What is the Best Wakeboard for Beginners?

With summer just around the corner, you may be anticipating to learn wakeboarding. While it is not one of the easiest water sports to learn, the right amount of zeal and a good entry-level wakeboard will get you there. To help you to pick your first wakeboard, we have compiled a list of some of the best entry-level wakeboards out there.

What is the Best Wakeboard for Beginners?

The best wakeboard for beginners include; Ronix Vault, Hyperlite 2.0, Liquid Force Trip, Jobe TXR, Connelly Pure, Slingshot Choice, O’Brien System, Airhead Radical Wakeboard, CTRL Imperial Men’s Wakeboard, and Hyperlite Dipstick Wakeboard.

Ronix Vault

The Ronix Vault is one of the best beginner wakeboards in the industry. Ronix describes its wakeboard as “the building block to wakeboarding,” which is quite true going by its features. The toe-side edge provides an extra hold, thanks to thinner rails and big center fins to give first-timers a stable wakeboarding experience.

In contrast, the Ronix Vault heel-side is smoother with a shallow fin to help the rider to gain the confidence to freeride. This feature also allows beginners to spin smoothly from their heel side, making it easy to learn wake jumps and locks.

Additionally, the board’s bottom is constructed from a sintered base that maintains speed on the water without compromising its durability. The base is also an elliptical concave shape that promotes smooth edge to edge transition.

Ronix Vault wakeboard is available in various designs for kids (Ronix Vault Jnr), boys and girls (Vision & August), and women (Ronix Krush).

Hyperlite 2.0

The Hyperlite 2.0 wakeboard is manufactured by one of the most popular wakeboard brands. This wakeboard is the brand’s newest model with amazing graphics. It boasts of amazing visuals that is adored by most riders. It is a high quality transitional board that is available for all ages.

This board is exceptional for beginners and less experienced riders. With features such as the molded fin to create less drag, the Hyperlite 2.0 is the perfect match for a first-timer. It also has toe-side footbed risers that provide the rider with the required stability for lift and control.

Hyperlite 2.0’s asymmetrical shape also adds to the ease of operating this wakeboard as it improves speed on the heel-side edge. It comes in various designs for women (Hyperlite Eden), girls (Hyperlite Eden Jnr), and boys (Hyperlite State Jnr).

Liquid Force Trip

The Liquid Force Trip is a classic wakeboard that set the foundation for other boards in the industry. For decades, this timeless wakeboard has been used to teach first-timers on how to water ski.

The Liquid Force Trip has been redesigned over the years to provide even better wakeboarding experiences. This board’s continuous rocker makes it user friendly and forgiving. It gives the rider a sense of predictability on his or her movements. A removable center fin is also present to offer more control for beginners. Once a rider’s ability improves, the center fin can be removed.

With variable edge rails, this wakeboard allows smooth freeride with substantial pop, making learning wake-to-wake transitions a breeze. Women’s design is available, known as the Liquid Force Angel.

Jobe TXR

The Jobe TXR is an awesome wakeboard for both beginners and intermediate riders. It has a bold appearance as well as a fierce performance. It has a wide profile and long center channels that give the rider the stability required to learn how to water ski.

This wakeboard is perfect for jumping the wake as it offers consistent pop, making one of the best wakeboards to advance your water skiing skills. Additionally, this board improves a rider’s quick edge to edge transitions. The Jobe TXR has a design for family riders known as the Jobe Flow.

Connelly Pure

The Connelly Pure wakeboard comes in a user friendly shape that encourages first-time riders to learn wakeboarding. With a continuous three-stage rocker pattern that favors predictability and consistent pop off the wake.

This board’s base features molded fins as well as rail channels help riders gain more leverage when wakeboarding. For superior board tracking, a removable center fin can be attached. Overall, this wakeboard offers easy and stable ride and is designed for both beginner and intermediate riders.

The Connelly Pure is also available in women’s sizing, the Connelly Lotus.

Slingshot Choice

The 2014 Slingshot Choice is another good beginner wakeboard. Similar to its competitors, it features a continuous rocker plus exceptional edge control, thanks to the Taperwall technology. With this technology, this board can ski through any water condition and the rider enjoys an excellent hold.

