Best 8 Inch Marine Speakers (Boom!)

If you want to add speakers to your boat or water-based vehicle, you can’t buy any old speakers. You need to look for speakers designed specifically for marine settings and that can fit an eight-inch space. However, just because you find a pair of eight-inch marine speakers, doesn’t mean you’ve found the best pair for your purpose.

Below, we’ve compiled a list of the eight best eight-inch marine speakers on the market today. From color changing to high volume handling, we’ve got a pair of marine speakers to fit all music preferences. 

Take a look below at the eight best eight-inch marine speakers to figure out which pair you should order. 

8 Best 8 Inch Marine Speakers

It’s not hard to find a pair of eight-inch marine speakers, but you might find it challenging to pick out which pair is the best. Below, we’ve done the work for you. Check out our list of the eight best eight-inch marine speakers. 

Kicker 8″ White Marine LED Speakers

These speakers not only look stylish with their contrasting red and white design, but they are highly durable. The speakers feature UV protection treatment so that they can withstand the harsh sun while you’re out on the water. They also change colors if you want. You can program the speakers to the color of your choice using the handy remote control. 

The speakers also surpass the American Society for Testing and Materials (ATSM) standards. The marine speakers are corrosion and humidity-resistant and will withstand most weather conditions including ocean spray. Kicker designed these marine speakers with stainless steel for optimum durability too.

Plus, the speakers can handle 150 watts of continuous power, giving you consistent and clear sound during your boating excursion. If you choose, these speakers can reach a powerful volume and provide ample bass for a surround-sound atmosphere. 

Pair Rockville RMSTS80B 8″ 1000w Waterproof Marine Boat Speakers

These marine speakers may not change colors, but they provide superior sound quality. Combined, the speakers can handle 1000 watts of continuous power. That’s 500 watts per speaker. The glossy black finish looks good on any boat and is extremely durable. 

The stainless steel terminals are 100% water and rust proof, protected against both fresh and saltwater to handle all types of use. Plus, these speakers are cradled in a Molded ABS plastic basket that’s unbreakable. These baskets will protect your speakers from scrapes and damage.

The speakers comply with loudspeaker standards, so you can expect them to reach high volumes without sounding the alarm to authorities. They also have a UV protective coating to prevent any damage that the sun might cause if you take the boat out during the day for long durations. 

Audio Legion MR8F 8″ 600 Watt Marine Pro Driver Coaxial Speakers

Even if you travel to a remote spot in the middle of the ocean, you can expect the Audio Legion 8” marine speakers to provide clear sound. They provide a full range frequency for superior clarity at all times. The speakers also feature 1000 watts of combined continuous power. 

While the speakers look generic, they contain a responsive midrange woofer and powerful compression drive to provide a surround-sound atmosphere on your boat.

As far as durability goes, these speakers can handle the occasional splash of water. They’re also relatively smooth to prevent accidental run-ins when you pass by. The baskets that the speakers reside in are aluminum and corrosion-resistant, meaning you can count on these speakers to last a long time.

Infinity Mobile Marine Performance Series 8″

Sold as a pair, the Infinity Mobile Marine Performance speakers are individually voiced for optimal sound quality from each device. Both speakers feature a stainless steel grate for superior durability and protection against the elements. They also feature a sealed motor structure for protection against water damage.

Speaking of water damage, these marine speakers can withstand sun, water, and other temperamental weather conditions. Plus, you don’t have to worry about damaging the pair when you rinse off your boat’s interior. 

The speakers provide clear sound, ample bass, and can reach high volumes to satisfy your music preferences. And, the speakers have an adequate frequency range to suit any setting you plan to take your boat to. If you want to set a mood on your boat to match your music, you can change the speakers’ colors with the remote too.

Skar Audio SK8M 8″ 2-Way Marine Full Range 500 Watt Coaxial Speakers

Depending on your aesthetic, you can choose either the Skar Audio marine speakers in white or black. Either way, the speakers provide a clear, crisp sound. As a pair, the speaks can withstand 500 watts of continuous power or 250 watts each. The speakers can reach high volumes without sacrificing their sound quality too. 

The speakers also come equipped with a high-quality silk dome and marine-grade tweeter designed to withstand the test of time. Plus, the speakers can withstand harsh environments and temperamental weather patterns including rainstorms. Being waterproof, you can also hose down your boat as needed without damaging the speakers.  

