Spotlight on Safety: A Review of the 13 Best Boat Spotlights

Some boat spotlights are much more powerful, more durable, or cheaper than others. What is the best boat spotlight? 

Spotlight on Safety: A Review of the 13 Best Boat Spotlights 1

What’s the best boat spotlight?

The best boat spotlight may be the Marinco Stainless Steel Spotlight. The Marinco is exceptionally powerful, has a great range of motion, and has a remote control. For something cheaper and hand-held, try the bright, durable, and waterproof Goodsmann submersible LED spotlight. 

As someone who sells boat spotlights, I know a lot about the advantages and disadvantages of different brands. While there are a lot of good spotlights out there, there are also some bad ones. Some companies get away with selling poor or overpriced spotlights to people that don’t look into the quality of the spotlight first. 

Types of Lights

A few different technologies are used to convert electricity into light, and they each have advantages and disadvantages.


LEDs are very popular because they produce so much light and consume so little power. LEDs (light-emitting diodes) are also long-lasting, so they might be the best technology. Not every LED boat spotlight is very powerful or efficient. 

LED bulbs also turn on instantly and don’t contain any toxic mercury like some other lights do. The disadvantage is that LEDs are still relatively expensive. You might save money in the long run but the initial cost can be higher. 

Halogen Lamps

Halogen lamps are efficient relative to incandescent bulbs, plus they last longer. They can also handle high temperatures, which isn’t true for LEDs. 

They are low voltage, but that doesn’t always mean they don’t consume much energy. You may do well with a halogen spotlight for boating.  

Incandescent Lights

Incandescent lighting is an old technology that goes back to the 19th century. When Thomas Edison invented the light bulb, he created a practical incandescent light. 

These lights were still very common in 2000, but they are becoming obsolete now. The lights are being replaced by LEDs, which are more energy-efficient. The lower energy consumption makes them cheaper to run and better for the environment. 

They still have one advantage, which is that they are cheaper to make and buy than LEDs. If you want a low initial cost, you might get an incandescent spotlight. 


Another technology is compact fluorescent lamps (CFLs). They have many disadvantages compared to LEDs (don’t turn on instantly, contain mercury, and get dimmer as they wear out) but they are fairly cheap. You can still get CFL lights, but they might be an out-of-date technology. 

The Best Marine Spotlights

Marinco Stainless Steel Spotlight

Reasons to Buy

  • Exceptionally powerful
  • Maybe the best boat spotlight
  • You can choose between a wider and narrower beam
  • Remote control 


  • More expensive than usual

The Marinco Stainless Steel Spotlight is an exceptionally powerful although expensive premium-quality spotlight. At 72,000 candlepower, it beats the vast majority of hand-held and boat-mounted spotlights. You can illuminate an object up to a quarter of a mile away with a powerful beam.

With the Marinco, you can choose between a wider beam that illuminates a larger area and a narrower beam that has more power. There is a 30,000-candlepower flood beam as well as a 72,000-candlepower spot beam. Both are far more powerful than most other hand-held or boat-mounted spotlights.

You can also move the spotlight around without being near it. The controller is an easy-to-use joystick.

There is also an excellent range of motion. You can rotate the light 350 degrees horizontally and 70 degrees up and down.

The range of motion, remote control, and exceptional power make the light great for keeping you safe on the water. The wide-beamed flood light is great when you are docking the boat at night and you can see objects from a long way away using the narrower spotlight. 

Is it Waterproof?

Yes, the Marinco is waterproof. However, you need to make sure you seal it to the boat properly when you install it. Use caulk and plumbers putty to seal at the bottom where it meets the boat. 


The only disadvantage is the price. It costs many times more than a cheap spotlight does.

Stanley Fatmax Ultra Bright Spotlight

Reasons to Buy

  • Excellent collapsible stand
  • Very bright for its small size
  • Long battery life
  • Powerful battery
  • Trigger guard


  • Could use more than two light settings
  • Not the brightest light

The Stanley Fatmax is a decent lighter spotlight if you don’t need anything particularly bright. It is reasonably bright for its small size (2200 lumens) and has a long-lasting battery. The rechargeable lithium-ion battery provides up to 7 hours of use (less than that on the highest power setting) and can remain charged for up to a year if you don’t use it often. 

