New Pathfinder Boats for 2022 (with Features and Specification)

The Pathfinder brand defined the term bay boat. The team at Pathfinder creates angler-driven designs and functionality on every Pathfinder boat model. Pathfinder is synonymous with quality and performance, with over 30 years of experience crafting shallow-water and light-tackle boats.

Below we include info about all new Pathfinder boats for 2022, Pathfinder specs, and FAQs. Keep reading for everything you need to know about the new Pathfinder boats for 2022.

New Pathfinder Boat Models

The 2022 line of Pathfinder boat models include the: 

  • Pathfinder 2600 TRS
  • Pathfinder 2400 TRS
  • Pathfinder 2200 TRS
  • Pathfinder 2005 TRS
  • Pathfinder 2600 HPS
  • Pathfinder 2300 HPS
  • Pathfinder 2700 Open 
  • Pathfinder 2500 Hybrid 

2022 Pathfinder Boat Values, Specs, and Prices

Below are some specs for the most popular new Pathfinder boats for 2022. 

Pathfinder 2600 TRS

The Pathfinder 2600 TRS has a deeper cockpit and more width than previous models. This boat also features a stepped forward deck for optimal fishing and more storage space than previous models. 

New Pathfinder Boats

The 2600 TRS includes advanced fishing features with style and comfort in mind. 

  • Length Overall: 26 feet 2 inches
  • Beam: 8 feet 10 inches
  • Draft: 15 inches
  • Weight (with engine): 4,240 lbs 
  • Horsepower: 450 HP
  • Passenger Capacity: 10
  • Fuel Capacity: 81 gal
  • Manufacturer Suggested Retail Price: $126,241 w/ F300 XSB

Pathfinder 2600 HPS

The Pathfinder 2600 HPS is one of the most versatile bay boats on the market. This 26-foot bay boat has shallow water and deep water features.

The 2600 HPS is a high-performance boat with large casting decks and a two-stepped hull. 

The 2022 Pathfinder 2600 HPS is built with vacuum infusion technology for better fuel efficiency without sacrificing speed. 

  • Length Overall: 26 feet 2 inches
  • Beam: 8 feet 10 inches
  • Draft: 15 inches
  • Weight (with engine): 4,100 lbs
  • Horsepower: 450 HP
  • Passenger Capacity: 10
  • Fuel Capacity: 104 gal
  • Manufacturer Suggested Retail Price: $115,830 w/ F300 XSB

Pathfinder 2700 Open

The Pathfinder 2700 Open is highly versatile for anglers. 

This 2022 boat model is ideal for both shallow fishing and deep ocean waters. 

The Pathfinder 2700 Open features the forward deck space of a bay boat combined with an open cockpit seen on center consoles. The Pathfinder 2700 Open has ample features for all types of fishers. Some features include insulated fish boxes with a total capacity of 120 gallons and rod racks that hold up to 18 rods. 

The Pathfinder 2700 is built with a VARIS-constructed hull. These boats gain impressive speed with a 450 horsepower engine. 

  • Length Overall: 27 feet
  • Beam:  9 feet 4 inches
  • Draft: 17 inches
  • Weight (with engine): 4,934 lbs
  • Horsepower: 450 HP
  • Passenger Capacity: 4-5
  • Fuel Capacity: 95/126 gal
  • Manufacturer Suggested Retail Price: $132,312 w/F300XSB

Pathfinder 2500 Hybrid

The Pathfinder 2500 Hybrid is the ideal boat for fishers and families that enjoy fishing trips. 

The 2022 Pathfinder 2500 Hybrid has more storage space than before due to its unique design. This boat model features a 45 gallon insulated fish box, notch aft bulkhead, and additional cockpit space aft. 

The Pathfinder 2500 Hybrid uses vacuum infusion technology that delivers high speed and has good fuel economy. 

  • Length Overall: 24 feet 9 inches
  • Beam: 8 feet 6 inches
  • Draft: 13 inches
  • Weight (with engine): 3,500 lbs
  • Horsepower: 400 HP
  • Passenger Capacity: 4-5
  • Fuel Capacity: 78 gal
  • Manufacturer Suggested Retail Price: $107,332 w/ 300XSB 
New Pathfinder Boats

Pathfinder Boat Buyer FAQ:

Can I Customize the Color of My Pathfinder Boat?

Yes, you can customize the color of your Pathfinder boat. Color options include: 

  • Pure White
  • Atlantic Blue 
  • Azul Blue 
  • Sardina Green 
  • Haze Grey 
  • Whisper Grey 

Two-tone and custom color options are available upon request. 

