14 Boat Safety Gift Ideas (Nothing says I love you like life-saving boat gear)

If you know someone who owns a boat, first of all: congratulations! There’s nothing quite as rad as being friends with someone who has a boat. Secondly, knowing that your loved one has a boat opens you to a whole world of gift opportunities. Whether it’s a Christmas gift, a Father’s Day treat, or a birthday present, we’ve got you covered. 

14 Boat Safety Gift Ideas (Nothing says I love you like life-saving boat gear)
14 Boat Safety Gift Ideas (Nothing says I love you like life-saving boat gear)

Now is a great time to remind your loved one that boats are fun, but they can also be dangerous. Check out our list of boat safety gift ideas to find a gift that’s useful, fun, and effective on a boat. Even if you’re shopping for yourself, these gift ideas are sure to impress. 

Seachoice Life Vest Set

A life vest may not be the most exciting gift to receive, but it’s a necessary purchase that every boat owner needs to make. As the owner and operator of the boat, your loved one is responsible for the safety of everyone on board.

That’s why the Seachoice Life Vest Set is such a great option. It’s not just one but several life jackets in one convenient package that fits nicely on the deck of a boat. 

The adult 4-pack contains 4 U.S. Coast Guard Type II life jackets designed for people who are 90 pounds and up. This pack works great in a pinch to make sure everyone is prepared to be safe on the water. 

Kelty Sunshade Pop Up

If you’ve spent any amount of time on a boat, you know how absolutely brutal that sun can be. Staying hydrated is super important, but so is protection from the sun. 

The Kelty Sunshade Pop Up is the perfect solution for sun protection on the boat. This canopy pops up into place. You can then attach the three points to the boat with a few pieces of rope. 

Not only will this pop-up ensure your buddy stays safe from heat exhaustion and sunburn, but it provides a comfortable place for everyone to sit and relax throughout the day. 

Leatherman Surge Heavy Duty Multitool

Every responsible seaman should have a high-quality multitool on deck. These babies can solve such a wide range of problems, and they always seem to come in handy.

The Leatherman Surge Heavy Duty Multi-Tool is about as cool as it gets, too. 

With an all-black design, the Leatherman will suit anyone’s style. It comes with everything you need on the boat: pliers, wire cutters, blades, bit drivers, and more for a whopping total of 21. 

It’s also got a bottle opener on it – for those who aren’t operating the boat, of course. 

Zixar Water Rescue Throw Bag

Every boat should have life jackets, but it should also have some kind of throwable flotation device. Whether your group is swimming near the boat or someone accidentally falls off, these flotation devices can be life-saving. 

As a gift, try out the Zixar Water Rescue Throw Bag. It comes in two different sizes: one that reaches 70 feet and another that reaches 98 feet.

It has a solid, reliable rope system on one end and a handy ring on the other end, making it easy to toss and grab. 

This bag is bright but small, so it fits nicely on little boats and is easy to spot in an emergency. It’s always best to take safety seriously, so consider this product a gift for boat safety. 

Organic Airflo Hat

Every good captain needs a hat, right? That’s correct, and when it comes to sailing, you need the best of the best. 

The Organic Airflo Hat is ideal for spending the day on the boat. It’s made from certified organic cotton that’s lightweight and cool with excellent airflow.

Not only is it a comfortable fit, but this hat will effectively protect your loved one from the hot, powerful sun – especially if this loved one is, shall we say, lacking in the hair area. 

Sunburn can be extremely serious and damaging and can lead to issues like skin cancer, so it’s crucial to have protection. This hat is stylish, but it’s also an essential safety gift. 

Hooway Waterproof Binoculars

Any great navigator of the sea needs to have a great line of sight to match. That’s where this next gift comes into play.

The Hooway binoculars are an incredible and exciting gift to get for your seaworthy loved one. Available in a wide range of colors, these binoculars are waterproof and fog proof, ensuring a clear view. 

They also float in the water, so they’ll stay on the surface if they get knocked in. 

These binoculars are perfect for all kinds of weather, making it safe for your loved one to operate heavy machinery. They’re great for sighting in long distances and producing clear and crisp images. 

Well-Strong Waterproof First Aid Kit

When most people think of safety first, they think of first aid kits. There are tons of places where you should have an excellent first aid kit, and on the boat is one of them. 

When your loved one is out to sea, they only have what they bring with them. If someone gets hurt and needs medical attention, it’s essential to have a good kit on hand. 