What makes it stand out is how portable it is and how easy it is to use. The collapsable pivoting stand is perfect and makes it easy for you to position the spotlight however you want it. There is also a trigger lock, so you can leave the spotlight on without being beside it and holding the trigger down. 

Another plus is that it works with both AC and DC charging adaptors, so you can charge this powerful boat spotlight either at home or in your vehicle. Since the Stanley Fatmax is so portable, you can use it for more than boating. It works for camping trips, other outdoor activities, and blackouts. 

Other Advantages and Disadvantages

There are only two light settings, low and high. A single trigger lets you switch between low, high, and off. The Stanley Fatmax is also long-lasting and comes with a red light filter that is easy to put on and remove. 

Bigsun Rechargeable Spotlight

Reasons to Buy

  • Above average spotlight for boating
  • Very light and portable spotlight
  • Long battery life


  • The red light lens doesn’t work well for most people

The Bigsun Rechargeable spotlight has an impressive 1300-yard range. Despite its power, the battery lasts for a long time. It may be the right marine handheld spotlight if you want something light, long-lasting, and powerful. 

It maintains full brightness for about 12 hours, after which it slowly dims to nothing over the next 4 hours. The battery stores enough power to charge your phone completely three times. 

The Bigsun also has secondary side lamps, which are 10 times as powerful as cell phone flashlights. You can choose between full power and a weaker light setting. You can also use the Bigsun as a strobe light. 

Goodsmann 9924-H101-01 Rechargeable Spotlight

Reasons to Buy

  • Waterproof
  • Will float if you drop it in the water
  • Light 1.67-pound weight
  • 3000-lumen light output and 1100-foot range
  • Has a stand for hands-free use


  • 2.5 or 3-hour battery life is a bit low
  • The rechargeable battery cannot be replaced

The Goodsmann Rechargeable Spotlight is one of the best boat spotlights you can get. It is not only waterproof, but floats in the water, so you don’t have to worry about losing the spotlight in the water. It can also resist impacts without taking damage. 

The Goodsmann LED spotlight is great for boating, hiking, hunting, camping, and many other outdoor activities. In any situation where you need a portable light, the Goodsmann works well. It is powerful for its small size – it has an 1100-foot range while only weighing 1.67 pounds. 

The 2000-mAh batteries may be good enough for many people, but it’s not the longest-lasting spotlight you can find. It lasts for 2.5 to 3 hours on the highest setting and longer on a lower setting. There is a decent one-year warranty. 

Other Advantages and Disadvantages

The battery is not replaceable, so it will slowly wear out. As it gets weaker, it will hold less and less of a charge. There is no way to remove and replace the battery.

Since the device is reasonably cheap and the battery can be charged many times before it runs out, this may not be a serious flaw. The Goodsman Submersible LED Spotlight is so waterproof that you can go swimming with it and not wreck it. You can’t take it deep underwater, but you can go snorkeling with it. 

Yierblue YB-953 Rechargeable Spotlight

Reasons to Buy

  • 6000-lumen light output
  • Very inexpensive for its power
  • Water-resistant
  • The LEDs last for 80,000 hours
  • Can be recharged thousands of times


  • Possibly not all that durable

The Yierblue YB-953 Rechargeable Spotlight is an amazing product, especially for its price. It is extremely bright (6,000 lumens) and the LEDs last for up to 80,000 hours. 

It also has side lights so that you can use to light up a small area. You can use the side lights to read or work in the dark. 

It seems durable to me, although a few reviewers say it isn’t. It might be a bit vulnerable to damage from impacts even though it is made from durable materials. 

The Yierblue has an IP4 water resistance rating. This is enough that light rain and snow won’t damage the spotlight. However, dropping it in the water can easily wreck it, and heavy rain might. 

The spotlight’s polymer batteries are more powerful than average. They provide 10,000 mAh of power and can be recharged thousands of times before they wear out. 

The Yierblue uses a double-layered cup to dissipate as much heat as possible. A radiator cup gets rid of heat to prevent a spotlight from overheating. The double-layered cup makes the LEDs last longer by protecting them from heat damage. 

