How to Trailer a Boat ALONE in 3 Steps

There comes a time where we must venture out on our own, with no one there to help us. It can be lonely but it can also be empowering. This same mindset can be said for boating. Boating is an experience that is best when shared, but there will be times when you want to go but all of your friends and family are busy.

This is why you would want to learn how to trailer a boat alone. It actually is a lot simpler than most people might think.

Here are three simple steps on how to launch a boat and how to load a boat alone.

How to Trailer a Boat Alone

Having company on a boating trip or boat ride not only makes the actual experience more fun, but those extra hands and eyes do come in handy. This process can be a very annoying and frustrating one if not done properly, and it is very important to do it right.

Add in the extra pressure of the other anglers who are waiting for you to trailer your boat so they can get out in the water and well…it does not help your situation at all.

Maybe your friends and family will join you later, so you only need to learn how to launch your boat alone. Or maybe your friends and family can join you in the beginning, but they will be leaving early so you will need to load your boat alone.

Either way, we have got you covered. Let’s get started!

How to Easily Launch a Boat Alone

1.     Find a Long Rope and Attach the Rope to the Front of Your Boat

  • If you do not own a long rope yet and you are into boating, then you need to go out and buy one now. Aside from your car, the trailer, and the actual boat itself, you cannot learn how to trailer a boat without a rope. When you are launching a boat alone, we recommend you use two ropes. So a pre-step to how to launch your boat would be to go buy two long ropes. The sturdier, the better.
  • As mentioned above, when you are launching a boat alone, using two ropes is easier. Tie the two long ropes together and attach one end to the front of your boat and then tie the other end to a cleat inside of your truck’s bed. Please make sure that the rope is long enough to allow your boat to come off the trailer completely.
  • Once you see that the boat is floating completely off the trailer, then go ahead and untie the rope from your truck bed cleat. Once you have it untied, then use it to corral the boat to where you need it to go.
  • This single long rope can then be used to tie off the back and front of your boat to the dock.
  1. Get All Your Gear Ready to Go
  • Being organized and ready to go is important whether you are boating or not, but it is especially important if you are around impatient anglers. You can just imagine the grunt of frustration from the other people who have to wait because you are taking a long time making sure you have everything. Save them and yourself some stress by getting this all together beforehand.
  • Make sure to have all your gear ready and loaded before backing your boat down the ramp.
  • It is especially important to check that the plug is already in your boat, your fishing rods are loaded (if you plan on going fishing), and that you have all the gears/tools you need for your time in the water.
  • Doing this will save you time because you will get ready to go once you arrive at the ramp. You will not be running back and forth from your car to the dock space which can be both tiring and frustrating.
  • It will also earn you some major points with the other anglers because you are not holding them up.
  1. Help Your Boat Slide off the Trailer by Performing a Hard Step
  • Lastly, do a hard stop to help your boat slide off the trailer. A hard stop on the ramp not only makes sure your boat slides completely off the trailer, but it also makes it so you do not have to climb on your trailer to push the boat off into the water. Launching a boat alone is hard enough as it is, anything that can make it easier is a win.
  • You will want to back your boat trailer down the ramp at a steady and controlled speed. Remember to be careful!
  • Once your trailer has entered the water and you see the rear of your boat beginning to float, then it is time to give your truck a hard press on its brake to bring it to a complete stop.
  • The simple momentum from the stop will allow your boat to quickly and smoothly slide off the trailer and all the way into the water.
  • When that is done, you can grab your boat rope and tie it off at the dock.
How to Trailer a Boat ALONE in 3 Steps

How to Easily Load a Boat Alone

Now that you have gotten a better understanding of how to launch a boat alone, let’s move on to how to load a boat alone. Just like launching a boat alone, loading a boat alone can also be done in three simple steps. Let’s get started!

  1. Start by Tying the the Boat to the Back of the Dock, then Back the Trailer Down the Middle of the Ramp
  2. By tying the boat near the end of the dock, you will free space on the dock for other people. They will be able to use the ramp while you get to your car and trailer. Once again, it is always good to be courteous of others and they will appreciate it as well.
  3. Once you are inside your truck, reverse your trailer straight down the middle of the ramp. It has to be enough to get the front of the boat all the way up to the trailer winch on the trailer.
  1. Go on Your Boat, Untie the Rope, and Give a Small Shove
  2. As soon as the trailer is in the water, then it is time to drive the boat onto the trailer.
  3. Once you get on your boat, untie the back corner of it from the dock and your rope in the boat. It is important to hold your boat to the dock with your hands while you perform this task.
  4. Once the rope is now untied from the dock, you can now give it a quick shove off the dock to get your boat safely away.
  5. Once you have completed this task, you are now ready to load your boat onto the trailer.
  1. Drive the Boat up the Trailer and then Attach the Boat to the Trailer Winch
  2. You have made it to the last step, congratulations! However just because you see the light at the end of the tunnel, does not mean you should lose focus. This last step is important.
  3. Once you are off the dock and have shoved your boat away from it, you will now want to slowly drive the boat up the trailer. You want to do this until the front of the boat is close enough to attach to the trailer winch.
  4. Once this is done, make sure the boat is on the trailer securely so it will not float away. After making sure that the boat is secured, you can now get down from the boat.
  5. Lastly, attach it to the trailer winch and crank it up until the front of the boat is in place at the bow stop. By doing this, you will make sure that the body will stay in place on the trailer.

How to Trailer a Boat Alone: Practice Makes Perfect

Although we have broken down how to launch a boat alone and how to load a boat alone in three simple steps, it does not mean that it will not take some practice in order for you to get it right. Remember, practice makes perfect.

If you are planning on launching a boat or loading a boat alone, it would be a good idea to first practice it when you are with a bunch of people.

Have them stand aside to assist you if needed, but try to do it all on your own as if they are not there. That way, by the time you do decide to go on your own, you will now know how to trailer a boat alone without any help.

If you would like to learn more about how to trailer a boat alone, be sure to check out quick video tutorials online. Here is one called “Quickest Way to Launch a Boat By Yourself” that has received great reviews.

Best of luck!