All New 2022 Grady-White Boats For Sale

Grady-White has been building saltwater boats since 1959 and is world-renowned for its commitment to safety and quality. The company is based in North Carolina, and specializes in center console coastal fishing boats, although it also produces other types of models.

Grady-White is consistently ranked highest in its category for customer satisfaction, a distinction that no other coastal boat builder has achieved.

New Grady-White Boat Models

All of the newest Grady-White boats have been crafted with the same safety-first approach that Grady-White loyalists have come to expect from 50 years of service. Let’s check out some of the upgrades and improvements on the top models for 2022.

2022 Grady-White Boat Values, Specs, and Prices

2022 Canyon 306

The Canyon 306 is a 30-foot center console boat that’s ideal for serious fishermen who also enjoy spending time on the water with their families and friends. It’s large enough to accommodate several guests and versatile enough to be used for fishing, watersports, anchoring out, or cruising.

The 47 gallon Livewell, rigging station, insulated fish boxes, and rod holders make both freshwater and offshore fishing a pleasure, while the comfortable cockpit and top-of-the-line stereo system make entertaining a breeze.


  • Length (w/o engines): 30’6”
  • Beam: 10’7”
  • Deadrise: 19.5 deg
  • Fuel capacity: 290 gal
  • Max HP: 700HP
  • Passengers: Yacht Certified

Price: Contact a Grady-White dealer

2022 251 CE

The first and only model of its type that Grady-White Boats makes, this 25’ inshore boat is built specifically for fishermen seeking a shallow-water fishing boat. The low gunnels and large casting decks make it easy to boat fish, while the shallow draft allows this coastal explorer to tuck into shallower inshore waters.

Because of its low deadrise angle and trademarked SeaV2 hull, the 251 CE can also venture offshore safely, unlike many other shallow-water fishing boats, making it perfect for anchoring out, cruising, and family boating.


  • Length (w/o engines): 24’7”
  • Beam: 8’6”
  • Deadrise: 16 deg
  • Bridge Clearance: 8’1”
  • Fuel capacity: 78 gal
  • Max HP: 300HP
  • Passengers: 10

Price: Contact a Grady-White dealer

2022 Freedom 235

The Freedom 235 is a dual console boat that packs a ton of big boat features into a small package. Its oversized head, freshwater cockpit shower, transom door, and swim platform are convenient features not typically found on such a small boat. Intended primarily as a family boat, it’s also great for fishing and watersports.

Optional features like a wet bar and extendable lounge seat make this a truly luxurious family cruiser.


  • Length: (w/ swim platform): 25’7”
  • Beam: 8’6”
  • Deadrise: 20 deg
  • Bridge Clearance: 5’7”
  • Fuel capacity: 115 gal
  • Water capacity: 30 gal
  • Holding tank capacity: 10 gal
  • Max HP: 300HP
  • Passengers: 10

Price: Contact one of Grady-White’s local dealers for pricing

2022 Express 370

This model is one of the most beloved Grady-White boats, known as a family cruiser that’s also great for offshore fishing. It is built for performance, with the capacity to handle nearly 1300HP. With a sleeker, sportier look than the walkabout cabin models, it also delivers luxury and comfort that the whole family will enjoy.

Packed with features like an electronic sunroof, spacious cabin with galley and convertible dinette, and roomy enclosed head, it sleeps up to 6 comfortably and makes a fantastic overnighter.

All New 2022 Grady-White Boats For Sale 4


  • Length: (w/o engines): 36’7”
  • Beam: 13’2”
  • Deadrise: 20 deg
  • Bridge Clearance: 10’9”
  • Fuel capacity: 344 gal
  • Water capacity: 54 gal
  • Holding tank capacity: 18 gal
  • Max HP: 1275HP
  • Passengers: Yacht Certified

Price: Contact one of Grady-White’s local dealers for pricing

2022 Adventure 208

The small but mighty Adventure 208 is the backbone of the Grady-White story, as it was one of the first fiberglass models the company ever made. Now in its fifth decade of production, the boat has been through many iterations and is one of the best cabin boats around for first-time boaters and experienced pros alike.