NEWMAIX Boat Spotlight

Spotlight on Safety: A Review of the 13 Best Boat Spotlights 2

Reasons to Buy

  • 2600+ foot range
  • Very durable and reliable
  • Waterproof
  • Turns 360 degrees horizontally and 72 degrees up and down
  • Has a remote control


  • No significant disadvantages 

The Newmaix attaches to your boat and is not hand-held. You can rotate it 360 degrees horizontally and 72 degrees up and down. You can use a remote control to rotate the light. 

It is designed specifically for boats, so it is waterproof. Even submerging the Newmaix up to a meter deep wouldn’t damage it, so you don’t have to worry about rain or splashes. It is safe to get the Newmaix wet. 

The light has an 800-meter (2624-foot) range. The Newmaix is also dust-proof, so you won’t have to worry about the elements damaging your spotlight. It works for yachts, fishing boats, police boats, recreational boats, and much more. 

The best thing about the Newmaix is its superior durability. 

The Newmaix is made of tough thermoplastics, which make it waterproof, resistant to impact, and reasonably cheap. Newmaix spotlights are manufactured with care and made to be long-lasting and safe. 

Some people also use the Newmaix as a farm light, garden light, hunting light, or emergency light. However, it is not very portable, so if you use it on your boat, you will probably not use it elsewhere. You would have to remove the screws to take it off your boat and use it elsewhere. 

Zohi ZML 102 LED Super Bright Spotlight

Reasons to Buy

  • Light and cordless but durable
  • Waterproof and will float if dropped in water
  • Resistant to saltwater
  • Works with 12V and 120V electrical systems
  • Red light filter


  • Not the brightest spotlight you can give 
  • Cannot be attached to a tripod

The Zohi ZML is another good choice if you want a durable marine handheld spotlight. There are three brightness levels to choose from, and it is light and cordless.

The Zohi is waterproof, so it is one of the best boat lights. It will float if you drop it in water, and you can submerge it without damaging it. Even saltwater won’t damage the spotlight.

The spotlight is easy to hold and carry. The grip is comfortable and well-balanced, and the light weighs less than 2 pounds. It is also small and compact, so you can take it with you when space is limited.

The Zohi offers several lighting options. You can set it to high (1500 lumens), medium (750 lumens), or low (150 lumens). 

You can also use it as a strobe light or an SOS signal. Both of those options use the full 1500 lumens. The batteries are good but not great (4400 mAh) and you can use the spotlight as a portable power bank to charge your phone.

There is also a red light filter for anyone who wants it. Red light helps you spot animals without them running away because red light is almost invisible to some animals.

You can use your home, car, or boat to charge the Zohi. It works with both 120V and 12V electrical systems. 

The Zohi is also made of impact-resistant plastic, so light impacts won’t damage it. It is also water-resistant and will float if you drop it in the water. The Zohi also comes with a carrying bag.


Unfortunately, there is no way to attach the spotlight to a tripod – there’s no way to screw it to the mount. This means you can’t use it without holding it in your hand. That usually isn’t a problem, but it can be sometimes. 

The lighting power (1500 lumens) is also lower than many other spotlights, including lightweight and inexpensive spotlights. However, it still has a range of 500 yards, so you might not be disappointed by the lighting power. It may work well for your purposes even though it isn’t one of the brightest spotlights. 

Diskap Rechargeable Spotlight

Reasons to Buy

  • Powerfully focused beam with a 2600-foot range
  • Very impressive for its price
  • Six modes
  • Long lasting batteries 
  • Waterproof and dustproof


  • Possibly the power bank doesn’t work well for everyone

The Diskap is great if you want a more focused light that doesn’t work like a floodlight. It won’t illuminate as wide of an area as some lights, but it’s powerful if you want to illuminate a small area. The light has a range of up to 2600 feet. 

There are three modes for the main beam and another three for the side lights. The main light can switch between high power, low power, and strobe light. You can use the strobe light as an emergency light to indicate you need help and sometimes also as a work light. 

With the side lights, you can choose between high power and low power. The third mode uses the side lights as safety/warning lights. The side lights work well to keep you safe in foggy weather by making your boat more visible.

The Diskap spotlight is exceptionally long-lasting, and may not run out for 24 hours. You can charge laptops and not just phones with the powerful 10,000 mAh battery. The rechargeable battery is so long-lasting you can charge it 100,000 times. 

