How Do I Cancel My Freedom Boat Club Membership? (Answered!)

Freedom Boat Club is one of the biggest boat clubs worldwide, with over 315 chapters across Canada, France, and the United States. This club is one of the best options for people who want to enjoy the boating lifestyle without the expense and hassle of boat ownership. 

Most of the more than 15,000 members around the world continue their membership from year to year, but if you’ve decided not to renew your boat club membership, the process is simple. 

How to Cancel a Freedom Boat Club Membership

Every Freedom Boat Club can set its own rules and policies to some extent. Typically, your contract is for a year, and the membership will automatically renew unless you notify the club in time. 

Most clubs follow the general guideline by requiring a written, 60-day notice of cancellation before the end of the membership term. Check with your boat club to ensure the rule is the same. Some local clubs require a 90-day notice, while others only need to know 30 days in advance. 

Contact them by phone to let them know you’re canceling the membership and that you’ve sent the letter. As long as you notify your club within the required time frame, your membership will end at the end of your contract. 

Canceling a Freedom Boat Club Membership Mid-Year

Sometimes it’s necessary to cancel a membership long before the end of your contract. A lot can change within a year. Illness, a lifestyle change, or different financial circumstances may mean you can’t enjoy the boat club as you once did or can’t continue to pay the monthly dues or fees.  

To cancel the Freedom Boat Club membership before the end of the contract, you can write a cancellation letter stating the date you’d like your membership to end. The club will need to receive the letter at least 60 days before that date. 

Check with your local club to see if their cancellation policy is something other than the standard 60-day term. You’ll need to send the letter according to your club’s time frame and let them know by phone, as well. 

What to Include in a Freedom Boat Club Cancellation Letter

Be sure to include all the necessary information in your dated cancellation letter so it can be processed immediately. Include your:

  • Full name
  • Address
  • Phone number
  • Email
  • Freedom Boat Club membership number
  • Reason for canceling
  • Requested end date

If you don’t include all the information, it will delay the process. Your membership might not get canceled as soon as you would like. 

Include everything listed above whether you’re opting not to renew for another year or you need to cancel mid-contract. 

Will I Get a Refund if I Cancel Early?

If you decide to cancel your membership before the end of the contract, you might wonder if you’ll get a refund.

For instance, if you paid $5,000 for your one-year contract and your cancellation date is six months later, you might wonder if you’re entitled to get half that amount refunded. The simple answer is no. You won’t get a refund for any unused portion of your yearly membership. 

Once your local club approves your cancelation date, you won’t get any money back, but you’ll no longer have to pay the monthly dues after that. 

Can I Sell My Freedom Boat Club Membership?

You might wonder if you can sell the remainder of your membership to someone else to recoup the money you spent on it. Unfortunately, you can’t sell the membership.

If you still enjoy the perks and social events of the boat club, and the primary reason you want to cancel is the monthly cost, you could make private arrangements with family and friends. 

Even though you can’t sell your membership, you can take anyone you want with you onto the boats. If family members or friends are willing to chip in to help lower your monthly costs in exchange for fun on a boat, you can all enjoy the benefits of the club without taking such a financial hit. 

Can I Give the Rest of My Freedom Boat Club Membership as a Gift?

Unfortunately, the months of your membership you won’t use can’t be transferred to anyone else, so you can’t give it as a gift, either. 

Freedom Boat Club allows members to bring friends and family aboard anytime, but you have to be with them each time. If anyone shows up without a member, even if it’s a member’s child or parent, they won’t be allowed onto a boat. 

Do I Have to Cancel My Freedom Boat Club Membership if I Move?

No, you don’t have to cancel your membership if you move too far away from your local boat club. You’ll probably be able to find another Freedom Boat Club near your new home. You can usually transfer your current membership to the new club without issues. 

Contact your local club to ask about their requirements, and contact the club near your new location to make sure the transfer goes smoothly. Typically, you’ll need to inform them in writing within their specified time frame, usually 60 days, as you would when canceling a membership. 

Since most moves don’t happen on the spur of the moment, you should have no problem with the advance notice. If you’re moving without much lead time, you may have to pay for an additional month or two before the transfer date. 

If you can’t find a club close to your new home, your only option is to cancel the membership as outlined above.

Reasons to Keep Your Membership

Whether you love pontoon boats, fishing boats, or a party cruiser, you can reserve the type of boat you want and enjoy yourself without hassle as a boat club member. 

If you plan to continue boating, the cost of renting boats or buying your own can exceed the cost of membership. You can save up to a whopping 60% of the price of boat ownership by staying in your boat club. 

When you factor in all the expenses that come with owning a boat and the need for maintenance and extra purchases, your Freedom Boat Club membership is by far the better deal. 

If you don’t plan to own but instead want to rent a boat now and then, you might spend less. If you plan to get onto the water a lot, though, rental fees can add up fast. 

Look into the rates in your area and calculate the cost for the number of hours you plan to rent to see if it’s a cost-effective option

Your Freedom Boat Club Membership

Freedom Boat Club is the premier boat club in the United States, with more than 1,500 boats in its North American fleet. 

At most clubs, you can rent paddleboards, wakeboards, and kayaks. You may also be able to buy lessons on how to use them. The monthly membership cost is an excellent investment, especially compared to the time and money you’d spend on rentals or ownership.

The wide variety of boats, along with the many social events, lessons, water training events, and qualified captains who have years of experience, make Freedom Boat Club an obvious choice for your boating needs.