The 2022 model comes packed with features and has been upgraded with the trademarked Grady-White SeaV2 hull, making it ideal for fishing or family fun.

All New 2022 Grady-White Boats For Sale 5


  • Length: (w/o engines): 20’4”
  • Beam: 8’1”
  • Deadrise: 18 deg
  • Bridge Clearance: 8”
  • Fuel capacity: 82 gal
  • Max HP: 250HP
  • Passengers: 8

Price: Contact a Grady-White dealer

Four of the 2022 models of Grady-White boats have been upgraded with newly engineered T-Tops: the Fisherman 216, 236, and 257, as well as the 251 Coastal Explorer. The new T-Top features a painted aluminum frame, fully integrated scratch-resistant windshield, LED spreader lights, and recessed tri-colors.

A fully-integrated storage net, rod holders, and plentiful handholds make this T-Top safe, functional, and beautiful.

Grady-White Boat Buyer FAQ

Can I customize the color of my Grady-White boat?

Yes. You can customize the exterior of your Grady-White boat. Several hull color options—Classic Grady White, Celestial Blue, Coastal Fog, Ocean Mist, Sand, and Sea Glass—are available on most models. All Grady-White interiors feature the sophisticated and luxurious Classic Grady White marine leather.

Do Grady-White boats come with any warranties?

Yes. Grady-White provides a standard 5-year hull warranty and 1-year component warranty. However, anecdotal evidence from previous customers indicates that the company will often fix things that are technically out of warranty because they are committed to taking care of their customers.

How do I know which Grady-White is right for me?

The Grady-White model you choose will depend primarily on your budget and the things you want to do with it. While any of these boats could be used for fishing or watersports, the Canyon 306 is the best option for serious fishermen who plan to take a boat offshore.

The Adventure 208 is a great option for first-time boaters looking to introduce their family to boating, while the Express 370 is a wonderful boat for overnight trips.

Are Grady-White Boats Expensive?

The cost of Grady-White boats is higher than other boats of this type. Grady-White not only builds high-quality, performative boats, they also provide excellent customer service and are strongly committed to passenger safety.

How much do Grady-White boats cost?

Grady-White does not list prices on their website. Third-party dealers list the newest models at around $65,000 for the 18’ model and up to $350,000 for a 30’ model like the Canyon 306.

The Grady-White website offers an excellent boat-builder wizard that allows you to put together the fully customized options for your boat. The company will then send you a quote for your model and desired features.

Potential buyers are encouraged to contact their local Grady-White dealer to get accurate information on pricing.

What Kind of Boat is a Grady-White?

Grady-White boats are primarily intended as fishing boats, and you will often see them referred to as center console or dual console saltwater or coastal boats. Although fishing is the intended activity, Grady-White boats can perform many activities, including watersports, cruising, overnight trips, and anchoring out.

Grady-White is known as a company that makes customer service and safety their top priorities. Customers are loyal and rave about their service and commitment to customer satisfaction. Their boats are high quality, well made, and usually pack a lot of features into a small package.

Are Grady-White Boats Good Quality?

Yes. Grady-White boats have been around since 1959, so the company has over five decades of experience building boats.

Who is Grady-White made by?

Glenn Grady and Don White founded Grady-White boats in 1959. In 1968, the company was purchased by 26-year-old Eddie Smith, who manufactured the first fiberglass boat, and was responsible for many innovations like the SeaV2 hull. It was Smith and his team who turned Grady-White into a world-renowned company.

Where is Grady-White manufactured?

Grady-White boats have been made in Greenville, North Carolina since the company’s inception in 1959.

What is the Best Grady-White Model?

The Adventure 208 is the company’s foundational model, dating back to 1959, and is still one of their best-selling boats. Many people also consider the Gulfstream 23 a top model, and all of the dual console models are incredibly popular.

Grady-White Frequently Asked Questions

Why are Grady-White boats so expensive?

Grady-White boats are more expensive than other similar boats because the materials used to make them are extremely high quality.

The company sources the best outboard motors, hull materials, and stainless components for their boats, and all models are built by skilled craftspeople. There is no mass production of these boats—they are all made-to-order and highly customized.