Can I Share My Freedom Boat Club Membership?

For those who love to be out on the water, a boat club membership is a great way to enjoy that hobby to the fullest. Not all boat clubs are made equal, but regardless of where you live, Freedom Boat Club is the perfect organization to connect you with the resources and community you need for boating.

Whether you’re already a member or you’re considering membership for the first time, there are a lot of great benefits to enjoy through Freedom Boat Club membership. Of course, some of the most frequently asked questions regarding membership have to do with how the process works and who can take advantage of it.

Can you share your Freedom Boat Club membership? Keep reading to find out how to take full advantage of your membership and the club’s resources while also learning about some of the rules to keep in mind.

Short Answer

When it comes to sharing your membership, Freedom Boat Club doesn’t allow individual resale of membership rights. This means that you can’t pass on or sell your membership to someone else, whether it’s at your location or a different club location.

However, Freedom Boat Club does allow guests to accompany club members in enjoying the boats out on the water. The official rule states that guests such as family, friends, and even pets are allowed to partake as long as a member is present.

Beyond this simple answer are a few more details that can help you understand more about a Freedom Boat Club membership and how to take full advantage of its potential.

How Does Freedom Boat Club Work?

If you’re investigating boat club membership for the first time, the Freedom Boat Club is a great place to start. It’s the world’s oldest and largest boat club, spanning over 300 separate locations

Started in Florida in 1989, the vision of Freedom Boat Club is to make the boating lifestyle free of hassle and accessible for everyone who enjoys spending time on the water. This vision is brought to life through the inclusive membership offerings.

So how does it work? When new members sign up, they’ll pay a one-time membership fee and select a membership plan with monthly dues. Depending on your wants and needs, you can take advantage of year-round boating on weekdays, weekends only, or a range of other accommodating options.

Can I Share My Freedom Boat Club Membership

Each membership location is stocked with plenty of well-maintained, fully insured boats that members can reserve ahead of time via the mobile app. If you’re not an experienced boater yet, your membership also provides access to perks like unlimited training and lessons to help you feel safe and confident in any vessel.

Members can utilize fishing boats, use boats for leisure and watersports, including wakeboarding and using paddleboards, and much more. The only member responsibility is to pay for gas after bringing back the boat.

More About How to Use Your Membership

Because Freedom Boat Club has so many locations worldwide, many members want to know how to take full advantage of their premier boat club membership. 

Any member can use boats from the fleets at any of the club locations. While the types of boats in the fleets may vary from location to location, members with reciprocal plans are always free to move about to take full advantage of all the boat club offers.

As mentioned before, a member can bring along as many guests as they like as long as they are present. This includes family members, friends, and even pets. As all the boats are fully insured and well maintained, safety is assured, and certified captains will always be present to help everyone feel at ease, even if you don’t have years of experience on the water.

Benefits of Freedom Boat Club Membership

One of the biggest benefits of belonging to a boat club versus owning a boat is the amount of money you’ll save. Boat ownership is expensive, and boats are also notoriously time-consuming and costly to maintain.

With a Freedom Boat Club membership, you get access to maintained and insured boats at a fraction of the cost of owning one. What’s more, you don’t have to worry about upkeep, storage, transportation, or any of the annoying minutiae that usually accompany boating on your own. 

A boat club membership is also a great way to make friends with common interests. If you love boating and would like to connect with others who love it, too, then Freedom Boat Club is the easiest way to get plugged into a vast boating community.

With hundreds of locations and thirty years’ worth of boating experience, the Freedom Boat Club community offers a local carefree boat club in your vicinity regardless of where you live. 

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Can I Share My Freedom Boat Club Membership

Freedom Boat Club FAQs

Need more information before you commit to a membership? Or just want to know more about the resources available to you as a member? Here are some of the most frequently asked questions about Freedom Boat Club’s offerings for members.

Will there be enough boats available?

Although fleet sizes and boat types vary by location, there are always enough reservations available to accommodate members, thanks to the mobile app reservation system. You can make reservations for up to six months in advance.

Do you have to return the boats every night?

You can reserve a boat for up to four consecutive days. For those who enjoy overnight trips, there’s no reason to cut the fun short. 

What type of boats are available?

The fleets at each location stay stocked with bowriders, flat boats, pontoons, center consoles, deck boats, and wake boats that are fully insured. Every three to four years, fleets are rotated out with new vessels to ensure that all boats are new, clean, and easy to use.

The boats in the fleets are ever used as rentals, and all are stocked with safety equipment checked over by staff before every outing.

Is it worth it to get a membership?

If you love boating, then subscribing to a boat club membership is a smarter, less expensive way to enjoy your hobby than boat ownership. It reduces hassle and makes it easier and faster to get out on the water.

Since you don’t have to worry about repairs, upkeep, insurance, or transportation, you can spend more time boating and less time preparing. 

What are the qualifications for members?

Members must be at least 21 years old. Whether you’ve never boated before or are an old pro, Freedom Boat Club accepts members of all skill levels. With the available safety and training classes, members will find all the resources they need to enjoy membership benefits.

Final Thoughts

If you love to spend time on the water, a Freedom Boat Club membership is a great option. When it comes to spending time with friends and family on the water, you can share your membership and invite as many guests along with you as you want.

As long as you are present, your loved ones, colleagues, and even pets can take advantage of the perks of your membership right along with you.