Best Pump to Blow Up Inflatables – Top Five Choices

Are you a proud owner of an inflatable kayak, bouncing castle, or a camping air mattress? Are they constantly deflating, and you waste a lot of hours pumping them up? Well, get yourself the best pump for inflatables and you can kiss your problems goodbye.

The history of inflatable objects is long and radical, but as technology has proved, the sky is the limit. What we have today are sophisticated pieces of equipment that are every bit of fun for our pastimes. They come in various sizes, shapes, and capacities.

However, the one thing they all cannot do without is air. And the idea of blowing it with your mouth or by hand is simply exhausting, hence the need for a pump.

But finding the right type of pump is almost as tasking, not with serious considerations to make such as the quality, design, capability, affordability, and features. Lucky for you, here are the best pumps to blow up inflatables.

Best Pumps for Inflatables

1. AGPTEK Quick-Fill Air Pump – Best for Pool Floats

If you need an electric high-volume pump for your pool floats, the AGPTEK Quick-Fill Air Pump is your best bet. Unlike most air pumps on the market, this product has a dual function with an air pressure of 0.5 PSI, which means you can inflate or deflate a variety of architectures, including inflatable mattresses, pool rings, cushions, and some boats.

The most desirable features about the AGPtEK Portable Quick-Fill Air Pump are its stellar build, portable design, and versatility. It is compact, less bulky, and can be conveniently carried about.

Better yet, it comes with three nozzle sizes for compatibility with different types of inflatables. As such, it works with different indoor and outdoor applications. Users love it because it makes an easy pump for inflating pool rings and mattresses.

Compared to other air pumps, such as BOMPOW Electric Air Pump, for instance, it supports 110V AC/12 V DC power supply, which means you can plug it in your regular outlet or your car.

The length of the cords is decent. For the AC adapter, the cord measures 4.4 feet whereas the DC cord measures up to 6.56 feet long. If you need an air pump with a longer cord, this might be a cause of concern for you.

Despite also being a bit slow because of its small nature, this air pump is easy to use – to inflate and deflate you just match the nozzle with the valve on your inflatable and turn the power on – can be conveniently carried to your campsite or pool, and is ideal for multitasking.


• Versatile and ideal for many indoor and outdoor applications

• Dual function – inflates and deflates

• Compatible with both AC and DC power outlets and has three nozzles for different inflatables

• User-friendly, compact, and lightweight for portability


• The power cord length is short

• Not the best for large inflatables, it is slow

2. Intex Quick-Fill AC Electric Air Pump – Best Raft Pump

The Intex Quick-Fill Electric Air Pump is another nifty product for anyone looking to quickly blow up that inflatable rafts for a quick run to the shore. It is light and compact enough to be carried around with ease. Qualifying as the ideal bet for most inflating jobs, this unit can be plugged into any standard 110/120-volt wall outlet.

What I love about this air pump is its efficiency and reliability in regards to the build and performance. With a dual-mode functionality, its maximal airflow of 650 liters a minute is sufficient to inflate and deflate several air items in a jiffy.

Moreover, it comes equipped with three nozzle sizes that are interconnected for different valve sizes. This makes it one of the most versatile suits for both adults and kids, after all, it strictly abides by CSA and UL standards.

What is more, the pump is available in a series with various capabilities. Other versions in its category include a battery-powered pump, a car plug pump, a high-flow wall plug, among others. Like many units in the series, this particular product comes with precise attachments that can inflate air mattresses, pool floats, and inflatable cushions.

Its setup includes a hose that can be connected to the raft for blowing it up. However, using it is not always a cinch. The need for proximity makes you lean too close to the pump, and it can get a bit noisy.

It is worth noting that it doesn’t have a pressure gauge for high-pressure items such as rubber tires or basketballs. Other than that, performance is surprisingly better than you’d expect, and it is also cheap compared to most pumps on the market today.


• Has three interlocking and assorted nozzles

• Small and compact design for portability

• Ideal for rafts and most indoor items

• Strictly complies with CSA and UL standards


• Can get noisy during operation

• Some users question its durability

3. BOMPOW Electric Air Pump – Best for Inflatable Toys

Quite similar in design to the electric AGPtEK Portable Quick-Fill Air Pump, the BOMPOW Electric Air Pump is another compact and easy-to-use equipment for blowing up indoor inflatable toys as well as tubes and small kayaks. It has a pressure of 0.58 PSI, which is slightly stronger than its counterpart, but is only compatible with the 110v AC socket.

