Best Fishing Paddleboard (Revealed!)

You don’t need to own an expensive fishing boat to enjoy a day out on the water. When you’ve got a stand-up paddleboard (SUP) by your side, you can reel in a stream of fish without too much trouble. But choosing the right one can be tricky.

To find the best inflatable SUP for fishing, you’ll need to consider a few crucial factors, including paddleboard weight limits, features, and price. Fortunately, we’ve got the lowdown to help you pick the smartest fishing SUP for your next trip.

What to Look For When Choosing a Fishing Paddleboard

If you’re serious about finding the best fishing paddleboard, you’ll want to take a few moments to consider a handful of key factors. While nearly all SUPs are inflatable, you’ll still need to consider your new board’s:

  • Weight
  • Weight Limit
  • Features
  • Accessories
  • Price

Let’s explore these influential factors in greater detail to help you choose the best possible SUP for your next fishing expedition. After all, an angler needs top-notch gear to make top-notch casts and catches.


If you’re going to carry an inflatable paddleboard to your favorite fishing spot, you’ll want to choose a lightweight option. Even anglers with convenient parking spots near lakes and rivers may want to choose a paddleboard that’s a little on the lighter side.

Not only will a lighter SUP help reduce your carry weight, helping to save you energy while you head out to go fishing, but it could also feature a higher weight limit. When less of your craft is sinking under its own weight, you’re bound to be more buoyant.

Weight Limit

Paddleboards come in several sizes and types, and they don’t share an identical weight limit. Before you invest in a new fishing SUP, you’ll need to check its weight limit.

It’s always a good idea to choose a vessel that has a weight limit at least 30lbs greater than your current weight. This additional strength will help support any gear or fish you carry along for the ride.


Some SUPs come with practical guiding fins to keep your vessel stable during use. Others have nifty elastic storage areas for bait, lures, and small items. When choosing a new fishing SUP, you’ll need to consider which features you’d most like to see in your paddleboard.

After all, if you’re planning on using your SUP on calm waters, a fin might not be top priority. Equally, if you tend to enjoy light fishing with minimal gear, storage areas might not be of any benefit to you.


Does your preferred SUP come with any accessories? Or do you need to purchase a paddle, air pump, and storage container in addition to your fishing SUP? Many inflatable fishing SUPs come with a wide array of practical accessories that lessen the overall purchase cost.

Unless you already own many of the accessories you need, or you’re fine with purchasing these items on their own, it’s wise to choose an SUP that comes with paddles, patches, and an air pump—At the very least!


Finally, shoppers will need to consider price. The average fishing SUP costs about $300. Naturally, you can also find inflatable fishing paddle boards for less than that amount, or for much more.

Still, you’ll want to invest at least $300 into a new fishing SUP, particularly if you plan on using it to fish on rocky waters. Pricier options often tend to be more durable and rugged than discount paddleboards, and you’ll want to take this into account when choosing an SUP.

Best Fishing Paddleboards

Now that you’re familiar with what things to look for and consider when choosing a fishing SUP, we can explore some of the best fishing paddle boards for anglers of all skill levels. Which of the options below catches your eye?

1) MaxKare Inflatable SUP

When choosing a new fishing paddleboard, you need to weigh your priorities and decide which aspect is most important to you. For example, if you’re hoping to find the most affordable fishing SUP, then the MaxKare inflatable SUP could suit your needs.

It’s one of the best standard paddleboards for anglers and includes several helpful accessories, including a paddle. However, it also includes a few items that most SUP manufacturers forget to include: Repair patches.

Though you likely won’t ever need to use these patches, it’s a thoughtful accessory that could help save the day if your paddleboard is punctured. Though this paddleboard is one of the least expensive options, it might also be the most long-lasting!