The speakers also come with a cage design to cover the speakers for more protection. Because of their seamless 2-way design, they provide incredible sound quality and are easy to install when the time comes around. 

Pyle Marine Speakers – 8 Inch Waterproof

Instead of installing the speakers directly into your boat’s interior siding like some other speakers, these Pyle marine speakers fasten to an upper bar on a boat’s canopy, for example. The speakers, at their elevated installation, send sound outward for a louder, clearer performance. 

You can also swivel the speakers as you need to direct sound to both the front and back of your boat if you choose. Since these speakers sit more exposed to the elements, Pyle designed them with durability in mind. The speakers are water-proof and have UV protection. 

The speakers also come with built-in LED lights that can change colors and provide light if you take your boat out for a nighttime excursion. When it comes to installation, hooking up these speakers could not be easier. All you have to do is fasten them to your desired location. If you want to take the speakers down, they feature a quick-release function.  

DS18 NXL8 White Marine Speaker

If you’re worried about the potential corrosion that comes with most metals on the water, you can purchase these marine speakers in a plastic option instead. Either way, these speakers are durable and built to last. Each pair is UV, dust, water, and dirt protected. Even if you leave your boat out in the harsh sun all day, the speakers won’t accrue any damage. 

The speakers can withstand a maximum of 500 watts of continuous power and come with an adequate frequency level to ensure clear sound even in remote spots. The pair can also change colors to match your favorite color scheme and mood. 

These speakers can also handle loud volumes without distorting the sound quality. You can crank up the volume as loud as you want and still get a clear, bold sound. You can also hook the speakers up to an amplifier if you want to create more of a surround-sound feel on your boat.

Rockford Fosgate M2-8B Color Optix 8”

These high-quality, stainless steel designed speakers were built to handle marine settings. They come equipped with weather-resistant and water-proof materials that don’t sacrifice their appearance or sound quality. These speakers put out a loud, clear, unmatched sound quality. Combined, the speakers can handle 1000 watts of continuous use. 

The speakers come with a built-in light feature that you can control with the accompanying remote control. You can use the light feature to illuminate your path in the dark or set the scene to match your music choice. You can choose from over 30 different colors. Plus, you can manipulate the brightness. 

The speakers provide low and midrange frequency quality to support your sound on the water. They also come with a high-quality dome tweeter to provide optimal sound clarity. If you choose, you can also hook the speakers up to an amplifier since Rockford designed the pair for amp use. 

What to Look For When Buying Marine Speakers

Before you purchase a set of eight-inch marine speakers, you might want to look at their durability, sound quality, and versatility.  


Having speakers out on the open ocean means you need a highly durable product. Marine speakers should be weather-resistant, especially waterproof. Ensuring the speakers you get have high-quality, durable materials means that they will last far longer than those without. 

Even if the speakers claim to be waterproof, you should also consider the materials used to reach this status. Some materials may be waterproof, but water can corrode them over time from frequent contact with water, especially saltwater if you take your boat on the open sea.

You also want to make sure the speakers can survive under the sun for long periods. If you plan to use the speakers during fishing trips or daily excursions, UV protection ensures their longevity. 

Frequency and Sound

Since you’ll use these marine speakers on a boat, you’ll want to make sure they have adequate frequency levels to perform even when far from the coastline. Having a high-quality frequency will not only allow the devices to perform, but it will enhance the audio’s clarity too. 

The last thing you want when you’re on the water, ready for a day-long excursion, to find out that your speakers don’t perform as well further out. Instead, check out the speaker’s frequency and dome tweeter quality beforehand to ensure you get the best sound possible–that’s why you want speakers after all.  


Versatile speakers are those that can handle different volumes, sound types, and lighting brightness. Depending on your preference, you want to make sure that your speaker can handle your music and lighting tastes. 

If you want to hook your speakers up to an amplifier, make sure that they are compatible to do so beforehand. Similarly, if you want to play your music loud while you’re out on the water, make sure the speakers you buy can handle high volumes without sacrificing sound quality. 


Whether you want a pair of speakers to plug into your amp or want some that change colors, we’ve included a little bit of everything on our list without sacrificing sound quality. These eight best eight-inch marine speakers provide superior sound, strength, and versatility to meet everyone’s needs.