Yellowfin Boats for Sale, New in 2022! 

If you want to create memorable moments on the water, there’s no better way than taking your friends and family out on the water in a Yellowfin boat.  

Sportfishing and pleasure cruising call for a Yellowfin yacht. New Yellowfin boats are for sale, and since these yachts hold their value so well, used Yellowfins are prized as well. 

Ranging from 19 feet to 54 feet, these luxury Yellowfin models aren’t just beautiful to behold. Yellowfin offers 1,700 horsepower, far more than many models. Owners enjoy the exceptional performance of Yellowfin crafts, too. 

Powerful, and beautifully designed, Yellowfin is the boat to buy in 2022.  

New Yellowfin Boat Models

In 2022, Yellowfin has new boat models that will wow anyone in the market for a new yacht. These include: 


The Yellowfin Bay, 21 to 24 feet in length and Carbon Elite for lighter weight and better fuel economy, offers a craft that will excel at sea and closer to shore.  


  • Length: 24’10” for the 24 Bay, or 21’9” for the 21 Bay
  • Beam: 8’6″, or 7’9” for the 21 Bay
  • Draft: 14”, or 13” for the 21-foot version
  • Weight: 3,050 lbs., or 2,525 lbs.
  • Fuel Capacity: 72 Gallons, or 50 Gallons for the 21 Bay
  • Power: Single Outboard 


  • Comes in Carbon Elite version for better fuel efficiency
  • Handles the open seas and offshore
  • Built for fishing


With the Yellowfin Hybrid, boaters get the best of both worlds. The Hybrid models offer the best features of offshore yachts in a craft that can go closer to shore. The Hybrid is available in versions that are 21 feet and 26 feet in length. 


  • Length: 26′, or 21’9” for the 21 Hybrid
  • Beam: 8’8″, or 7’9” for the 21 Hybrid
  • Draft: 16″, or 13”
  • Weight: 5,000 lbs., or 2,525 lbs.
  • Fuel Capacity: 118 Gallons, or 50 Gallons for the 21-foot version
  • Power: Single or Twin Outboard 


  • Ride and performance of the 24 Bay
  • Strong acceleration
  • Plenty of storage


Yellowfin yachts shine offshore, where deep-sea fishing and cruising opportunities abound. Offshore models come in a variety of lengths – 29 feet to 54 feet – and offer all the amenities Yellowfin owners have come to expect.  


  • Length: 30’11” for the 29 Offshore, up to 54’ for the 54 Offshore
  • Beam: 9’6″, and up to 15’ for the largest version
  • Draft: 18″ (loaded) for the smallest Offshore
  • Weight: 7,400 lbs., and up to 27,000 lbs. for the 54 Offshore
  • Fuel Capacity: 224 Gallons, and up to 900 gallons for the largest model
  • Power: Twin Outboard (800 HP Max), but larger versions can accommodate triple outboards. The 54 Offshore has a maximum horsepower of 2,400.


  • Made for deep sea fishing 
  • Can be customized
  • Loads of horsepower


Closer to shore, the 17-foot skiff is perfect for speed as well as catching a few redfish. The skiff has the power and performance to handle deep waters, too. 


  • Length: 17’4″
  • Beam: 80″
  • Draft: 6″ (loaded)
  • Weight: 600 lbs.
  • Fuel Capacity: 22 Gallons
  • Power: Single Outboard (115 HP Max)


  • Stable even in windy conditions
  • Handles deeper waters well
  • Kevlar-coated for durability

2022 Yellowfin Boats Values, Specs, and Prices

Asking the value of a Yellowfin boat will get you a varied answer, depending on the craft in question. Smaller Yellowfin boats purchased used could be had for less than $90,000, while new customized Yellowfin yachts could cost nearly $2 million or more.  

Yellowfin boats can range from the largest – a 54-foot Offshore with its 900-gallon fuel tank – to the Skiff, which holds 22 gallons and weighs just 600 pounds. 

Since Yellowfin boats are built to exacting standards of premium materials, these yachts hold their value well.   