  • One of the most affordable fishing SUPs available
  • Includes a repair kit for accidental punctures or tears
  • Resistant to UV damage


  • Only available in one style
  • Storage tie area is very small

2) Roc Inflatable SUP

Anglers that plan on taking home a whopper of a catch will naturally need to choose an SUP with a greater weight limit. This Roc inflatable SUP can support up to 350lbs, which is about 100lbs more than the average competitor.

The standing surface is sheathed in a thick, non-slip material to keep you stable and standing while you reel in prize-winning river monsters. And if you’d like to go paddleboard fishing with the whole family, you’ll be glad to know that this model is available in more than 10 different colors and styles.


  • Has an exceptional weight capacity of 350lb
  • Available in more than 10 eye-catching colors and designs
  • Covered in a non-slip material to keep users standing


  • Has an above-average price
  • Paddle connection button may break after repeated use

3) SereneLife Inflatable SUP

Are you ready to reel-in the biggest fish from the largest nearby lake, river, or shoreline? If so, you’ll need an inflatable fishing SUP that can handle larger water bodies and rougher currents.

The SereneLife SUP could be the best option for foamy surf or roiling lakesides, as it comes with three detachable bottom fins and a few extra inches of length. Both of these features help make the SereneLife inflatable SUP more stable and graceful while out on the water.

However, if you’re hoping to catch a few small fry out by the local pond, this paddleboard may be a little overboard for your needs.


  • One of the longest fishing SUPs available
  • Comes with three attachable bottoms fins for added stability and easier maneuvering
  • A multipurpose option that you could use for multiple activities


  • May not be an appropriate option for smaller lakes, river, or streams
  • Paddle components do not individually float, which could result in a sunk paddle

4) DRIFT Inflatable SUP

While many anglers prefer to fish from their local river or lake system, others take things up a notch by hitting the ocean waters. The DRIFT inflatable SUP could bring out the surfer in you by allowing you to enjoy some paddleboard fishing in true surfing style.

This extra-wide SUP might only support about 250lbs, but it’s one of the most stable paddleboards available. When you could the extra inches of width with this board’s non-slip surface, you’re in for a safe and pleasant journey.


  • One of the most stable SUPs thanks to its extra-wide body
  • Features a comfortable non-slip foam pad surface
  • Has a surfer aesthetic that may appeal to some anglers


  • Is one of the pricier fishing SUPs
  • Can only support up to 250lbs

5) FBSPORT Premium Inflatable SUP

The FBSPORT stand-up paddleboard isn’t the flashiest option, or the most expensive. In many ways, this could be the most average inflatable SUP for anglers. However, there’s nothing wrong about that.

If you’re looking for a standard, no-frills option that gives you only what you need and nothing more, you might enjoy this model. Like many other inflatable SUPs, the FBSPORT paddleboard comes with a paddle, a carrying case, an air pump, and an underside fin. However, this SUP is slightly longer than the average option; It’s 120in long!


  • The included backpack is one of the most compact carrying bags for an inflatable SUP
  • The elastic storage ties are staggered in size to accommodate items of multiple sizes
  • Made of thermosealed PVC material that’s abrasion-resistant


  • The included air pump’s pressure gauge often struggles to reflect the SUP’s internal air pressure, leading to underinflation mishaps
  • One of the heaviest SUPs for anglers, weighing-in at 22lbs

Final Thoughts

Though there are several excellent SUPs from which to choose, we’ve found that the best inflatable SUP for fishing is the Roc inflatable stand-up paddleboard. Though it’s slightly pricier than the average option, it’s also an exceptionally high-quality pick that’s bound to outlast and outlive it’s one-year-warranty.

Finding the best fishing paddle board means comparing weights, features, and costs. It’s also crucial to consider weight limits and included accessories. Be sure to consider how (and where) you intend to use your new paddle boat when selecting a new SUP.

If you’re fishing near a calm shoreline, you might not need the toughest paddle boat. But if you’re planning on fishing near rocky shoals, you’ll want to pick one of the strongest SUPs.

Remember, the best inflatable SUP for fishing is the one that keeps you supported and above water during your trip!