Are Yacht Clubs Worth It? Answered!

Do you love to go boating and fishing off a boat? Have you often rented boats or taken a family member’s yacht out to sea? If so, you might be wondering about the benefits of yacht clubs or boat clubs.

So, are yacht clubs worth it? We will attempt to answer this question in our guide below by detailing the benefits and disadvantages of yacht clubs. First, we discuss all the fees end monthly payments required to be a boat club member. 

We also discuss the unlimited training often available to boat club members, the numerous different types of boats you can book, and the potential to travel to various destinations. Keep reading to learn all about it! 

The Fees Required for Boat Clubs

The fees required for boat clubs can range greatly depending on the region, city, or benefits associated with the particular yacht or boat club you’ve chosen. First, you’ll need to pay a one-time fee for membership. Then, there are always monthly dues you’ll need to cover.

You’ll find that the range for the one-time boat club membership fee is between $995 to $6,000. This fee will significantly vary depending on the type of market you live in. You can also choose different membership plans, such as either weekday-only plans or weekend-only plans. This choice will also impact the overall fee you pay.

The Monthly Dues of a Boat Club Membership

The monthly dues of a yacht or boat club membership also vary greatly. These monthly payments depend highly on the region you live in. If you live in Florida or another warm place year-round, expect to pay higher monthly dues.

When a boat club is open year-round, it has more significant fees to cover staff salaries, maintenance, and operations. However, in colder climates, when the boat club is open only six to eight months out of the year, the monthly dues are smaller.

Monthly dues for a boat club membership can range between $149 to nearly $600, depending on the boat club you’ve chosen and the region you live in.

The Advantages and Disadvantages

Besides the potential for high costs associated with a yacht club membership, some other possible disadvantages of becoming a boat club member include:

  • Needing to plan and book a boat for your outing
  • Having a specific time limit for how long you can be out on the water
  • Not being able to reserve the particular boat you want at times
  • Being responsible financially for a malfunction of the boat despite prior users potentially breaking the part

Nonetheless, there are plenty of benefits associated with boat clubs, such as:

  • Using newer boats and having a variety of boats to choose from
  • Convenience related to reserving a boat and heading out on the water
  • Not having to maintain a boat yourself
  • Free training sessions for driving a boat
  • The ability to use boats in different locations when traveling
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Lessons in the Classroom and Out On the Water

If you have a boat club membership, you can also receive free training and lessons on driving a boat or operating a yacht or sailboat. If you join the Freedom Boat Club, you will even benefit from unlimited free training sessions.

You will have the ability to attend both boating courses in the classroom and out on the water. You can learn how to drive a boat on the ocean or a lake. If you don’t have much experience or skills related to sailing, then these free lessons are a great perk of a boat club membership.

The Perks of a Boat Club Membership

There are numerous other perks of a boat club membership you will enjoy. You can potentially obtain the services of a licensed captain on duty who can provide assistance or even steer your ship if you don’t have the skills to sail in more choppy waters.

As previously mentioned, you’ll also gain free training lessons, including on-the-water training, so you can learn how to drive a boat. Best of all, you’ll have a fleet of ships to choose from before booking a yacht.

Many boat clubs also hold parties and gatherings for their members, which is a great perk. Lastly, you won’t need to handle boat maintenance, insurance premiums, or liability if you’re a boat club member compared to an owner of a yacht or sailboat.

The Benefits of the Boating Lifestyle

In general, being part of a yacht club and associating with other members will immerse you in the boating lifestyle. You’ll find that there are tons of benefits you’ll enjoy as part of the boating lifestyle, including:

  • Relaxing out on the water on sunny days, which reduces stress
  • Having a fun activity to take part in every weekend
  • Fishing in the deep ocean or on a lake
  • Exercising your body if you’re operating a sailboat
  • Getting plenty of vitamin D along with fresh air when out boating
  • Spending time in nature, which will benefit your mental health

The Different Types of Boats Available

With a yacht club membership, you will find that the type of boat you choose can change every weekend you’re out on the water. The various boats include:

  • Cruiser yachts 
  • Bowrider boats 
  • Fishing boats 
  • Deck boats 
  • Pontoon boats 
  • Sailboats 

You can even pick a hurricane deck boat, a hydra-sports dual console boat, or an angler center console boat.

Generally, there is an entire fleet of yachts and boats to choose from. You won’t regret a yacht club membership if you want to try out a large number of ships to steer.

The Potential for Traveling and Boating in Europe, Canada, and the United States

If you like to travel and want to take a boat out on the waters in various ports worldwide, joining a yacht club like the Freedom Boat Club is a great idea. 

For example, if you want to take a vacation in Florida with a boat club membership, you can take a boat out on the ocean in that state. In addition, you can book boats in Europe, Canada, and throughout the United States.

Is Freedom Boat Club Worth It? In General, Are Yacht Clubs Worth It?

Generally, a Freedom Boat Club membership and various other yacht clubs are worth the investment. It will cost you less than buying a boat yourself when you pay a one-time fee and monthly dues for a boat club membership.

You’ll also have the perks of free and unlimited boating courses and on-the-water training sessions through Freedom Boat Club. In addition, you won’t have to pay for insurance premium costs or maintenance fees. You’ll also enjoy attending social events with other club members.

Wrap Up

Now that you know all the benefits of yacht clubs like Freedom Boat Club, it might be time to look into purchasing a membership. You’ll love being able to travel and go boating in various ports around the country and even in other countries.

Choosing a specific ship out of an entire fleet is also loads of fun. Before you know it, you’ll be out on the water with the wind in your hair and the sun shining.