New Contender Boats for Sale in 2022 (Specs, Reviews & Photos)

Contender has a 35-year history of exceptional craftsmanship and semi-customized boat production. They’re an excellent brand for boats of all kinds, offering fishing, recreational, commercial, and specialty boats.

The company also dips its toes in the water of conservation and wildlife protection, so you know you’re investing in something that will give back to the lakes and rivers you enjoy so much. We’re going to take a look at the best Contender boats of 2022 and give you a clear idea of what’s available to you.

Hopefully, one of the options on this list finds its way into your slip. Let’s get started.

New Contender Boat Models

Contender offers an extensive line of semi-custom boats, so our list won’t be exhaustive. We’ll give you a look at a few new boats that are representative of Contender’s full selection, though.

Hold your questions until the end, too, because we’ll unpack all of the questions and concerns you might have about why these boats are right for you.

44 Canyon Berth

The 44 Canyon Berth is an exceptional boat, built for comfort and power. The boat is reliable, rating high for its size in speed and performance.

Key specifics to consider:

  • Length overall: 43’ 10”
  • Beam length: 12’
  • Draft depth: 27”
  • 19,600 lb weight
  • 600-gallon fuel tank
  • 2,000 horsepower
  • $899,000 starting price

Those specifics don’t tell you much about the experience of the Canyon Berth, though. This boat is ready to fish. It’s also ready to provide you with a high level of comfort. It’s equipped with a freshwater sink, slide-away toilet, fish boxes, under berth storage, and 70-gallon water capacity.

Contender 35ST

The Contender 35ST is a fisherman’s dream. It’s small enough to maneuver wherever you need to take it, with the amenities of a much larger fishing boat. Any fishing trip, even those with five or six skilled fishermen, will be well-equipped with the 35ST.

This is especially true if you want to take your trip out into the deep. Long-range trips are made short by the fact that the 35ST caps up to 70 miles per hour. It’s the option for those who want to feel like a tournament fisherman.

Key specifics to consider:

  • Length overall: 34’ 5”
  • Beam: 9’ 10”
  • Draft depth: 22”
  • 6,600 lb weight
  • 400-gallon fuel tank
  • 1,200 horsepower
  • $169,000 starting price

Remember, these specs are just barebones. We’ll cover some of your customization and add-on options in future sections.

Contender 25 Bay

For those solitary anglers out there, we’ve got the perfect fit for you. High-level fishing is often challenging because you need a solid boat, but boats are considerable investments. Those passionate, expert fishermen are often deprived of a great boat because they don’t have a million dollars to spare.

The 25 Bay is built for whipping around offshore in good conditions and prowling the bay when waters are choppy offshore. Trolling motors, casting platforms, electric reel hookups, and all of the bells and whistles are ready for you.

Key specifics include:

  • Length overall: 25’ 4”
  • Beam: 8’ 6”
  • Draft depth: 12”
  • 90-gallon fuel tank
  • 400 horsepower
  • $89,000 starting price
  • 40-gallon Livewell
  • 12-gallon baitwell

Contender Boat Buyer FAQ

Contender is a brand that offers a lot of variety, so the stock descriptions of the boats above aren’t all that are available to you. Further, there are different Contender Boats that fall between the models we described above. The options in our list just reference the top, middle, and smallest models that you’ll find in the 2022 line.

Let’s look at some of the questions that you might have about making the right choice for your personal needs.

Can I Customize the Color of My Contender Boat?

In most cases, the answer is yes. You can work with Contender to discuss color options.

If there’s an issue with supply or production, you might have a challenge getting the color changed. Further, some of the models might not include the option for a custom paint job. At the same time, Contender boats are known for customization.

You can customize most of the interior and areas of the exterior, so changing the paint shouldn’t be an issue in the majority of cases.

Do Contender Boats Come with Any Warranties?

Contender Boats offers a one-year complete systems warranty. They also have a ten-year “structural hull and deck” warranty for those who buy boats brand new. You’re only qualified for these warranties if you are the original owner of the boat.

How Do I Know Which Contender Boat is Right for Me?

This is the challenge when you’re faced with a wide selection of 2022 boats. All Contender boats are high-quality and efficient for fishing and recreation.

At the same time, there’s a wide range of budget considerations to make. A stock 44 Canyon Berth is about $800,000 more than a stock 25 Bay. It’s important to consider how many people you’ll have with you on an average day, whether or not you require customizations, and what your intentions are for the boat 

The type of fishing you want to do should also come into consideration. Deep-sea fishermen might lean toward a larger boat that’s more equipped for the elements. Those of you who spend all of your time inshore might lean toward a boat like the 25 bay.

Are Contender Boats Expensive?

Contender boats are exceptional, customized boats. In comparison to small bass boats, Contender boats might be considered expensive. When comparing Contender to other brands that provide comparable quality, the cost is reasonable if not affordable in some cases.

Again, there’s also a variety of models with shifting costs. The biggest, fully-customized boat on the line will cost a pretty penny. The stock version of the smallest boat on the Contender line will be affordable, especially if you take financing options into consideration.

How Much Do Contender Boats Cost?

Contender boats cost anywhere from roughly $80,000 to more than $1,000,000 with customizations.

If cost is an important consideration for you, note that certain customizations are unnecessary. Further, you can cut costs by customizing smaller boats to include features of the more expensive options. Financing options also help to manage the immediate cost of buying a boat.

What Kind of Boat is A Contender?

Contender boats are typically fishing boats. Larger options might include some of the comfort and amenities of a recreational boat.

Small models are also effective for transportation and recreation. That said, the majority of customization options and stock features gear toward fishing applications for serious anglers.

Contender boats are popular because they stay on the cutting edge of sportfishing. The boats are well-crafted and able to handle the demands of even the most serious fishermen.

Joe Neber, owner and president of Contender Boats, is also an avid conservationist. The brand supports the sport of fishing as well as the environments where fishing takes place. Those two things give the company a good name and pair well with their exceptional machines.

Are Contender Boats Good Quality?

Yes. Contender boats are regarded with respect in the fishing and boating community. They have a 35-year history of producing professional-level fishing boats. Customizations also improve the quality of particular boats.

Who is Contender Made By?

Contender works with a curated team of boating professionals. Boats are designed and sold by an in-house staff, although there are different facilities where boats get assembled. There isn’t an umbrella company or partner company that helps to make Contender boats.

Where are Contender Boats Manufactured?

Contender boats are manufactured in Florida, which is where they are most commonly sold. The boats are designed to function well in open seas and similar applications, so it makes sense that the boats are manufactured in areas where those activities take place.

What is The Best Contender Model?

That’s up to the buyer! The best model based on cost would be the 44CB (described above).

All boats are geared toward different applications, though. Smaller boats are better at inshore fishing than the 44CB, so the 25 Bay would be a better boat in that scenario. It all depends on context.

Still Looking for Your Perfect Boat?

Hopefully, our look at 2022 Contender boats was useful to you in your search for the best boat. There are lots of options to explore, though, and a whole lot more information to gather. We’re here to help.

Explore our site for more insights into buying a boat, fishing, water sports, and anything else you might need to know about life on the water.