Designed to be ergonomically portable, this electric air pump is highly convenient, both in handling and use. It also comes with three nozzles for the flexibility of pumping air into inflatable objects with different valve sizes. I love how it easily pumps up a king-size air mattress in just a few minutes!

Despite its greatness, the AC power compatibility might be a challenging feat for certain outdoor activities. However, the manufacturer has the same model with various capacities, including support for both AC and DC outlets. These versions are also large and ideal for bigger inflatables.

The BOMPOW Electric Air Pump, nonetheless, saves you more energy and does not limit your usage. It fits perfectly in your palm and is quite efficient and a dependable inflating and deflating partner for various jobs. The cord length is sized at 5.3 feet, which is decent for most home applications.

While its performance is decent and the noise produced is not distracting, it is highly recommended that you follow the manufacturer’s directions while using this product since it tends to overheat.


• Different nozzle sizes for various applications

• Easy and quick inflation and deflation of indoor toys and equipment

• Features a compact, light, and comfortable design


• Tends to overheat

• Compatible with only AC power

4. Etekcity High Power Air Pump – Best for Inflatable Boats

Etekcity High Power is a beautiful high-powered pump for many inflatable boats, including rafts and kayaks. It is quite versatile and incredibly quiet, thanks to its un. But apart from the truly impressive performance it provides, what sets it apart from the units in this list is that it has a handle for your convenience.

In terms of design and power supply, this air pump is slightly bigger and a bit bulky compared to the other pumps discussed here. The carry handle, however, solves this issue. Meanwhile, you can use it with a standard 120-volt AC outlet.

With a powerful motor, it can dispense up to 600 liters of air a minute, which means that you can inflate a large boat, paddle boat, or raft in minutes. You can equally deflate it without a hassle, and with its two accompanying nozzles, it can fit most valves for inflatables such as pools, swimming rings, sofas, pool toys, and waterbeds among others.

What I love about Etekcity High Power Air Pump is the safe, fast, and reliable operation created by the innovative metal impeller and premium roller bearings. This combination ensures that you do not overheat the unit.

However, it comes highly recommended that you do not push the pump continuously for 15 minutes. It will overheat and begin stalling. When this happens, it won’t inflate or deflate your boat easily.


• High-pressure pump for large inflation jobs

• Has interlocking nozzles with secure locks ideal for most inflatables on the market

• Reduced noise through insulation

• High-pressure rating

• Comes with a metal impeller and built-in ball bearing


• Isolated complaints about unit heating up

5. Intex Double Quick III Hand Pump – Best for Tubes

If you would rather have a hand pump that is portable for various recreational activities, then the Intex Double Quick III Hand Pump is your ideal choice. It works great for tubes, but can also be used for other inflatables such as pool rings, yoga balls, toys, and beds. The pump is a beginner-friendly choice that operates most conventionally.

It is incredibly durable and is available in various sizes. For instance, this particular pump is 19 inches in size, but there is a smaller version that measures 14.5 inches. They are both lightweight with a durable design and an elegant finish.

On top of the beautiful construction, it offers a double-action pump with optimized airflow. It is the quietest on our list and is equipped with three interconnected nozzles with strong hoses for easy setups and convenience during operations.

Despite it being lightweight and highly portable, since it is not electric, it is worth remembering that it requires a little bit of effort to blow up any inflatable. As such, it may not be the best choice for large items such as huge mattresses or bouncing castles. But if you are a hands-on person, that is a trade-off.


• A practical and simple-to-operate choice for most inflatables

• Comes with three interconnected nozzles with strong hoses

• Features a double-action pump with maximized and optimized airflow

• Highly durable, lightweight, flexible, and convenient for most operations

• No noise


• Requires some effort to get the job done

• Not the best for large inflatables

Bottom Line

There are lots of good options out there on the market, but in your quest to find the best pump to blow up inflatables, pay attention to the specifications such as nozzle diameter and the type of valve in your inflatable.

You want to make sure that the two are compatible. Other features to consider include pressure rating, quality, noise level, length of the cord, and portability.