Everglades Boats For Sale – Specs, Reviews, and Photos

Are you interested in purchasing a boat from the renowned manufacturers at Everglades? Or do you want to learn more about this unique brand? Whether you’re looking for a fishing boat, a family cruiser, or just want to explore what makes Everglades so well-regarded, you are in the right place! 

This guide will take a look at some of Everglades best models and answer questions that any potential buyer needs answering. Let’s take a closer look at Everglades!

Everglades New Boat Models

Everglades has been in the boat-making business for over 20 years and is known as a high-quality manufacturer. Their designs are often minimal and elegant, with an emphasis being placed on quality and safety. Check out a few of their more popular offerings! 

2022 Everglades Boats Values, Specs, and Prices

Here are are all the details for Everglades’ new boats.

Everglades 335cc Center Console

The center console design that this boat features was designed in part by Bob Dougherty, Everglades’ founder. It uses this setup to be an ideal boat for fishing, cruising, a cottage commute, or any combination of the three you need. 

There is ample seating available, so your family has room to relax about the vessel while you fish from the back. This combination of practicality and luxury is a staple amongst all Everglades boats, from their comfortable yet unsinkable hulls to their unique cooler system that can store the catch of the day or your evening’s refreshments. 

This hull provides safety in rough conditions and manages to remain comfortable as well thanks to its foam-filled fiberglass design. The 335cc’s practical and luxury features are all customizable upon ordering from Everglades, and much of the seating is foldable or retractable in case you need the extra room on deck. 


  • Dry Weight: 10,330 lbs
  • Length: 32′ 4″
  • Fuel Capacity: 306 Gallons
  • Starting Price: $410,650.00 
Everglades Boats For Sale – Specs, Reviews, and Photos 1

Pros: This boat is a true happy medium between an angler-focused fishing machine, and a yacht to park in the lake at your next family reunion. It comes at a relatively hefty price tag, but you get a well-built versatile product in return. 

Cons: This is not a light boat, despite its many innovations in its construction. Much of this weight can be attributed to its luxury features like a high-tech audio system, so this may be the perfect compromise! 

Everglades 253CC Bay Boat

Like the 335cc, this center consoled vessel is a hybrid fishing boat and luxury boat. Many important fishing features such as coolers and storage are built-in, but they don’t get in the way if you’re simply taking a pleasure cruise with some friends and parking for lunch. 

While it’s described as a bay boat, the 253CC will be comfier in more open and choppy scenarios as well. This is due to another classic Everglades fiberglass foam hull. While the prices these boats command are on point with other luxury brands, the base price of the 253CC includes many extravagant features at no extra cost. 


  • Dry Weight: 5250 lbs
  • Length: 24′ 9″
  • Fuel Capacity: 100 Gallons
  • Starting Price: $249,000.00
Everglades Boats For Sale – Specs, Reviews, and Photos 2

Pros: Everglades has truly built a versatile boat here, which is no easy feat. None of its luxury features are over the top or excessive, yet it is comfortable. Ample fishing equipment is included, but it doesn’t take away from any of the stern seating or passenger visibility. 

Cons: There are few cons to discuss with the 253cc. If you are looking for a more sport-focused boat or one that only emphasizes luxury, there are alternatives available. Want a compromise that doesn’t disappoint? Test drive a 253 today! 

Everglades 340DC Dual Console

Searching for a larger boat for the fishing enthusiast in your life that wants a dual console? This is an exciting option. At a relatively large 33.5 feet long, without its motors, this vessel is a sturdy platform from which to plunder the depths for game fish. 

Between the length, and the dual console, this is a very comfy boat for both fish-crazed anglers and their passengers who are just along for the ride. 


  • Dry Weight: 13,000 lbs
  • Length: 33’6’
  • Fuel Capacity: 300 Gallons
  • Starting Price: $489,900

Pros: This is a true fishing machine. If you have explored the aforementioned options and want something slightly more purpose-built, this may be your option!

Cons: While a lot of luxury is incorporated in this fishing machine, there are cheaper and comfier options available if 90% of your use for it will be leisure. 

Everglades Boat Buyer FAQs

So now you know more about the 2022 lineup from Everglades. Whether you’re about to test drive one of these vessels to see if it’s the one for you, or if you’re just curious about their unique stats and facts, you might have more questions about Everglades boats. Let’s answer some of the more common ones! 

Can I customize the color of my Everglades boat?

There are many options available on Everglades’ website for color combinations, and they can be combined as well. 

Do Everglades boats come with any warranties?

Yes! A three-year warranty is standard, as well as a lifetime guarantee on your Everglades’ hull. 

How do I know which Everglades boat is right for me?

The boat-specific information above should give you a fair idea about several different styles of boat. When in doubt, look up a few others from each category or contact Everglades directly!

Are Everglades Boats Expensive?

These boats deliver excellent quality, but the brand is confident in themselves enough to know their worth and price accordingly. 

How Much Do Everglades Boats Cost?

Everglades Boat prices get as low as $50,000, and as high as $900,000, depending on the size, model, and options you’re considering. 

What Kind of Boat Is an Everglades Boat?

Everglades Boats are offshore fishing boats, offered as Bay Boats, Center Console boats, or Dual Console boats. 

Everglades Boats are a popular manufacturer thanks to their commitment to quality, reputation, and versatility. Many companies stress their great designs and use of excellent materials, but Everglades has lived up to this for more than 20 years. 

Those 20 years of high-quality building have been helped by the extra 30 years of experience that founder Bob Dougherty brought to the table when he started Everglades. Dougherty pioneered several technologies and techniques between the 1960s and Everglades’ inception. 

Are Everglades Boats Good Quality?

The answer to this should be clear after reading our buyer FAQs, but it is worth saying again: Everglades boats are known for being excellent quality! They are priced accordingly, however, so don’t expect to find them at a bargain-basement boat show.

Who Are Everglades Boats Made By?

Some 80 percent of Everglades Boat components are made in-house at their factory. This autonomy guarantees ample quality assurance. Streamlined manufacturing practices allow the company to produce upwards of a boat per day, under one roof. 

Where Is Everglades Boats Manufactured?

The Everglades factory is located just north of Orlando Florida, in a town called Edgewater. Most of their components, even metal and wires, are made at this facility by a core workforce of 300 employees. 

What Is the Best Everglades Model?

While a customer’s needs and priorities can fluctuate, the overall best model may just be the 335cc. Although all of Everglades’ boats strive for versatility, this midsized model truly combines several boating worlds. 

Everglades puts fishing first with many of their boats, but the customizable nature of the 335cc means that it’s even more of a chameleon than some of the company’s other vessels. Plus, it’s small enough to maneuver nimbly while still being big enough to bring the family along! 

In Summary

So now you know a little more about Everglades, and the quality boats they produce. Blending luxury, practicality, and the overall cost can be a serious juggling act. Everglades commits to this juggling act with excellent results. 

The brand does not pretend to be inexpensive, nor do they attempt to mass-produce their innovative designs and open up new factories across the country. Instead, they have built up a business doing the absolute best they can do at a scale that suits them. Is an Everglades boat right for you? Take one for a spin and see for yourself!