Top Secrets To Driving A Pontoon Boat For Maximum Fun and Comfort

Pontoon boats are super fun and great boats for the entire family to enjoy. Pontoon boats offer great stability in the water and they are also great for bigger crowds.

Pontoon boats are a crowd pleaser because they are spacious and comfortable to ride on, no matter how old you are. If you are thinking of renting or buying a pontoon boat and are looking for ways to maximize the experience then you have come to the right place.

With these tips and tricks, you will definitely make the most of your pontoon boating experience! Let’s get started!

Top Tips and Tricks for the Ultimate Pontoon Boat Adventures

Now when it comes to going out on a pontoon boat, you do not want to have too many rules and regulations because where is the fun in that right? Right.

We definitely understand that but how about a few tips and tricks to enhance your pontoon boating experience? Yeah, we thought that would catch your attention.

● Tip Number 1: Know the Basics

● Tip Number 2: Know Your Speed

  • Yes, we are talking about acceleration.
    • Knowing how to speed up is the epitome of having fun on pontoon boats! However, it is also just as important to know how to accelerate safely.
    • Remember, only when you are safely on the open water, should you pick up your speed. It is best to advise to be aware of your surroundings. Are there any boats near you? Well, how about swimmers? Not knowing your surroundings could be a costly mistake, so do not be “that person.”
    • When you look around and the coast looks clear, you can pick up speed slowly and then go from there.
    • It is best to start off slowly and smoothly by applying power and only when the bow levels out should you pick up more speed.
    • Slow and steady, are you seeing a pattern here?
    • Lastly, remember to follow the guidelines of your engine to know how many RPMs you should be going at. Also, keep in mind the local laws and regulations. You do not want to get ticketed for driving too fast on certain sections.
    • Now only will that cost you money but it will also ruin the overall mood, so remember to be safe.

● Tip Number 3: Leave Correctly

  • Leaving the dock is one step most new pontoon boat drivers tend to not think about because he or she is too excited about actually being on the water. We understand that because the second your pontoon boat touches the water and starts to sail, the overall feeling of excitement sinks in. However, before you ride out on that feeling, be sure to leave the dock correctly.
    • Remember that the wind plays a huge role in how smoothly you will leave the dock and that is because of the unique designs of these pontoon boats. 
    • You need to be well aware of any sort of potential wind gusts. This is important to note because it is imperative that you time the thrusts of your engine with any large wind gusts. When it is all clear, point the drive and then shift.
    • Another important piece of advice: apply short and sharp bursts of power and do adjust the drive when you feel it is needed. Once you got this done, then it is just a matter of rinsing and repeating the steps.
    • If it is your first time driving a pontoon boat, we advise that you take someone who has experience in driving pontoon boats out with you. That way, if you have any trouble leaving the dock, then you will have someone to help you.

● Tip Number 4: Rough Water Safety

  • While most pontoon boat drivers admit that learning how to drive a pontoon boat is quite easy, they do not sing the same tune when it comes to driving a pontoon boat in rough waters.
    • Rough waters sometimes can catch you by surprise. One minute you are smooth sailing on a lake with your friends and the next thing you know you guys are all caught in rough, rocky waters.
    • It is not as fun as they make it look in the movies and that is because it is very dangerous.
    • A good tip is to not turn if you do not feel it is right to “turn in the wind,” then do not do it. If you force a turn, then you risk the entire boat flipping over. Be wary of passengers that cannot swim well (or at all if you are traveling with people who cannot swim or young children) and do what is best to keep them safe.
    • When you are about to hit a large wave, trim up your engine right before to avoid going under.
    • Be sure that everyone on the pontoon boat is wearing their life jackets. Sure it may not “look cool” but it is important as it will keep you safe in case you do run into any trouble.
    • If the water is too rough to handle and you are afraid to move, then drop an anchor and call for help. Do not force the pontoon boat to move if you are unsure as it can result in the flipping of the pontoon boat.