The Well-Strong first aid kit is the perfect choice for boat safety. The whole kit is packaged in a bright-red, waterproof case, keeping everything inside dry and ready to be used. 

The bag is compact and durable yet easy to open quickly. It contains over 100 pieces, including:

  • Scissors
  • Burn dressings 
  • Bandages 
  • Gauze 
  • Cotton swabs 
  • An emergency blanket 
  • A whistle 

It has much more, so buy this pack to see what else is available. 

Orsen Electric Full Face Snorkel Mask

No one wants to imagine anything going wrong with their boat – especially while they’re off the coast and out to sea – but you might need to have access to the bottom if something does happen. 

A great boat safety gift is this Orsen Electric Full-Face Snorkel Mask. This mask is one of the first of its kind. It’s electrically powered to increase CO2, making breathing much more accessible than a standard snorkel. 

This snorkel also has a full-face, anti-fog mask so you can see clearly if you need to take a dive. 

Not only does this gift work well for emergency repairs, but it doubles as a fun accessory to bring on boating trips. It’s a win-win! 

Pelican Waterproof Phone Case

Every boat should have some form of communication back to dry land. Your friend’s boat probably has some kind of communication system built-in, but it’s always great to have a backup in case of emergencies.

Unless, of course, someone drops their phone overboard or gets soaked in a gnarly wave. 

The Pelican Waterproof Phone Case is an excellent gift for anyone who spends much time on the water. It’s compact, lightweight, and completely waterproof with an IP67 rating. 

Plus, you can get it in multiple colors and upgrade it to the version with a wireless charger for even more security. 

Intex Explorer Inflatable Boat

Whether the boater in your life is operating a jet boat or a large fishing barge, it’s always best to have some kind of getaway in case the worst happens. Not every boat is equipped to carry full lifeboats. 

What’s a sailor to do?

We recommend the Intex Explorer Inflatable Boat. This 3-person boat includes two oars along with a handy foot pump for fast inflation. It makes life easy when your boat breaks down, and you need to paddle back to the shore. 

This boat is pretty darn sturdy, and its bright-orange color is hard to miss. Suppose your loved one has a smaller boat. In that case, you can opt to purchase a small size such as the 1-person or 2-person models. 

Hydro Flask

Water, water everywhere and not a drop to drink… 

If you don’t know what that famous quote was talking about, it’s the ocean. You may be surrounded by water, but you could be in trouble quickly if you didn’t bring anything to stay hydrated. 

Hydro Flasks are incredibly nice, durable, and solid water bottles on the market today. They’re made of stainless steel, and they’re vacuum insulated so that they will keep your water cold for hours on hours. 

You can buy the extra-large 64-ounce size as a gift for your loved ones to make sure they’re staying safe and hydrated during those hot, sunny days on the boat. The slip-free powder coating on the outside is just a nice extra touch to ensure they don’t drop it off of the boat. 

Emergency Telescoping Paddle

Every boat should have a set of paddles somewhere on deck if you run into an issue with your engine. Some smaller boats may not have the best storage space, but these Emergency Telescoping Paddles will fit just about anywhere.

An excellent gift for the boater in your life, these paddles collapse down to just about 20 inches. When fully telescoped, they’re a standard 42 inches long. They’re made of corrosion-resistant aluminum and have high-impact blades, but they’re lightweight as well. 

If your loved one doesn’t have a set of these, this is your sign to get them. 

Goglobe Boat Safety Kit

We mentioned a waterproof first-aid kit earlier on the list, but this kit is different. The Goglobe kit is made explicitly for boat safety, so everything inside it is tailored to suit a boater’s needs. 

The compact bag is just 12.4” x 8.07” x 5.9”, so it will fit easily on any boat, no matter the size. It contains many tools, including its own first aid kit, making it an excellent gift that truly says you care. 

Some noteworthy features include a 60-foot floatable rope, a distress flag, a strobe light, a 12-function multitool, and a flashlight. 

Sure, your loved one could put together their own boat safety kit, but part of this gift is the convenience of having it done for you. 

Deluxe Men’s Captain Hat

Okay, okay – we know this last gift doesn’t qualify as a safety item, per se. However, who wouldn’t trust the guy wearing this hat? A little confidence goes a long way, and safety can be fun! 

In all seriousness, we recommend pairing this item with one of the safety items on the list above. It makes things a little more lighthearted and fun while also keeping safety where it belongs: first.