Can You Wakeboard on Big Bear Lake?

If you love the outdoors, you should try visiting Big Bear Lake. It’s Southern California’s all-year-round mountain lake vacation destination and San Bernardino National Forest gemstone.

You can visit this resort during the winter and enjoy plenty of fun outdoor activities. However, the best time to be here is during the summer when residents of California, Las Vegas, Phoenix, and the rest of the USA flock in to enjoy the warm weather. That’s because there are so many exciting activities you can enjoy on the lake.

Yes, you can wakeboard on Big Bear Lake.

One outstanding activity you can participate in on the Big Bear Lake is wakeboarding. Are you a beginner at the sport? Maybe an expert? It doesn’t matter because wakeboarding in California should be number one on your must-do list.

This article explains everything you need to know to answer the question: “can you wakeboard on Big Bear Lake?”

What Is Wakeboarding?

Wakeboarding is an exhilarating, fun water sport that involves the rider performing aerial maneuvers while standing on a wakeboard.

A wakeboard is a short rectangular-shaped board with foot bindings on it. Once you get into the water, through lowering with ropes, you’re towed behind a motorboat, and while it moves, you ride across the wake of the boat.

After learning the sport and getting more comfortable, you can attempt some midair tricks.

Wakeboarding combines the elements of snowboarding, surfing, and skiing.

Learning Wakeboarding in Southern California

If you’re a first-timer in the world of wakeboarding and are eager to learn the sport, you can try the lessons that various places in Big Bear offer. During the summer vacation season, you can enroll in Captain John’s Marina class offered in June every Friday, Saturday, and Sunday.

With an instructor who has decades of experience in wakeboarding water sport, you’ll learn all the basics and be out in the waters having a ball in no time.

So can you wakeboard on Big Bear Lake? Luckily, you have two wakeboarding options at Big Bear: You can bring your boat or rent one to wakeboard directly behind it, or try the new Cable System. The latter involves being towed 500 feet on Big Bear Lake’s enclosed course and back by a two-tower cable system.

Can You Wakeboard on Big Bear Lake?

Rental Options in Big Bear Lake

Several marinas around Big Bear Lake offer rental services where you can rent wakeboard boats and gear that’s personalized to your liking.

Alternatively, they also allow in equipment from outside so you can bring your own. And whatever you may be missing, you can rest assured it will be made available to you from the marinas. 

The rental package from the marinas typically includes a driver, motorboat, gas, and any other equipment you may require while wakeboarding.

For a thrilling and mind-blowing wakeboarding experience, try any of the following places in Big Bear Lake:

Holloway’s Marina and RV Park

Holloway’s Marina and RV Park is one place in Big Bear Lake that offers an unforgettable wakeboarding adventure. Fill your heart with pleasure as water splashes by your side as you are towed behind a boat of your choice.

Do you prefer a wave runner or a jet ski? It’s entirely up to you.

For families or friends who want to spend time together having fun in the Big Bear Lake, you can opt to rent the pontoon boat, canoes, or kayak.

Designated Wakesports

Designated Wakesports also offers an exciting wakeboarding experience in Big Bear. Apart from wakeboarding equipment, you’ll find other watersports equipment too. Be it jet skiing, tubing, waterskiing, or wakeskating, all you require is available here.

The watersport equipment available at Designated Wakesports is the latest and high quality, making this one of the best destinations to satisfy your wakeboarding dreams. And if you get here during the summer, you can get a cabin and relish a true wakeboarding experience in California.

North Shore Landing

North Shore Landing is a sister to Holloway’s Marina and RV Park. It also offers you the perfect place to wakeboard in cool waters at a very affordable rate.

To wakeboard at North Shore Landing, you need not stress yourself carrying with you water sports equipment. Instead, hire motorboats for your wakeboarding adventure here.

Whether it’s for a few hours, half a day, or even the whole day, you’ll find a boat of your choice, with a driver as per your requirements.

Additionally, at North Shore Landing, you’ll find instructors available to guide you in case you’re new to wakeboarding.

Can You Wakeboard on Big Bear Lake?

The Big Bear’s Cable Park

Big Bear’s Cable Park provides you an entirely different wakeboarding experience.

If you’re used to traditional wakeboarding, you may consider wakeboarding with no boat. How? The wakeboard is towed through the water using two large ski towers that make up the Cable System.

The cables allow you to cover a distance of 500 feet across the water along an enclosed section.

There’s no other public ski tower system in Southern California. Therefore, if you’re passionate about wakeboarding, you should consider visiting Big Bear Lake.

Wakeboarding in the Cable Park is suitable for beginners as they’ll have an instructor to guide them all through. And seasoned wakeboarders aren’t left out either. They’ll also have a thrilling experience in the park.

What’s more, if you want to host a private event or party, Cable Park is available for hire.

Wakeboarding Rules in Big Bear Lake

There are a few rules that you must follow when wakeboarding in Big Bear Lake. They include:

  • You must wear a life vest If a boat is towing you.
  • A person at least 12 years old must keep an eye on you while you’re being towed.
  • Anytime there’s equipment or a person in the water, a red flag must be displayed.
  • Wakeboarding is allowed only from 7 am until sunset.
  • All boats towing people should operate in a counter-clockwise direction.

How Much Does It Cost to Wakeboard in Big Bear Lake?

Wakeboarding in Big Bear Lake will cost you anything between $175 and $200. However, for people planning to wakeboard for many hours and in large groups, there are often discounts on the rates.

Final Word

Hopefully you now know the answer to the question, “can you wakeboard on Big Bear Lake?” Big Bear Lake is a beautiful vacation destination for watersports lovers and adventure enthusiasts. 

While wakeboarding, the calm waters of the Big Bear Lake provide a tranquil atmosphere to rejuvenate and relax your body. In addition, the mountainous scenery of the Big Bear Mountain will spark an urge within you for a more thrilling adventure. 

Indeed, this place is the perfect definition of nature’s absolute beauty. Trust me, there’s no better place in California to have an incredible action-packed wakeboarding experience like the one you get in Big Bear Lake.