Bennington Boats For Sale (2022) – Specs, Reviews, and Photos

You may have heard about Bennington boats, particularly when it comes to their versatility and amenities. Certainly, Bennington has been steadily building a solid reputation for making high-quality boats ever since they came into the boat-building industry back in the late 90s.

If you’ve been thinking of purchasing one of their models, then you’ll find specs, reviews, and photos to guide you. We will look at some of Bennington’s latest models, delve deeper into the brand, and answer some commonly asked questions about the company. Read on to see what the newest Bennington boat models have to offer and if one is the right fit for you!

New Bennington Boat Models

Bennington was one of the first luxury manufacturers to opt for pontoon-based designs. Their commitment to quality and frequent checks on customer satisfaction has led them to embrace innovative designs that stand the test of time.

2022 Bennington Boats Values, Specs, and Prices

Now, let’s take a closer look at their lineup of models for 2022!

Bennington Boats For Sale – Specs, Reviews, and Photos

Bennington S21 L Bench

If you’re looking for a model that provides a serious aquatic bang for your buck, then the Bennington S21 L Beach is for you. It features seating for ten people and is designed to be customizable to meet your needs. There’s a sun pad if you want to stretch out and catch some rays, and standard L-shaped seating for those who would prefer to lounge.

To add to its overall appeal, there are numerous optional add-ons perfect for socializing with large groups. Even at its most basic, the S21 still boasts plenty of ample storage and space. This model is exceptionally sturdy and durable, so you and your passengers can let your shoulders down on the water.


  • Dry Weight: 2205 lbs
  • Length: 20′ 6″
  • Fuel Capacity:21.4 gal


Storage, flexibility in available options, and the aforementioned low price make this boat a standout choice for those looking for a safe, sturdy, and cost-effective vessel.


There are not many cons to discuss, though the engine could prove to be an issue as loud noises aren’t the most relaxing. Fortunately, this can be potentially soundproofed, and if you can make the compromise, you will get a lot of boat for your money.

Bennington 2575 RCW I/O Sport Tower

This versatile option from Bennington offers buyers a spacious design that can fit about 12 people on its comfy deck. Its wide-open design and ample space features plenty of amenities, making it a popular choice for those who wish to entertain on open water.

A few things are optional extras, which is something to consider if you’re a first-time buyer or feel like those extras are essential. Among these are a rear safety bar, and equipment with which to tow jet skiers behind the boat. This pontoon vessel is priced reasonably for what you get, but getting the full package will require a greater outlay from buyers.


  • Dry Weight: 4032 lbs
  • Length: 25′ 9″
  • Fuel Capacity: 58.7 gal


There’s room for not only a myriad of seated passengers but also lots of open space in which to mix and mingle. If you want to bring your iced latte on board, or are not driving and fancy a mid-afternoon cocktail, there are also numerous cup holders aboard to turn this boat into a luxury hangout spot.


There are few cons to discuss with the 2575 RCW, other than the unexpected add-ons that are not free of charge. Upgrades are no surprise to boat customers, but be sure to check what is and isn’t included before you park this vessel on a trailer and head out on your next trip.

Bennington SX 22 Swingback

For a sportier option than some of the abovementioned vessels, you’ll want to check out the SX22 Swingback! It’s still plenty comfy, and the engine noise is quieter than some of the lower budget Benningtons,

Even those of us who are not speed demons understand that a faster boat means more towing capacity. Certainly, this model has ample power to take on a variety of watersports. Despite this, it still maintains decent fuel economy alongside an auxiliary fuel tank for the more gas-thirsty sailor. So even if that 35-gal tank is getting low, you won’t have to worry about getting stranded or cutting short your day out. 


  • Dry Weight: 2491 lbs
  • Length: 21’6’
  • Fuel Capacity: 35 gal


Noise reduction, fuel economy, and comfort all unite in this excellent vessel. It is nothing if not a well-rounded boat.


This is an excellent vessel. However, it’s important to bear in mind that you do tend to pay for the power and comfort when compared to other offerings from Bennington.

Bennington Boat Buyer FAQ

So now you have had a chance to check out Bennington’s latest 2022 lineup. Do you still have questions about Bennington and its newest models? Or do you want to know a little more about the Bennington brand before you tour one of their vessels in person? Whatever you’re looking for, we have put together an FAQ for you. Let’s get to the bottom of some common ones!

Can I customize the color of my Bennington boat?

Most of Bennington’s boats are built to order, giving buyers lots of customization. Color is one of the first choices you have when looking at a new build. While there are a lot of options available, custom colors are not explicitly available on Bennington’s website.

Do Bennington boats come with any warranties?

Yes! When buying a new Bennington, customers are treated to a ten-year warranty. It does come with some fine print, but this is still an excellent deal.

How do I know which Bennington boat is right for me?

Each of the three boats has features that make them stand out from the crowd and meet specific needs. Of course, if none of these don’t match your requirements for the perfect nautical adventure, then check out Bennington’s website to see how to customize them.

Are Bennington boats expensive?

These are excellent boats, and unlike some of their more expensive competitors, sit somewhere in the middle of the price spectrum. That doesn’t mean you won’t get plenty of features, and Bennington prides itself on delivering top-notch quality at reasonable prices.

How much do Bennington boats cost?

Bennington Boat prices come as low as the mid $20,000 range, reaching higher thresholds based on their size, outfitting, and options you’re considering.

What kind of boat is a Bennington?

Bennington makes medium to high-end pontoon boats, suitable for cruising, fishing, and even some water sports.

Bennington has become a leading brand because of its consistently high-quality approach to pontoon boat technology. Pontoon boats are often heavy and bulky work-horse style vessels, and Bennington has taken the benefits of this robust design while making it sleeker and more efficient.

Are Bennington boats good quality?

From the outset, Bennington has been committed to building excellent quality vessels that place an emphasis on being versatile, sturdy, reliable, and durable.

Who is Bennington Made By?

Bennington boats are made by Boat Holdings Limited, which is owned by the brand Polaris. Compared to some of their competitors, Bennington is a relatively newer brand only founded in 1997. 

Where is Bennington Manufactured?

Since its foundation, Bennington boats have been made almost exclusively at their yard in Elkhart, Indiana. This continues to be the case despite a 2018 buyout of the manufacturer.

What is the best Bennington model?

The SX 22 is an excellent choice and perhaps one of the most balanced offerings from Bennington. It offers speed, power, ample fuel capacity, and lots of features, making it suitable for a range of boating needs.

The S21 L Bench deserves an honorable mention for its combination of price and style.

In Summary

So now you know more about Bennington, as well as the boats they produce. With Bennington, luxury, practicality, and pricepoint effortlessly meet on a sun deck.

Bennington has earned an outstanding reputation thanks to a clear commitment to quality. That reputation is sure to be further built with the addition of the SX 22, 2573, and the S21 L to their lineup.

With an extensive catalog beyond those three models, there is bound to be a boat to meet your needs. If Bennington sounds like the brand for you, your next step is to take one out for a spin and head for open waters!