How Do I Quit Freedom Boat Club?

Have you enjoyed having a Freedom Boat Club membership but life got in the way and, now, you need to cancel the membership? You might be getting older, and you can’t handle the boating lifestyle any longer. Or you may have had financial hardships due to job loss and can’t take on the monthly dues of a boat club. 

Whatever your reasons, there are simple steps you can take to quit Freedom Boat Club and cancel your membership. However, before we get into cancellation processes, we should define what this club is all about, how much it costs to join, the length of the contract, and the terms of service. Keep reading our guide below to learn all about it!

What is Freedom Boat Club?

Freedom Boat Club is a place where members can enjoy a boat ride without any hassle. Members merely need to book a boat in advance and take it out on the water for a certain amount of time once they get to the port.

Freedom Boat Club was founded in Sarasota, Florida in 1989. This is the biggest and oldest boat club in the United States. Before boat clubs came around, the typical people sailing on a sailboat or driving deck boats were boat owners or people with a friend or family member who owns a boat.

Currently, there are more than 20,000 members in Freedom Boat Club located all across the globe, ranging from the United States and Canada to European nations. 

Whether you are a newcomer to boating or you’ve been sailing for decades, Freedom Boat Club is a perfect choice, as it can train you to drive a boat and provides veterans with ports all over the world.

How Much Does It Cost to Join Freedom Boat Club?

There are two specific parts you’ll need to pay for to gain a Freedom Boat Club membership. First, you’ll need to pay a one-time fee to join the club initially. Then, you’ll need to pick a membership plan and cover the costs of the monthly dues for your particular plan. 

Both the one-time fee and the monthly dues vary greatly depending on the plan you choose and the place where you live and plan to go boating. Some cities and popular destinations tend to be pricier, while other locations may be more affordable. 

In addition, places like Florida and other places open year-round can have higher monthly dues because they need to handle the costs of maintenance, staffing, and operations all year long. Cooler climates, however, may operate only seven or eight months of the year, which means their monthly dues will be less expensive.

If you look at the costs on average, then the one-time entry fee is about $5,000, while the monthly membership dues are around $349.

How Long Does a Freedom Boat Club Membership Last?

Freedom Boat Club does not have a long-term contract and makes it easy to cancel your membership if you ever need to. It’s easy to both join the club and to cancel your membership. Essentially, the majority of Freedom Boat Clubs found around the world have a one-year membership term. 

Yet, despite the one-year contract term, the membership will continue if a member does not provide in writing that he or she wishes to cancel their membership. The majority of the contracts provided through this boat club have cancellation notices stipulating that a cancellation needs to be made anywhere from 30 to 90 days in advance. 

As such, if you request a termination of your membership within the specified timeframe and give written notification of your request, the cancellation will take place upon the end of the notification period. 

What Are the Terms of Service?

Freedom Boat Club’s terms of service include an automatic renewal of your subscription including the collection of annual or monthly fees. To cancel a subscription, you’ll need to submit the cancellation in writing to Freedom Boat Club.

Furthermore, this organization has the right to change payment terms and fees with at least 30 days of prior written notice. At that point, you have up to 30 days to cancel your membership if you do not wish to pay the new terms of service.

This boat club also reserves the right to change or replace any portion of the terms of service. Members will need to pay close attention to the terms of service in case any changes are made in the future.

Now that we better understand the costs of a membership plan and the terms of service, it’s time to learn how Freedom Boat Club members can cancel their membership and quit the organization.

How Do I Cancel My Membership and Quit Freedom Boat Club?

While Freedom Boat Club does boast an annual retention rate of 93 percent among its members, there are times when a member must cancel his or her membership. For instance, sometimes people may have an illness or grow older and be unable to boat any longer. Other times, someone may face financial difficulties and won’t be able to cover their monthly fees.

So, in such a case, how do you cancel your membership?

Whenever you do need to quit Freedom Boat Club, you can cancel your membership by providing written notice at least 60 days in advance of the requested cancellation day. Speak to the staff at your local Freedom Boat Club to confirm the advance notice timeline to cancel your membership.

In your cancellation letter, add the date you wish to end your membership, your name and address, your membership number, email address, and telephone number. Send the letter to your local club. Once the staff members process the cancellation, they will contact you to confirm that it was completed.

How Do I Quit Freedom Boat Club?

Perks of a Freedom Boat Club Membership vs. Disadvantages

Nonetheless, there are reasons to stay. Some of the perks and benefits of a Freedom Boat Club membership are:

  • An entire fleet of ships to choose from, including sailboats, fishing boats, pontoon boats, deck boats, and more
  • Boating lessons and unlimited training both in the classroom and on the water
  • Ports located in Europe, Canada, and the United States, including Florida
  • Parties and social events planned for members
  • Not needing to cover the costs of boat maintenance and insurance

Yet, there are still disadvantages that may cause you to cancel your membership. Some of these are:

  • Having to book a boat well in advance
  • Only having a specific time (such as morning or afternoon) to go boating
  • High costs at certain popular destinations
  • Potentially being responsible for a broken part of the boat that the previous boater caused

Wrap Up

After reading this guide, you should have a good understanding of how to properly cancel your Freedom Boat Club membership and quit the club. Make sure to provide written notice of your cancellation to your local chapter of the boat club. 

You’ll need to include your name, address, phone number, email address, and boat club membership number. Once you’ve canceled your membership, you can breathe a sigh of relief and know that you can now save that money to spend on other activities or necessities.