The elliptical concave base provides a novice rider with a smooth edge to edge transition. Its four fins creates less drag, however, its stability cannot match that of the Ronix Vault.

This board’s core is made of a modified wooden core that offers flexibility, durability, and strength. With the Slingshot Choice, multiple riders can share the board using the Fastrack proprietary mounting system.

O’Brien System

The O’Brien System is another good wakeboard choice that a beginner could use to learn wakeboarding. This wakeboard offers edge, hold, stability, four molded-in side fins, and durability at an affordable price.

This board has a buoyant foam core that makes riding it effortless. Its dual channels and the center mounted fins work together to enable smooth tracking and edging thus enhancing stability and control. Once a rider’s skills are advanced, the predictability and ease of riding will be further appreciated.

While this board may not be awesome for spins and tricks, it is an impeccable choice for recreational riders.

Airhead Radical Wakeboard

The Airhead Radical wakeboard is a fantastic wakeboard for novice through to professional riders. It is not only visually appealing, but also designed with riders of all levels in mind. Apart from its multicolored exterior, this board lives up to any rider’s expectations.

With the Airhead Radical, you can achieve excellent tracking, thanks to its removable fiberglass fins. It delivers consistent pop and forgiving release off the wake. This is made possible due to Radical’s beveled perimeter as well as its rounded end profile.

Airhead Radical bindings are awesome in providing extra support and tight, yet cozy fit. With these bindings, a beginner will surely enjoy learning the basics of wakeboarding.

CTRL Imperial Men’s Wakeboard

The CTRL Imperial Men’s Wakeboard is a classic wakeboard that provides an easy and straightforward learning experience. Cable Technology Research Lab is the manufacturer of this wakeboard and is known for its superior-quality wakeboards. As such, this wakeboard is constructed using polybutylene terephthalate, which is a good material.

This wakeboard performs exceptionally in the water even if it remains wet for long, making it perfect for stability. It features a removable center fin that improves a first-timer’s experience. As you gain confidence with your riding, you can remove the fin and ride like a pro.

The CTRL Imperial Men’s Wakeboard also features a mellow three-stage rocker that allows extra control as well as consistent popping off the wake.

Hyperlite Dipstick Wakeboard

The Hyperlite Dipstick Wakeboard is a premium-quality wakeboard that caters to all level riders. This wakeboard is one of the most durable wakeboarding equipment available, following its running surface and sintered Enduro base. The Enduro base provides riders with multiple slides and presses for a wholesome water skiing experience.

This wakeboard features a fully machined wood core that promotes flexing on rails and effortless pop off the water. Since this wakeboard is made of Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene tail and tip protectors, riders can ride it in all seasons without worrying about chips.

The Hyperlite Dipstick Wakeboard’s urethane sidewall allows easy flexes while the continuous rocker provides both fluid and pop, and that too with minimal drag. With all these awesome features, beginner riders can have lots of fun while learning how to wakeboard.

What to Consider When Buying a Beginner Wakeboard

While there are awesome beginner wakeboards in the market, there are factors to consider before narrowing down your choices. Consider:


Wakeboards are quite expensive. As a beginner rider, your target price should range between $200 and $300 since most wakeboards beyond this range are for intermediate or advanced riders. However, if you want to hone your wakeboarding skills, it is smart to invest in a board that can be used by all level riders.

Continuous or Very Mellow Three-Stage Rocker

A continuous rocker provides a rider with a faster, smoother, and easier to handle ride compared to three or five stage rockers. It also helps the rider shoot out further when trying to clear the wake unlike the straight up provided by the three or five stage rockers.

Quality Edges

As a beginner, the edge technology is an important factor. Go for wakeboards with technology that increases hold on the toe-side as it is usually a challenge when starting out.

Best Wakeboard for Beginners

Quality Fins

Deeper fins provide extra stability and speed. However, if the fins are very deep, you will experience drag. Low-profile fins and deep removable center fins are all viable options.


When picking out your wakeboard, consider the material used in its construction. Check out for the type of laminate and edge fibers when considering sturdiness.


Wakeboarding is a fun water sport that anyone can try out. For easy learning, there are beginner water skiing boards that can enhance your experience. Whichever board you settle for, ensure to check out for its quality, features, durability, and of course, affordability. This way, you will get a wakeboard that is worth your hard-earned money.