5 Best Floating Inflatable Docks For 2021

Many people who own boats look for the best ways to haul their boat, to store their boat, and even where to use their boat. However, what some people don’t think about is boarding their boat with an inflatable boat dock.

The products that we are going to go over today can make your life easier by simply letting you get onto the water with ease. While some of them do have drawbacks, there have been a lot of technological strides that have been made to improve the quality of these floating inflatable docks over the past few years.

If you are considering buying a floating inflatable dock for this Summer, check out our reviews below:

Product Reviews

Mission Boat Gear Reef Mat (4.5 Stars | ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️)

This inflatable dock is made from an interesting material that gives you the best of both worlds. The surface is stable enough to run across, which is more than many other models can say.

However, the material is designed to be soft and smooth as well so that if your skin is on the mat, it is not going to irritate you in any way.

5 Best Floating Inflatable Docks For 2021 15 Best Floating Inflatable Docks For 2021 2

This mat is one of the best when it comes to storage when the unit is deflated. It is able to be stored quite easily, eliminating a lot of the hassle that you were hoping for when you started looking for an inflatable dock.

It also comes with a repair kit, which is a nice touch considering that for its price, you hope this mat would be used for multiple Summers on the water.

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BOTE Inflatable Floating Dock (5 Stars | ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️)

This is a 10 foot by 10 foot model that is great for many things including swimming and lounging, but it especially appeals to people who want to fish.

It has fishing rod holders along with the normal variety of grab handles for a sturdy platform that also helps you if you are looking to spend the day fishing.

5 Best Floating Inflatable Docks

The 7×7 BOTE Floating Dock should be able to be handled by one person once its put away and deflated. At 44 pounds, this is great for maximum convenience getting the inflatable dock to and from the water.

The 10’x10′ floating dock weighs 82 pounds when deflated so, it could be a one or two-person job.

It’s got a nice design that should go well with whatever kind of boat you have, and it comes with a high-pressure pump so that you are going to be able to get on the water in no time.

*Editor’s Note: If cost isn’t a factor, get the BOTE Floating Dock!

Driftsun Mesa Dock (4.5 Stars | ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️)

One of the best qualities that a dock can have – especially when purchasing a premium model – is durability. This is where the Driftsun Mesa Dock shines the brightest.

It has a special UV-resistant material that is going to hold up to all of that sun exposure, even if you use the model frequently.

On top of that, you have some options when you purchase this model which comes in three different sizes.

This dock holds up to 600 pounds, so you should be able to get a lot of people moving around at the same time if necessary, especially if there are a lot of children in your family.

Another big draw for those of you who might be busy parents trying to get a family on the lake is the fact that it can inflate very quickly.

5 Best Floating Inflatable Docks For 2021 35 Best Floating Inflatable Docks For 2021 4

It actually inflates in 10 minutes – a number that is quite hard to beat in the marketplace.

Some customers have rated this model one of the best for kayaking trips, so if your goal is to get some paddling in, you would probably have a nice match here with this model – the only way to know is to check it out!

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Solstice Dock (4.5 Stars | ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️)

This dock is one of the more intriguing ones that we have seen because it is made from a material that most inflatable paddleboards are made from.

It feels pretty rigid under your feet and that extra bit of stability is going to make it popular among families who have older or younger individuals who need a bit more balance with their floating dock.

5 Best Floating Inflatable Docks For 2021 55 Best Floating Inflatable Docks For 2021 6

On top of the actual surface of the dock, you also get 8 handles that are placed around the side of the dock to make it easier to maneuver or pull yourself up on to the dock if needed.

This unique design makes it a great “yoga” platform, for those looking to experience nature while floating on the water. If you are in any kind of water that is choppy or has boat waves, the Solstice Dock is one of the best at handling small water waves.

The durable design does come with a downside, you should be warned that it may take some time to deflate, so add that in to your plans or consider it a negative if you are a family that has to be on the go all the time.

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Island Hopper Patio Dock Inflatable Swim Platform (4.5 Stars | ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️)

This is one of the longest floating docks you’ll see measuring in at 15 feet long. That’s a massive dock that can hold up to 8 adults pretty comfortably.

The surface of the dock is soft but it’s not slippery either, making for a great combination for people to navigate or lounge on easily.

5 Best Floating Inflatable Docks For 2021 75 Best Floating Inflatable Docks For 2021 8

This is an awesome option if you think you need some extra space alongside your boat where people can hang out or be adjacent to the water.

You get a “power” inflator with this swim platform which is great for those individuals who want to be able to move quickly when it comes to boating preparations!

