Tow Boat US, Is it Worth Having a Membership?

All boat owners know that when you are out on the water, emergencies and accidents can happen, even when you least expect them. Towboat US aims to solve this problem by assisting recreational boaters with 24/7 dispatch service to their fleet located all across the United States. 

If you are out on the water regularly, you may wonder: is it worth purchasing a Tow Boat US membership? 

Tow Boat US, Is it Worth Having a Membership? 1

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Is Tow Boat US Worth It?

If you are out on the water regularly, getting a membership to Tow Boat US is definitely worth it. Not only does it give you access to a tow boat if you ever need one, you also get lots of other services, including roadside assistance, as well as a ton of discounts.

Even when you least expect it, problems and breakdowns occur when you are on the water. After purchasing a Tow Boat US membership, you can ensure that you will always have an affordable and efficient backup plan. 

If you don’t have a membership and an issue occurs, you can end up paying hundreds of dollars for a sea tow. You might also end up waiting a long time for assistance because dispatch services are not located in your area. 

Tow Boat US is straightforward about its costs and coverage types, so you don’t have to rely on independent water towing companies. When you purchase a membership, Tow Boat US offers peace of mind and assurance that help is inexpensive and close by. 

Tow Boat US provides a variety of membership levels so you can choose the one that best matches your boating lifestyle. Plus, after becoming a member, you have access to many discounts and partnerships across the United States, ensuring that you can get out on the water more regularly. 

Factors to Consider When Deciding on a Tow Boat US Membership

If you are still unsure if a membership is right for you, consider the following factors:

  • How often do you get out on the water?
  • Do you tow your boat to the water with a boat trailer?
  • Where do you boat and how far offshore do you travel?
  • How much do you spend on fuel, repairs, and boating supplies? 
  • Do you have boat insurance? 

If you are out on the water regularly and tow your boat to the water, a Tow Boat US membership is worth purchasing. Additionally, if you often boat to remote places where there are few boating businesses, it is worth being part of Tow Boat US’ extensive network of local franchises. 

Plus, to always prepare for the worst and ensure you have reliable and affordable towing services at your fingertips, membership is worth it. The discounts and partnerships alone can make up for the annual cost. 

What is Tow Boat US?

The Boat Owners Association of the United States, known commonly as Tow Boat US, is a national tow boat provider that began in 1966. 

Tow Boat US partners with boating businesses, towboats, and ports across the country to provide boat-towing services. 

Tow Boat US has over 700,000 members across the United States. They work with over 600 tow boats in 300 regional locations. They assist with boat rescues on the water and provide roadside assistance for boats towed by cars, trucks, and trailers. 

The association also advocates for its members on boating issues in state legislatures, including boating laws, taxes, and fees. They fight to keep boating costs down and reduce regulations on boaters. 

What are the Features of a Tow Boat US Membership?

Now that you know what Tow Boat US is, you wonder whether you should purchase a membership. If you are on the water regularly, Tow Boat US offers many features as part of its membership package. 

Tow Boat US, Is it Worth Having a Membership? 2

24-hour dispatch services for boating issues or emergencies

As much as you prepare, when you are out on the water, anything can happen. As a member of Tow Boat US, you have access to 24/7 dispatch services for any boating problems that arise. Typical issues include low fuel or oil supplies, engine malfunctions, leaks, or battery failures. 

Tow Boat US has multiple call centers located near coastal waterways. You can call their dispatch center 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. They also created a BoatUS app, which you can use to request tows and call for assistance. 

After requesting service, Tow Boat US will quickly send out a dispatcher to address the problem. They will troubleshoot depending on the issue or emergency, but services range from towing the boat back to port or the dock, delivering gas, or jump-starting the boat’s battery. 

Emergency roadside assistance

Tow Boat US not only provides dispatch service on the water but will assist with roadside emergencies while you tow your boat. Similar to their services on the water, Tow Boat US will tow your car, trailer, or truck in the event of a breakdown while you are transporting your boat. 