The two LED lights provide a total of 8000 lumens, giving the light an impressive range. There is a stand for hands-free use. 

The Diskap is made of high-quality aluminum and ABS, so it isn’t delicate. It is also waterproof and dustproof.

Despite its very low price, the Diskap includes a strap, tripod, charger, and anti-drop rope. There is also a half-decent 2-year warranty.

As a whole, this is a really great and cheap product, maybe the best cheap hand-held spotlight out there. There is nothing wrong with the product in my experience. 

If there is one flaw, it is that the power bank doesn’t work well for everyone. In my experience, it charges my phone with no problems, but some reviewers disagree. Some people might also prefer a wider beam, but the width seems just right to me. 

Partsam Pair Marine Spotlight

Reasons to Buy

  • Particularly waterproof
  • Resistant to rust, corrosion, impact, and earthquakes
  • Functions at very hot and very cold temperatures
  • Lasts a long time


  • No significant disadvantages

The Partsam Marine Spotlight is often used on trucks, tractors, and trailers, but it is waterproof and intended for boats. It is mounted on your boat and not hand-held. 

The Partsam Pair is also durable, dust-resistant, quakeproof, rust-proof, and resistant to corrosion. It is protected by a hard aluminum case and is resistant to heat and cold. 

It is rated IP67, so it gets the highest rating for dust proofing and the second-highest commonly-given rating for waterproofing. Even if you put it a little under the surface in water, the water won’t get through.

Heavy rain won’t damage your resilient boat spotlight. It is even protected against water flow inside of the spotlight. 

It is also resistant to very hot and very cold weather. Anywhere from -40 to +75 degrees celsius is fine for the resilient spotlight. It is fine on the hottest day of the year anywhere and the coldest day of the year in most places with cold snowy winters.

The Partsam uses heat dissipation technology to prevent heat from wearing out the LEDs. The heat dissipation fins keep the light cool, helping it last over 50,000 hours.

Because of how waterproof it is, the Partsam is best as a boat light. However, you can also use it on a car, truck, SUV, ATV, trailer, or forklift. Some people also use it for indoor and outdoor lighting. 

The Partsam runs on 12V DC power, not 120V AC. If you want to use it at home as a garden light, you need a transformer/converter to turn the 120V AC into 12V DC.

BUYSIGHT B743-G Rechargeable Spotlight

Reasons to Buy

  • Truly powerful 6000 to 10,000-lumen light beam 
  • Durable metal and glass construction
  • Arguably the best battery-powered marine spotlight


  • Won’t resist water if submerged

The Buysight delivers 6,000 to at most 10,000 lumens, which is super bright, especially for a rechargeable spotlight. This is nearly the brightest spotlight you can find without getting something much heavier and more expensive. 

It is also quite durable, as it is made from aviation-material aluminum and uses shatterproof glass. 

It has a super bright main beam plus side lights that work as flood lights or alarm lights. You can use it in many situations – the main light is great for spotting objects on your boat, and the side lights work if you are having an outdoor barbecue. The battery will last for up to 32 hours, or 10 hours on full power.

While the Buysight is water resistant, it is not waterproof, so you will have to be a bit more careful than with some other handheld boat spotlights. Don’t drop it in the water.

The package includes a work light bracket for hands-free use, a manual, and a 110V-240V charger.

Spotlight Modes

First, there is the strong light mode, which creates up to 10,000 lumens of light and can illuminate objects up to 800 meters (over 2600 feet) away. You can use the main light switch to switch between high light, low light, and off. If you hold the main light switch down for 5 seconds (regardless of what mode it’s in) you will activate SOS flash mode to signal that you need help.

There is a separate switch for the side lights. The side lights also have a high mode, a low setting, and warning light modes. Holding the side light switch down for 5 seconds will activate warning light mode. 

The batteries last a long time regardless of what mode you use. The side lights last for 20 hours on high mode, 40 hours on the low setting, and 30 hours on warning light mode. Warning light mode creates red and blue lights because they are easier to see in the fog.

Golight 7951GT Radioray Halogen Searchlight

Reasons to Buy

  • Very bright
  • 3000-foot range
  • Excellent range of rotation
  • Remote control
  • Three-year warranty


  • Somewhat expensive

The Golight Radioray is used on emergency vehicles, boats, work trucks, cars, and military vehicles. It can illuminate objects more than 3000 feet away with its 225,000 candela light. 

