World Cat Boats, New for 2022 (with Features, Specification, and Photos)

World Cat boats are some of the most popular boats on the market. If you’re a boater, you’ve probably seen them out on the water or in whichever marinas you dock your own boat in.

Every year, World Cat releases new models, each equipped with new features to give you a smooth boating experience. Read on to learn more about World Cat boats and their latest 2022 models.

New World Cat Boat Models

World Cat boats released many new models in 2022, each designed to provide smooth rides in rougher waters. We’ll cover our favorites here to keep you in the know about the different models you’ll see out there this year.

2022 World Cat Boats Values, Specs, and Prices

Each 2022 model has a dual helm and offers a variety of features and options to select for each one. You can choose various comfort-enhancing features, such as Bluetooth stereo systems and seating options.

400 CC-X (Center Console, 40’)

This model is the sister to World Cat’s dual console flagship, the 400DC-X. It has significant storage throughout the boat and a 50-gallon freshwater tank.

The center console is equipped with comfortable seats, a glove box, and phone chargers to keep you connected to those left behind on land. There is also a high-quality stereo system that will connect to your devices via Bluetooth.


  • LOA: 39’ 8”
  • Beam 12’ 8”
  • Fuel Capacity: 604 gal
  • Dry Weight: 14,500 lbs

255DC (Dual Console, 26’)

The 255 DC is a roomy mid-sized dual console boat that can seat 10 passengers. The size was a factor in the new model redesign, holding 25% more than the previous model. Despite its larger size, this boat provides the smooth sailing World Cat is known for.

Another great thing about this boat’s larger size is the head area. The generous space here allows for greater comfort than nearly all its competitors.


  • LOA: 26’
  • Beam: 8’ 6”
  • Dry Weight: 6600 lbs with twin 150s
  • Fuel Capacity: 186 gal (2 x 93 gal)

280CC-X (Center Console, 28’)

This new model was designed using the latest CAD technology, and you can tell the difference. Like other World Cat models, this boat provides a smooth ride in rough waters. It is a popular model among fishermen.

This model was designed as the perfect choice for many boating activities, such as snorkeling, cruising, fishing, diving, exploring, and entertaining. It is a very versatile model that will suit the needs of nearly every recreational boater.

Clever Fishing Boat Names


  • LOA: 27’ 6”
  • Beam: 9’ 2”
  • Dry Weight: 7300 lbs. (with twin 200s)
  • Fuel Capacity: 220 gal (2 X 110 gal)

325CC (Center Console, 32’)

This model is the newest World Cat center console catamaran. It has more storage and upgraded styling compared to earlier models and offers more options to choose from. The “Shadow Series” option provides buyers with more selections than other options.

World Cat designed this boat with comfort in mind. The new model has additional speaker locations, improved cup holders, and a removable transom seating arrangement.

This model has a large following with fishermen. It provides everything you need for an enjoyable and fruitful fishing trip.


  • LOA: 32’2”
  • Beam: 10’ 6”
  • Dry Weight: 10,100 lbs with twin 300s
  • Fuel Capacity: 279 gal (2 x 139.5)

World Cat Boat Buyer FAQ

Keep the following information in mind as you purchase your first World Cat Boat.

Can I Customize the Color of My World Cat Boat?

Yes, you can customize the color of your World Cat Boat. You can select up to two colors for the hull and one for the hardtop underside. Most models offer four color choices.

Can I Customize the Seating of My World Cat Boat?

Yes, World Cat offers 7 options for seating. You can choose everything from the seat style to the cushion colors that you prefer for your boat.

Can I Add A/C To My World Cat Boat?

Yes, you can select an 8K BTU Air Conditioner option for your boat.

Are World Cat Boats Expensive?

World Cat boats can have higher price tags than others in their size, but they will usually provide more value than their competitors.

For example, a World Cat boat can usually hold more passengers and space than others its size, making it worth the extra cost for many people.

How Much Do World Cat Boats Cost?

World Cat boats come in a wide range of prices, from the low $20,000s (used) to nearly 1 million dollars. The cost of your World Cat will depend on the model, size, and features you select when you purchase the boat.

You can save money by purchasing a used World Cat boat from someone looking to sell. Check your local and online classifieds and the online boat marketplaces and dealerships when you are shopping for your World Cat boat.

What Kind of Boat is a World Cat Boat?

World Cat boats are recreational fiberglass powerboats. They come in various models, including center console, dual console, and cabin cruisers. They are also available in many sizes, from 23-34 feet.

World Cat boats are dual hull boats, giving them a much smoother ride for your passengers, even in rougher waters. This design sets them apart from other powerboats, allowing you to take them out further and longer even when the water gets rough.

Many World Cat boats are fishing boats equipped with all the supplies you need for a successful fishing expedition. They are appropriate for both saltwater and freshwater fishing. They also offer many features specially designed for your average fisherman to select when you purchase your boat.

World Cat boats are popular among fishermen and recreational boaters.

Fishermen like World Cat boats because they have a wider beam and shallow draft, making them an excellent choice for both saltwater and freshwater fishing. They are also well-suited for cruising overnight or during the day.

Are World Cat Boats Good Quality?

World Cat boats are known for their smooth sailing, accomplished by their dual hull design. The dual hull allows World Cat boats to feel smoother in rough waters than many of its competitors, avoiding the feeling of slamming down on waves.

World Cat boats’ designs also allow better boat handling and boat control than similar boats.

World Cat boats have been around since the mid-1980s. Following The Great Recession, World Cat survived and acquired Glacier Bay’s 27′ hull when they had shut down. The company has remained committed to its mission of building boats that prioritize a smooth riding family and fishing fun boat, making them a popular choice for recreational family boaters and fishermen.

Who are World Cat Boats Made by?

World Cat boats are made by World Cat, a company operating in North Carolina. Initially started in the 1980s, World Cat has grown to global prominence over the past few decades.

Where are World Cat Boats Manufactured?

World Cat boats are built in a factory in Tarboro, North Carolina. The facility is 140,000 square feet and produces boats to be sold worldwide. As one of the most popular boats out there, World Cats can be seen sailing in different bodies of water around the globe.

You can learn more about the design and manufacturing process on the World Cat website page.

What is the Best World Cat Model?

World Cat has produced many popular models over the years. You can easily purchase some from a typical dealer. Others will require you to find a specialized yacht broker or dealer to buy from.

The following stand out as some of the top World Cat models:

·         230 DC

·         255 DC

·         325 DC

·         400 CC-X

·         400 SC-X

In 2019, World Cat released its new flagship model, the 400 DC-X. The 400 DC-X is the largest dual console power catamaran ever in the boating market.

World Cat Boats Frequently Asked Questions

Many World Cat buyers ask the following questions.

Where Can I Buy A World Cat Boat?

You can purchase a World Cat boat directly from dealers or existing owners looking to sell. They are also commonly found on boat-sale websites, such as YachtWorld and Boat Trader.

You can use the World Cat website to locate a dealer near you.

Can I Use My World Cat Boat At Night and During the Day?

Yes. World Cat boats are well equipped for use at night and during the day.