Do Pathfinder Boats Come With Any Warranties?

Yes, Pathfinder boats have a 5-year limited warranty against defects in craftsmanship. Always service your Pathfinder boat with a certified Pathfinder dealer. 

How do I know which Pathfinder boat model is right for me?

To know which Pathfinder boat model is the right one for your needs, take a look at some of the key differences between the models. 

Pathfinder TRS vs. HPS

TRS stands for Third Row Seating. TRS models are suited best for family use and bay fishing. The Pathfinder TRS models have seats that flip up in the rear deck. 

HPS options are typically more expensive and better suited for serious anglers. HPS stands for High-Performance Step Hull, these boat models have stepped hulls designed for better performance. 

Pathfinder Hybrid vs. Open

The Pathfinder 2500 Hybrid and The Pathfinder 2700 Open boat models are hybrid engines that use an electric motor and combustion engine. The Pathfinder 2500 Hybrid is better suited for families and anglers, while the Pathfinder 2700 Open is better suited for hardcore anglers. 

The Pathfinder 2500 Hybrid model can go offshore in most conditions and performs impeccably as a bay boat. The Hybrid has an open aft cockpit and easy-to-navigate deck layout. The 2500 Hybrid is equipped with features like a 42-gallon leaning post live well, three fish boxes, a tackle station, and a double-stepped hull. 

The Pathfinder 2700 Open has a smart and versatile layout for serious anglers. The Pathfinder 2700 Open is 27 feet overall vs. the 24 feet 9 inches on the 2500 Hybrid. 

The Pathfinder 2700 Open has better fuel economy than the 2500 Hybrid. The 2700 Open gets 95-126 gallons compared to 78 gallons on the 2500 Hybrid model. The 2700 Open features digital electric steering. 

Both the Pathfinder 2700 and Hybrid 2500 have VARIS technology. 

Are Pathfinder Boats Expensive?

Pathfinder boats are medium-priced bay boats. Pathfinder models vary and range in price from medium to expensive depending on which engine you choose, size needs, and customizations made. 

How much do Pathfinder boats cost?

Pathfinder boats are made unique for each customer. Depending on your choice of features, engine, and upgrades, the Pathfinder boats range in price between around $50,000 to over $150,000. 

Some pricing examples for new Pathfinder boats for 2022 include: 

  • The 2022 Pathfinder 2200 TRS starts at $58,000
  • The 2022 Pathfinder 2300 HPS starts at $81,000
  • The 2022 Pathfinder 2500 Hybrid starts at 107,000
  • The 2022 Pathfinder 2700 Open starts at $132,000

What Kind of Boat Is a Pathfinder?

Pathfinder boats are bay boats. What are bay boats? A bay boat is a specifically constructed watercraft designed for fishing in shallow waters or nearshore sites. Pathfinder defined the term bay boat when it was founded in 1998. 

Pathfinder boats are popular because they are highly functional, good quality, and versatile. 

Pathfinder boats are designed with anglers in mind, giving all of their boat models an intuitive feel as you maneuver your way around them. From cup holders to rod racks to storage spaces, everything is placed with precision and thoughtfulness, making all Pathfinder boat models highly functional. 

Pathfinder boats are created with high-quality materials. Each boat undergoes a rigorous quality assurance procedure and comes with a five-year warranty to ensure top-notch craftsmanship. 

New Pathfinder boats for 2022 are versatile. Despite being bay boats, many models are suitable for deep waters alongside shallow flats. Pathfinder boats have stepped hulls designed to cover serious ground. 

Are Pathfinder Boats Good Quality?

Yes, Pathfinder boats are good quality boats made in the United States. Pathfinder boat models are angler-designed for those who love to fish and their families. 

Several models use Pathfinder’s proprietary VARIS technology which creates a light but strong watercraft. VARIS stands for Vacuum Assisted Resin Infused System. The VARIS technology creates a single-fused structure that has the highest strength to weight ratio in the industry. 

Every Pathfinder boat is quality assured hundreds of times throughout the production process, it is one of the most rigorous quality control checks in the industry. 

Who Are Pathfinder Boats Made By?

Pathfinder Boats are manufactured by the Maverick Boat Group. The Maverick Boat Group also own popular boat brands like: 

  • Hewes
  • Pathfinder
  • Cobia
  • Maverick

Where Are Pathfinder Boats Manufactured?

Pathfinder boats are proud to be crafted in the United States. Manufacturing of Pathfinder boats takes place in Fort Pierce, Florida.