Pontoon Boat Safety | Do Not be Afraid to Ask for Help

While driving a pontoon boat may seem easy enough (as do many things in life that seem easy until you actually do it), if you are not unsure or if it is your first time driving a pontoon boat do not hesitate to ask for help.

If you are renting a pontoon boat, chances are, the rental people you are renting from would be more than happy to help you out. Not only does it ensure that you will be safe but it will also ensure that their boat will be safe and sound, so do not feel like you are bothering them.

Top Secrets To Driving A Pontoon Boat For Maximum Fun and Comfort

If it is your first time driving a pontoon boat that either your family or friends own, do not hesitate to ask them for help. Or you can just watch them for a bit and ask questions before grabbing the wheel yourself.

Remember that while pontoon boating is very fun, safety is always first.

What is a Pontoon Boat and What is so Great about Pontoon Boats?

So what are pontoon boats you ask?

According to Lakeside Motor Sports’ online article, they describe pontoon boats as

“Pontoon boats are a type of recreational boat that relies on structures called ‘pontoons’ to float.

Boat dealers have recently brought them back into the spotlight thanks to advances in the pontoon design and application. In the past, they’ve been pretty slow, making them great for outdoor excursions like fishing, sunbathing, and even partying.”

Sounds fun right? That is because they are. What is even greater about pontoon boats these days is that they are even faster than they used to be.

If you grew up riding in pontoon boats then you will be pleasantly surprised at how much faster they are now, compared to how they were when you were growing up.

If your parents or grandparents took you out on the lake as a kid on a pontoon boat, then definitely return the favor and take them on a ride in these faster and newer pontoon boats.

Another great aspect of pontoon boats is the simplicity of its design. Because pontoon boats are built quite simply and not as complex as other boats, many manufacturers are able to offer their customers nicer pontoon boat experiences without the high cost.

If you think only more expensive pontoon boats will be able to give you a fun ride, then you would be happy to know that that is one hundred percent false. In fact, even the more simple pontoon boats are able to make super tight turns.

Pontoon boats usually range from 14 feet to 30 feet in length which means there is a size for everyone!

More Information about Pontoon Boats

You have probably read the word “pontoon” in this article more times than you would like. However, if you find yourself wondering what exactly is a pontoon then rest assured that you are not alone in wondering this.

The answer is quite simple. A pontoon is a type of floating mechanism that is used to add buoyancy to a structure. Basically, is how the boats are able to stay afloat. These tubes are very airtight and hollow. This means that they are water-resistant and honestly, virtually unsinkable.

Pontoon boats have more than one pontoon (usually pontoon boats will utilize two or more pontoon) tubes in order for the boat to float on the water. This is important because it means the passengers are able to carry their belongings on the pontoon boat without worrying about the entire structure sinking. Kind of cool, right?

Top Secrets To Driving A Pontoon Boat For Maximum Fun and Comfort

And if you are wondering what the rest of the pontoon boat is made of, the answer is aluminum. Or to be more specific, aluminum welded sheets! The more you know, right?

Now that you know what pontoons are (and how pontoon boats got their names), you will be able to spot them easily. Pontoon boats are usually open so you will be able to see the passengers inside and they will be able to see you, so make sure you give them a wave!

In Conclusion | Just You and Your Pontoon Boat

A lot of people tend to pass on pontoon boats because they are not as big or as fancy as the other boats on the lake but honestly, that is quite a mistake.

Pontoon boats are super fun and they are great for the entire family. They are known for fishing, luxury excursions, watersports, or just some old fashion lounging around on the lake.

Pontoon boats can do more than you might think!

What makes pontoon boats different is the fact that they have large, flat upper decks and are very customizable. Whether you are buying or renting, you can almost guarantee to find the pontoon boat that fits your needs and wants.

Under ideal conditions, your pontoon boat can even reach an incredible speed of 31 mph! Now that is impressive. As always, be safe and courteous of others when you are out on the river or lake.

If you know someone who loves boating and pontoon boating specifically, be sure to link them to this article!

Happy boating!