It can rotate all the way around horizontally and tilt up and down up to 135 degrees. You can easily point the light at any object you want to illuminate. The Golight also has a remote control, so you can operate it hands-free. 

Golight was a pioneer in remote-controlled spotlights. They started working on a prototype in 1992 and started selling remote-controlled spotlights in 1994. You can find Golights all over the world, from fishing boats to snowplows. 

The light also resists marine conditions quite well. Some lights last longer in freshwater than in saltwater because saltwater slowly corrodes and damages the lights. 

This won’t be an issue with the Golight, which is protected by a robust three-year warranty and can easily resist saltwater. The sun’s rays also won’t damage the light.

GoLight Gobee Halogen Bow-Mounted Searchlight

Reasons to Buy

  • Cheaper than the Golight Radioray
  • Reasonably powerful
  • Good range of rotation
  • Waterproof
  • Remote control 


  • Not as powerful as the Golight Radioray

The Go-Light Gobee delivers a powerful 80,000-candela beam that can light up objects up to 1800 feet away. It can rotate 360 degrees and tilt 90. The light attaches to the bow of your boat and is mounted on a metal pole.

The Gobee is quite waterproof, so it is another good choice for keeping you safe on the water. Instead of using a lithium-ion battery, the Gobee uses regular AA batteries. 

This limits its power compared to the Go-Light Radioray, but AA batteries are easy and cheap to replace. You can also get rechargeable AA batteries. Using AA batteries is part of why the Golight Gobee is cheaper than the Radioray. 

Other Advantages and Disadvantages

A Five or Seven Amp fuse is necessary to get the Gobee to work. It has a remote control, so it may be the right product if you want something similar to the Radioray but cheaper. 

Jabsco 60020 Series Halogen Searchlight

Reasons to Buy

  • Powerful beam
  • Good range of horizontal/vertical movement
  • Not easy to damage the motor


  • Slightly expensive

The Jabsco 60020 Series is another relatively heavy boat-mounted spotlight with a remote control and a powerful beam. The Jabsco has a long 15-foot cord, so you can easily mount it on the right part of your boat. 

It has a good range of movement (320 degrees horizontally and 75 degrees up and down) though the range is not quite as good as for some other searchlights. 

You cannot accidentally damage the motor by trying to push it too far in any direction. There is an innovative clutch mechanism that reliably prevents this. 

What to Look for in Boat Spotlights


One of the first things people look for in a spotlight is brightness. Brightness is measured in lumens. A more powerful spotlight lets you see objects more clearly and from farther away, keeping you safe on the water. 

Light Modes

Some spotlights only turn on and off. Others have multiple levels of brightness and have side lights. There may be a mode where the side lights flash red and blue to work as warning lights. 

Remote Control

Sometimes, a heavy-duty spotlight has a remote control, so you can change the angle and sometimes change the light’s brightness at a distance. Most marine spotlights don’t have a remote control. More basic extra features such as doubling as a power bank are more common on heavier marine spotlights. 

Size and Weight

Spotlight on Safety: A Review of the 13 Best Boat Spotlights 3

On a boat, space is at a premium. If you have a houseboat, you have to plan everything out carefully to avoid running out of room. For other boats, you don’t need to bring as much stuff, but you might have very little space. 

Not all boat spotlights are large. Many boat spotlights are much smaller than people imagine them to be. If you don’t have room for a large spotlight or don’t want to move a heavy one around, smaller and compact spotlights are available. 

Remember that lighting technology is improving. A relatively small light that uses relatively little power can be very bright. These marine spotlight reviews consider how heavy and portable each boat spotlight is. 


You shouldn’t always go with the cheapest boat spotlight that gets decent reviews. Sometimes, you can save money in the long run by buying a more expensive product. Inefficient incandescent lights cost more to use than efficient LED lights, even though LED lights are initially more expensive.

The same is true for durability. If you buy a cheap spotlight, it might stop working and need to be replaced. This can easily be more expensive than buying a more expensive spotlight that lasts longer. 

A spotlight should be able to resist bumps and impacts without being damaged. It should not dent, scratch, or break too easily. Remember that a spotlight on a boat is in a rough environment and will be exposed to the elements. 