Membership also includes assistance with other boat transportation issues like low fuel, jump-starting your vehicle, retrieving lost keys, or problems with boat ramps or trailers. 

Price cuts on boating repairs, decals, and fuel

While Tow Boat US is known for its emergency and towing services,  membership also gives you access to a range of discounts and partnerships. 

You can work directly with Tow Boat US to design and purchase boat decals, lettering, and striping. They offer customizable options to personalize your boat’s design at affordable prices. 

Tow Boat US also partners with retailers and boating businesses across the country to provide their members with discounts and price cuts. Tow Boat US partners with major retailers, including:

  • Budget
  • Diesel Doctor
  • T-Mobile
  • Tucket Footwear
  • West Marine

Members receive price cuts on everything from fuel, oil, and diesel, to car or truck rentals, boat shows, waterproof products, and navigation services. 

Affordable boat insurance

Because unexpected accidents happen, it is important to have boat insurance. With insurance coverage, you can ensure that your vessel is protected whenever it is on the water. Tow Boat US partners with Geico, the national insurance company, to provide discounted policies to their members. 

They offer policies for different types of boats and experience levels. With a range of policies to choose from, you can choose your monthly premium and type of coverage based on your boating preferences. 

Tow Boat US also works directly with Geico to process claims efficiently after accidents happen or repairs are needed so that you can get compensated quickly. 

What are the Membership Levels and Costs?

Tow Boat US offers a tiered membership system with different levels and pricing to choose from. All memberships are annual and will need to be renewed each year. 

To determine whether a Tow Boat US membership is worth it, look at a breakdown of membership levels, services, and costs. 

Basic Membership

The Basic Membership is only $25 annually. At this level, members get access to 24/7 emergency towing services. Members also receive discounts and products from Tow Boat US partners. 

For any towing dispatch needed at this membership level, Tow Boat US will cover $50 of expenses. After the initial $50, the boat owner will need to cover all costs out of pocket. 

Unlimited Freshwater Towing Membership

The Unlimited Freshwater Towing Membership is $99 annually. You receive all the membership perks from the Basic Membership, plus Tow Boat US will cover half of all costs if your boat needs a tow from one dock to another location. 

At this membership level, Tow Boat US will completely cover all of the costs for any emergency services or towing needed on the water. This means that if your boat is low on fuel, your engine malfunctions, there is a leak, your boat is grounded, or there is another unforeseen issue, Tow Boat US covers 100% of the costs. 

Tow Boat US will also cover up to $2,500 if your boat needs to be moved outside of the company’s service sector. 

The Unlimited Freshwater Towing Membership covers only fresh bodies of water, including lakes, rivers, ponds, or wetlands. It is important to note that this membership does not include any bodies of water in Florida. 

Unlimited Saltwater Membership

The Unlimited Saltwater Membership is $165 annually. This level is Tow Boat US’ most popular membership option. 

This membership level includes all of the benefits of the Unlimited Freshwater and Basic Memberships, but it services all saltwater areas, including oceans, lakes, and rivers, on the Pacific, Eastern, and Gulf coasts. The Unlimited Saltwater Membership does include service throughout all of Florida. 

Unlimited Gold Towing Membership

The Unlimited Gold Towing Membership is the most expensive choice at $200 annually. At this level, members receive all the benefits from the Unlimited Saltwater Membership, plus some additional features. 

Tow Boat US will entirely cover the costs if your boat needs to be transported to a different location or dock, rather than only paying 50%. You can also receive refunds for up to $3,000 if your boat needs to be transported outside of the company’s service jurisdiction. 

The Verdict: Is a Tow Boat US Membership Worth It?

Now that you know about the membership levels and costs associated with a Tow Boat US membership, you may still be wondering: is a membership worth it? We break down the pros of the membership and the factors you should consider before making a decision. 

Final Thoughts

Based on Tow Boat US’ prices and benefits, we believe membership is worth purchasing. At under $100 or $200 a year, you can rest assured that you will never be stranded on the water.