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Buying Guide

When you are looking at buying a floating inflatable dock for your boat, you’re looking for something smaller than the normal dock that you would normally tie your boat to. Usually, a typical size for an inflatable dock is 7 by 7 or 10 by 10.

The fact that these docks are inflatable make them extremely convenient and should be able to be transported and dealt with fairly easily.

Not all models will be as convenient as others, but for the most part, all you’ll need from these docks is to simply inflate and float.

Here are some of the benefits you’ll get if you decide to buy an inflatable dock:

Benefits of Inflatable Docks

There are plenty of reasons why some owners ditch the traditional method and simply go with an inflatable dock for their boating needs. Let’s take a look:

Low maintenance

One of the biggest complaints about having a “regular” dock is the fact that you need to sand it, stain it, and even then your family and friends still could risk getting a splinter when they are on a normal wooden dock.

You can also use soapy water when it comes to your inflatable dock, taking out another concern from the traditional model.

Safety For All

One benefit that some people don’t consider when buying an inflatable dock is that you are going to get some extra space when you make this purchase.

Most inflatable docks will also be able to be used as swim platforms and should be able to be tied up alongside the boat or your regular dock. Having a little bit more room for everyone to maneuver on is definitely not a bad thing.

Extra Storage

Along with that convenience comes some more space that you can use as well. You can use your inflatable dock to secure some of your toys that you may have brought to the waterways like a jet ski.

However, you could also use an inflatable dock to help store things like floats, wakeboards, or anything that you may deem necessary when floating out in the water.

Convenience Above All Else

The biggest perk of an inflatable dock is that it is convenient. You aren’t tied to one dock spot because your dock can go anywhere.

When you’re doing using your inflatable dock, you simply need to deflate it and it should be able to be stored in a flat manner so that you can keep it in a boathouse, or even potentially on board of your boat.

When you’re ready for use again, you simply need to inflate it and get it in the water and you’re good to go. Getting it back out shouldn’t be too hard either.

These docks shouldn’t be towed around, however they do provide extra space when your boat isn’t moving through the waters and it can be an awesome addition to a smaller boat such as a pontoon boat.

How To Use Your Inflatable Dock:

One of the best things about inflatable docks is that they are very flexible in how they can be used. There is not a single “proper” way to use this piece of equipment, and if you are creative you could come up with something that is very unique and fits well with your family and friends’ needs.

Some people use inflatable docks to help anchor any toys they bring along on the water such as a jet ski or a kayak. Others will bring more than one inflatable dock and have a floating platform where kids can lounge, and adults as well.

You could use your dock to tie to a pontoon boat for added space and a little bit of breathing space for everyone on board as well. There are even instances of people who simply like the feeling of being on the platform better and want to feel the water beneath the dock.

The uses are truly endless and the more creative you get, the more useful your inflatable dock can become!

What To Look For In the Best Floating Inflatable Docks

On top of simply being a platform, the best products do more to help make your day on the water even better than before!

You should look to find a floating inflatable dock that offers as many of the features below as possible!

Anchor Points

Anchor points would be used to tie to the dock or tie other items like your jet skis to the inflatable dock. This helps add some usability to your floating dock.

Webbed Loops

If you are alongside a body of water and want to use your inflatable dock without a boat, you’ll need a model that features webbed loops.


If you are making a major purchase for something like an inflatable dock, you want to know that your item will last.

You should have PVC coating and a material that has double-stitch seams to make sure that your item lasts a long time, and is sturdy enough for the traffic that will be going on top of it.

Comfortable & Safe Deck Padding

You need an inflatable deck that is heat-sealed and one that has plenty of grip so that no one is in danger of slipping and falling. Ideally, your model is also cushioned so that it’s comfortable for everyone.


Handles are a somewhat optional item, but it definitely makes it much easier to navigate your floating dock if you have something to hold on to.


Everyone (well, almost everyone) wants to bring coolers and floats with them out on to the water. D-rings make this possible, so you’ll want plenty of them.

Easy to Inflate / Deflate

At the end of the day, one of the biggest frustrations is an inflatable dock that is hard to deal with whether it is being inflated or deflated.

Don’t let the management of your dock ruin your entire day, make sure you get a system that is easy to use – probably one that has a high pressure valve to make everything as simple as can be.


An inflatable dock can add a dimension to your day on the water that you never thought was possible.

These inflatable docks listed above can help you add space to your boating trip, make things more convenient, and give you a way to either store your water toys – or even start doing yoga on the water.

Whatever your needs out on the lake, an inflatable dock may be able to help you achieve them.