Water & Dust Resistance

Spotlight on Safety: A Review of the 13 Best Boat Spotlights 4

Any marine spotlight needs to be water-resistant. If there’s a reasonable chance your spotlight could short circuit if water touches it, the spotlight isn’t any good.

It doesn’t need to be extremely waterproof, but it should be possible to get the light wet without short-circuiting it. Not every spotlight designed for boats is adequately waterproof. 

Many products including boat-mounted spotlights use IP ratings for their resistance to water and dust. There isn’t always an IP rating for every spotlight, and the rating isn’t always easy to find without calling the company. However, many products advertise their IP rating and make the information easy to find. 

If a product has an IP rating of IP45, this means it has a dust resistance rating of “4” and a water resistance rating of “5”. The dust resistance rating goes up to 6 and the water resistance rating goes up to 9. Dust and especially water can damage a boat’s spotlight easily.

Dust Resistance

The dust resistance ratings go by how small of an object can get into your spotlight. With a low rating, a pebble can get in, with a high rating, not even dust will get through. 

  • IP0X: An object can easily get inside your product and damage it. 
  • IP1X: Not only can dust get into your product but so can an object smaller than 50mm (about two inches).
  • IP2X: An object larger than 12.5mm (about half an inch) can’t get in. 
  • IP3X: An object larger than 2.5mm (about a tenth of an inch) won’t get through.
  • IP4X: An object larger than 1mm (about 1/25th of an inch) won’t get through.
  • IP5X: The product is resistant to dust. A small amount of dust might get through, but it quite likely won’t damage the product.
  • IP6X: The product dust proof. 

Only IP5X and IP6X products can resist dust. Lower ratings protect against small objects, but not dust particles. 

Water Resistance

If a product can resist water being dropped on it, being submerged in water, or having water sprayed on it, the product gets a high water-resistance rating. 

  • IPX0 – No special protection from water
  • IPX1 – Can resist water that drips on the product vertically
  • IPX2 – Can resist water that hits the product at an angle of under 15 degrees
  • 1PX3 – Can resist water that hits it at less than a 60-degree angle
  • 1PX4 – Can resist water splashes from any direction
  • 1PX5 – Can resist a low-pressure water spray
  • IPX6 – Can resist a higher-pressure water spray
  • IPX7 – Can be submerged in water up to one meter deep
  • IPX8 – Can be submerged deeper than a meter (the depth varies a lot from one product to another)
  • IPX9 – Can resist powerful high-temperature sprays

IP9X is rarely used as there is a separate standard for products that can withstand high-pressure/temperature sprays.

One flaw in the IP rating system is that a device doesn’t always meet the standards for all of the lower ratings. For example, a device might be safe to submerge in water less than a meter deep (qualifying for IP7) but not resist a fairly high-pressure water spray (not qualifying for IP6). In that case, it will still get an IP7 rating. 

Spotlight on Safety: A Review of the 13 Best Boat Spotlights 5

Boat Light Maintenance

Some boat lights require more maintenance than others. You can take good care of your spotlights and keep them working by: 

  • Inspecting the spotlight periodically to make sure there is nothing wrong with it
  • Check for salt accumulation inside the light. If your light is no longer waterproof, and you use it in a saltwater environment, salt will build up. Salt accumulation proves that your light is broken and needs to be fixed. 
  • Clean the glass. If the glass gets dirty, your lights will be dimmer.
  • Look for signs of corrosion or fungus accumulation.
  • Repair your spotlights if they need to be repaired and replace them if they need to be replaced. 

It is also important to set your boat lights up the right way when you install them. Make sure you use putty/caulking properly if it is necessary to do this. It will cause problems if you don’t attach boat-mounted spotlights properly.

History of Boat Spotlights

Darkness has always been dangerous for boats and lighting has always helped people stay safe. Lighthouses have protected sailors from harm for centuries. 

Recognizably modern searchlights have been around since the 1800s. They were originally carbon arc lamps connected to lenses that pointed the light in one direction. Searchlights were used on military boats in the 1870s and 1880s.

Twentieth Century

By 1907, boat searchlights were common. They were used to prevent accidents like they still are today. They were also used in the first and second world wars to track targets.

