pick out an RC model sailboat and figure out which kit to purchase. You can get either a wooden model or a wave jumping racer. 

This sailboat is a fun option for you and your loved ones and could make an excellent gift for a child from a sailor’s family. 

“Life is Better on a Boat” T-shirt

Your mom, dad, best friend, or whoever you’re buying for will love a t-shirt with the saying, “Life is better on a boat.” You can get one that is 100 percent cotton or a mix of cotton and polyester.

This t-shirt comes in multiple colors. You can get one in black, navy, brown, grey, or pink. This t-shirt has a great photo of a sailboat as well, so your loved one can look fashionable.

For those who love yachting, this would make a great birthday gift or a holiday present. With sailing less common in the colder months, this t-shirt will keep your family member’s love of sailing alive and well until they can get out on the water again.

Waterproof Duffel Bag

When going sailing, it’s essential to bring plenty of equipment, and one may need another pair of clothes if going on an overnight trip. As such, your parents or friends would love to get a waterproof duffel bag for packing all their items and clothes.

Check out this great option on Amazon. It has a strap to hold it over your shoulder, or you can carry it via the double handles. Furthermore, you can even use its rings to attach the duffel bag to your luggage.

This duffel bag will keep everything inside dry, even if a large wave hits the deck. In addition, the waterproof duffel bag can withstand all types of wear and tear.

Editor Note: **This is a really good price on Amazon right now. Normally the price is much higher.

“First Mate” Baseball Cap

You can find either a “First Mate” baseball cap or a “Captain” baseball cap on Amazon. Both hats have a picture of an anchor or a sailboat steering wheel.

These baseball caps are made of 100 percent cotton. It is very soft and lightweight, so it will be easy to wear when out on a sailboat. 

Best of all, it will keep one’s face and eyes protected from the sun and sunburns. If sunscreen isn’t enough to keep one’s skin from burning, hats and sunglasses are a great addition.

Engraved Compass

A customized engraved compass can be a very heartfelt and sweet gift to give to your loved one who’s obsessed with sailing. You can choose whichever engraving you’d like, so you can let that sailor know precisely what they mean to you.

The engraved compass can help your loved ones remember that there are friends and family at home who miss them. 

This gift will melt the heart of even the most demanding sailor. You may even see him shed a tear. If your gift-receiver is someone who loves a sentimental touch, they’ll love this gift. 

Waterproof Marine Binoculars

If you’re looking to buy your loved one some waterproof marine binoculars, the best ones for sailing have large lenses and a maximum of 10x magnification.

Marine binoculars are also great because they are waterproof and fog proof. You can even look for night vision binoculars to ensure the sailing experience of your friends or family members can last through the night.

This great option even comes with a built-in compass.

Rubber Sailing Boots with Waterproof Socks

A great combo gift you could give to your dad, uncle, mom, or close friend is a pair of rubber sailing boots and some waterproof socks. Sailing rubber boots are a necessity whenever heavy rain hits a sailboat. 

Any rains or high waves on the sea are sometimes inevitable, so keeping your sailor’s feet dry when they’re on deck duty is essential.

One of the most uncomfortable things is standing around in cold, wet socks.

As such, both waterproof socks and rubber sailing boots are necessary to keep those feet dry and warm.

Before You Go

Whatever present you choose for your beloved sailor (or yourself), remember to consider their personal preferences.

Before you know it, the two of you will be out on the sea, enjoying the sunny weather and salty mist off the water.