How Much Does It Cost to Join Freedom Boat Club? (Solved!)

Do you love being out on the sea with the wind in your hair and the salty water spraying in your face? Is boating the greatest way you can truly relax after a long week at the office? 

If you’ve always loved going out on a boat that your friend or family member owned or you might have spent a day on the water after renting out a boat, then it might be time to join the Freedom Boat Club and have a rental guaranteed any time you want to go out on the ocean waters.

Yet, you might be wondering about the overall cost to join Freedom Boat Club. In this guide, we detail all of the costs, fees, and monthly dues of the Freedom Boat Club. Keep reading to learn more!

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How much does a Freedom Boat Club membership cost?

A membership to the Freedom Boat club will cost about $5,500 upfront plus additional monthly dues that range from $200 to $500 per month. The price of a Freedom Boat Club membership varies dramatically depending on the location of the club you are joining. Popular destinations in warm climates cost more than in less desirable locations.

For a full breakdown of why the costs vary so much and what all you are getting for your money when you buy a membership to Freedom Boat Club, keep on reading!

The Costs Involved in a Boat Club Membership

To get a boat club membership as part of Freedom Boat Club, there are two pricing components available. First, there is a one-time entry fee to be part of this club. You can also have a more customized yet affordable plan made just for you to meet your scheduling needs.

The monthly membership fee and the one-time fee vary between different locations as well as the exact type of plan you choose when joining Freedom Boat Club.

If the marina where you are going to go boating is a rather popular destination, then the costs associated with a boat club membership are going to be much higher. The costs for the amount of space that each boat club can rent depends on the standard real estate market prices in the city you’re located.

Fees for Freedom Boat Club Members

Even though the costs for a boat club membership for Freedom Boat Club vary depending on the real estate costs of a space and how popular a place is, the general one-time entry fee for this membership could be as much as $5,000 in total. A membership in Europe is likely to cost more than, say Tampa bay.

If you want to join the Freedom Boat Club, it is essential to consider the costs you’re willing to spend to rent out a boat whenever you need to. You’ll also need to consider the benefits of a boat club membership in terms of the overall cost and any extra costs.

These slip fees will depend on the local market aspects, such as how expensive it is to maintain a marina and boat in a particular location. Furthermore, there are monthly dues associated with a Freedom Boat Club membership.

Monthly Freedom Boat Club Membership Cost

The prices for monthly dues also vary in terms of the Freedom Boat Club’s membership plans. As previously mentioned, the location of the Freedom Boat Club marina impacts the overall monthly fees associated with its membership.

For example, clubs that are located in warm climates tend to run all year-round, which makes the monthly dues more expensive. These locations need to hire staff to work year-round and spend money on the maintenance and operations of the boats.

However, in colder climates, the boating clubs tend to operate less frequently and mostly work during the warmer months. As such, monthly dues and other fees are less expensive in colder regions of the country.

Generally, monthly membership plans for the Freedom Boat Club can cost as much as $349. As such, the cost to join Freedom Boat Club can be as high as $9,188 per year when including the one-time initiation fee.

Costs of Rentals

The boats that are part of Freedom Boat Club do not cost anything to rent out for members. In fact, these specific boats, be they deck boats, sailboats, or fishing boats, are never rented out to the general public so that they are always available to Freedom Boat Club members whenever needed.

In general, boat rentals are mostly found in tourist destinations and are meant for one-time or occasional use. Boat clubs, however, provide a complete fleet of different boats that you can use regularly. Freedom Boat Club, for example, has more than 1,600 late model boats around the country with more than 150 locations in 30 states and Canada.

Members, however, will need to complete a training session before they can pick their first boat rental.

Cost to Join Freedom Boat Club

Costs of Lessons

One of the best parts of having a Freedom Boat Club (FBC) membership is the option to have free unlimited boating lessons or water training through its training program, which you can take at any freedom Boat Club location. However, only basic training is required before someone can book a boat from the fleet of boats available in this club.

When you request a lesson after joining the club, the staff members here will schedule whatever time works for you to meet with any one of 24 licensed Coast Guard instructors. There is a classroom-style training routine to learn about boating rules and regulations, boat-check policies, and club protocols. 

The instructor will also take you out on the water to learn all about standard boat handling maneuvers. In addition, the club offers an advanced offshore training and navigation course.

The Advantages and Disadvantages of Freedom Boat Club Membership

There are plenty of wonderful benefits or advantages of having a Freedom Boat Club membership, such as:

  • Unlimited access to the Home Club fleet of more than 1,600 different boats, all offering different amenities and gear
  • Ability to boat in more than 150 locations across 30 states, including Florida, and Canada
  • Access to free, unlimited boating guidelines and training classes
  • Perks of choosing among multiple membership plans or even customizing your own plan
  • The ability to book boats via a user-friendly online reservation platform

However, the disadvantages of Freedom Boat Club membership generally involve the high costs associated with a one-time entry fee and expensive monthly dues. In addition, if you have already learned all about boating practices and how to stay safe when in a boat on the water, you may also find it bothersome that you’re required to attend a basic training class at one of their club locations.

The Different Types of Boats Available

There are numerous different types of boats available through Freedom Boat Club, as they hold more than 1,600 options for you to choose from. Some of the typical boats you can book here include:

  • Sailboats
  • Deck boats
  • Fishing boats
  • Cruiser boats
  • Bowrider boats
  • Pontoons

You can also choose wakeboard boats for wakeboarding or kayaks to row across the sea or lake. Generally, the boats in the Freedom Boat Club are anywhere from 17 feet to 25 feet in length while having just one engine. With this many choices, you may have a hard time picking a type of boat for your day out on the water.

Before You Go

Now that you’ve read through this guide, you should generally know how much it costs to join Freedom Boat Club and all of the benefits associated with this membership. You better understand the costs associated with a one-time entry fee and monthly dues. 

Best of all, with this membership, you won’t need to pay for unlimited boating lessons or individual boat rentals. If you love the boating lifestyle, consider the many benefits of joining Freedom Boat Club.

Before you know it, you’ll be out on the sea with the sun shining, the fish swimming by, and the gorgeous waves rolling in front of your boat.