Recent Decades

Searchlights have improved in recent times because of LED technology. LEDs make boat spotlights more powerful, longer-lasting, and more energy-efficient. 

Boat Spotlight FAQs

Why Are Spotlights for Boats Necessary?

Boats need spotlights for the same reasons that cars need headlights. If you are going around in the dark with little or no light, you might hit something. Boats also can’t stop immediately, so you need to see something before you are too close to have time to stop.

You can also use a spotlight as a signaling device to communicate with or warn other people. You can also go fishing at night if you have a spotlight. You can use it to check the fishing line and to illuminate the fish you are catching. 

Hand-Held vs Built-In Spotlights

Built-in spotlights are not easy to lose or damage. They stay in the same spot, so you can’t bump or drop them like you can with hand-held spotlights. Hand-held spotlights may also run on batteries, so you have to remember to charge them before you leave and make sure they don’t run out. 

Should you get a boat-mounted spotlight? It depends on whether you plan to move your spotlight around or not. If having your spotlight in a fixed location (but being able to point it where you want) is fine, go with a boat-mounted spotlight. 

It is much easier to find a super bright spotlight that is boat mounted. Handheld spotlights can be bright, but the brightest spotlights are fixed to your boat. Even with modern lithium-ion batteries, a rechargeable marine spotlight is usually not as powerful as one that doesn’t run on batteries. 

What Are Lumens?

Lumens are how we measure the brightness of a light source. Powerful spotlights may provide thousands or even tens of thousands of lumens of light. 

Other types of lights don’t need a lot of power. Step lights only need 12-100 lumens, lamp posts 120-180, and floodlights 700-1300. Spotlights are more powerful so that they can illuminate objects that are far away. 

What is the Best Hand-Held Boat Spot Light?

The best choice is probably the Goodsmann LED Spotlight. The Goodsmann is cheap, portable, powerful, and highly waterproof. 

It will float if you drop it, and even if you submerge it underwater, it is too waterproof to be damaged. You can even swim with it without doing any damage. 

What is the Best Boat Mounted Spotlight?

If you are looking for something heavier and boat-mounted, try the Marinco Boat Spotlight. It is powerful, durable, and has a remote control. You can use it to illuminate objects up to a quarter of a mile away and can change the width of the beam. 

What is the Brightest Spotlight?

The brightest light I have tried is the Marinco spotlight. The Marinco is your best bet if you want something premium-quality. 

What is the Best Bass Boat Spotlight? 

For a bass boat, I recommend the Golight 7951GT Radioray Halogen Searchlight. The Golight Radioray is powerful, has a remote control, and resists saltwater and UV rays. It also has a good warranty. 

What is the Most Waterproof Spotlight?

Some spotlights have IP7 ratings, which means you can submerge them up to a meter deep without damage. The Goodsman LED Spotlight is IP8 according to Amazon but IP7 according to Walmart. An IP8 rating means you can submerge it more than a meter deep without damage.

Is it Easy to Find Waterproof Spotlights?

Yes, waterproof spotlights are common. Companies know that people use spotlights on boats, in the rain, and in other situations where they might get wet.

Are Red Spotlights a Good Choice?

Hand-held red spotlights are best for hunting, not boating. Red light won’t scare away animals that easily. 

People hunt coyotes and wild dogs with red light. It doesn’t create shadows the way white light does. In many places, it is not legal to hunt using a spotlight of any color. 

Where Can You Buy Spotlights?

If there are fisheries or marine supply stores near you, they will quite likely have waterproof spotlights. Otherwise, you can order them online. 

If a spotlight isn’t currently available on Amazon, Walmart might have it or might have a very similar product. Just because it isn’t available on Amazon doesn’t always mean it isn’t available anywhere. Other online retailers might have it, and you might be able to order it from the company directly. 

Can You Use a Spotlight While Charging It?

Yes, turning a spotlight on while charging it will usually work. It might not work for all products – perhaps you could drain the battery faster than it charges – but this usually won’t happen. 

Key Takeaways

  • The Marinco Spotlight may be the best available boat spotlight.
  • A spotlight should be powerful, durable, and waterproof.
  • Some spotlights are hand-held, and others attach to your boat.
  • Some batteries are very long-lasting, others not so much.
  • Brightness is the most important thing, so find out how many lumens it has first.