Yellowfin Boat Buyer FAQs

You may still have questions about buying a Yellowfin boat in 2022. These frequently asked questions may give you the answers you need. 

Can I customize the color of my Yellowfin boat?

Yes – Yellowfin boats come in a variety of colors including Matterhorn White, Aqua Mint, Fighting Lady Yellow, Ice Blue, and one of its most popular colors, Sky Blue. If you choose, you can ask the Yellowfin team in Bradenton, Florida, to build a Yellowfin yacht to your specifications, including the color. 

Do Yellowfin boats come with any warranties?

You might think Yellowfin yachts are built to such high standards that a warranty wouldn’t be needed. Yellowfin stands by its craftsmanship, offering warranties as well as authorized service centers that can perform warranty work as well as any modifications needed.  

How do I know which Yellowfin boat is right for me?

There’s no way to know if a shoe fits until you walk around in it. The same is true of a Yellowfin yacht. Yellowfin service centers will let you take a Yellowfin out for a sea trial so you can witness its speed and performance firsthand.  

Are Yellowfin boats expensive?

Price is one thing, but value is another. While some Yellowfin yachts have price tags of more than $1 million, the value Yellowfin owners get in return is more than worth the cost. Not only are Yellowfin yachts well-made with premium materials that owners can enjoy today, but Yellowfin boats hold their value. 

How much do Yellowfin boats cost?

Yellowfin boats can be purchased for below $50,000 to nearly $2 million for a new larger yacht with luxury modifications. Size, modifications, and age are a few of the factors contributing to the price of a Yellowfin.  

What kind of boat is a Yellowfin?

Yellowfin is known for its large deep-sea yachts, but the Bradenton, Florida-based company also manufactures smaller boats that are built for fishing and boating closer to shore. All Yellowfin boats are known for their excellent design, premium materials, and quality workmanship. 

Why are Yellowfin boats popular?

Yellowfin does have a following. Fans of Yellowfin love these yachts and skiffs for the user experience they provide. Power and performance are paired with durability and value. What’s not to love? 

Are Yellowfin boats good quality?

When Yellowfin CEO Wylie Nagler founded the company in 1998, he set out to design and manufacture top-of-the-line boats for fishing and cruising. The company was founded on quality, and that value is still central to  

Who is Yellowfin made by?

Yellowfin yachts and fishing boats are made by the same company, Yellowfin. The custom and semi-custom yachts have been made in the Sunshine State since the company’s start in 1998. 

What is the best Yellowfin model?

Which Yellowfin model is the best depends on the boater. The fisherman who wants a smaller craft is different from the boater who wants to cruise offshore. Finding a middle ground as the best Yellowfin model may be the 26-foot Hybrid, which offers some of the best features of larger models as well as capabilities for boating closer to shore.  

Yellowfin Frequently Asked Questions

Do you have more questions about Yellowfin and its line of yachts and fishing boats? Here are some more FAQs to tell you more.  

I fish closer to shore. Why should I buy a Yellowfin?

If you think Yellowfin is only a maker of offshore yachts and fishing boats, think again. The company also manufactures smaller craft as well as hybrid models that are as at home near the docks as they are in the open seas.  

Who owns Yellowfin?

In 2021, Warbird Marine Holdings announced the purchase of Yellowfin, which is now a separately managed sister company to Invincible Boat Co., which Warbird purchased in 2019. The purchase of Yellowfin made Warbird the largest designer and builder of custom offshore fishing boats. 

If I buy a used Yellowfin, will I be able to find parts?

Yellowfins have a long lifespan, so buying a used Yellowfin is a smart move. If you’re worried about not being able to find Yellowfin parts for older boats, don’t be. The company is 24 years old, so there’s nothing too ancient in a Yellowfin boat. All their parts are still being manufactured, so there’s no problem getting parts for maintenance and repairs.  

What Yellowfin models are most popular?

Among the most popular Yellowfin models are the 24-foot Bay, the 26-foot Hybrid, and larger Hybrids coming in 36-, 39-, and 42-foot lengths. The most popular Yellowfin year models are 2005 and newer since those are the most recently built Yellowfin boats.