New Lund Boats For Sale In 2022

Any fisherman who’s been in one knows that the Lund boat company makes fishing boats that bring durability and quality to the water. With its wide beam and reverse chines, the Lund hull design makes for a stable fishing boat. 

New Lund Boat Models

When we’re buying new boats, finding the right 2022 Lund boat means looking at many options, so perhaps looking at some of the more popular models might be a good starting point.

1650 Angler

New Lund Boats For Sale

One of the more popular Lund boats is the 1650 Angler. It’s a boat that offers versatility since you have the option of a livewell, and you can opt for a tiller, too. It holds up to five passengers, offers a lot of storage, and comes with its own custom trailer. It’s not enormous, so you can store it pretty easily when you’re not on the water. But it’s big enough to meet your hunting or fishing needs.

  • Length: 16’5”
  • Weight: 845 lbs.

1875 Pro-V Bass XS

New Lund Boats For Sale

When you’re looking for an edge in fishing, a tournament boat might be the thing for you. Lund’s 1875 Pro-V Bass XS is an 18-footer with a deck in the style of a bass boat, and there’s a lot of room up front for when you’re casting— one of its many fishing features. The Pro-V also has a livewell to go along with the rod locker and other storage spots, and there’s the luxury of moveable pivot chairs. 

It’s also got a pretty wide beam, so you’ll have a lot of stability on the water, and shallow waters won’t threaten your outing.

  • Length: 18’9”
  • Weight: 1,475 lbs.

2275 Baron

New Lund Boats For Sale

The 2275 Baron is a big aluminum fishing boat that holds lots of everything— gear, tackle, people, fish. The 2275 in the model number tells us the craft is almost 23 feet long, so this model brings size to the game to help it remain stable even in rough waters.

It’s rated to hold 12 passengers and accommodate a 400 hp engine. With all that power and space, it’s no surprise to find two livewells, jump seats, and a ridiculous amount of storage. There’s even a spray-down hose aft for quick and easy clean-up.

  • Length: 22’9”
  • Weight: 2,450 lbs

2022 Lund Boats Values, Specs, and Prices

Each year, Lund releases its newest line of boats, all built to Lund’s high material and construction standards. Nearly every 2022 Lund boat is available in at least two different lengths, though there are a few exceptions. The 2022 Lund boats include:

Lund Boat ModelLength OptionsBase Price
Jon Boat4$1,194
Mod Jon Boat4$2,960
Rebel XL1$23,577
Pro Guide4$26,217
Impact XS4$34,124
Crossover XS2$46,035
PRO-V Bass XS2$46,480
Pro-V Musky XS2$46,866
TYEE GL1$60,031
Pro-V GL3$61,300
Tyee Limited3$68,972
Pro-V Limited2$71,603

Why Choose Lund?

Lund prides itself on the quality of Lund boats, and the company has gone so far as to create an acronym to list the things they consider to be the boats’ greatest assets.

  • F. Fit and finish are key to Lund quality, as the parts and materials are machined and engineered with precision. With only high-quality materials used, a Lund boat looks great pretty much all the time.
  • I. The IPS Hull provides a flat keel that allows the boat to ride higher on the water and provides more stability. Both those things contribute to better efficiency from your engine. The reverse chine contributes to a boat’s stability.
  • S. Storage for gear and fishing tackle is abundant on a Lund boat— even the smallest ones have ample storage.
  • H. High resale value means not taking a big hit when it’s time to upgrade. Lund attributes high customer loyalty to this last trait.

How much does a new Lund fishing boat cost?

Like with buying a car, there are many accessories you might want to add to your boat, and there are also different kinds of Lund boats. Asking how much a new Lund boat costs is the same as asking how much a new Toyota costs— you need more information to provide an accurate answer.

If we’re looking at the most basic of fishing boats, a fisherman might be considering a Jon Boat, which comes in a few different sizes and may be fitted with a motor or may not be. A 10-foot Jon Boat will start out just north of $1,000. Added bells and whistles will add dollars and cents.

From there, Lund boat models get bigger, more spacious, and more powerful, all the way up to the Baron, whose price almost runs into the six-figure range. Between those two extremes is a wide spread of four- and five-figure price tags for your new Lund boat. How much yours ends up costing depends almost entirely on you.

Why are aluminum boats so expensive?

The aluminum used in a fishing boat isn’t the same as the aluminum used to make the cans of beer you might drink while in that fishing boat. To turn this common element into a grade of material safe enough to build a boat out of, there are many steps the metal must go through from the time it’s smelted to the time it’s part of a boat, and all of those steps cost money.

Also, in recent years, aluminum prices have continued rising— even more so in the face of the COVID-19 complications that hit every industry on the planet. More expensive aluminum automatically means a pricier boat no matter what other factors you consider.

Lund Boat Buyer FAQ

So much goes into finding the right boat for you, so asking questions is key to discovering the features you want and need in your fishing boat.

How long does it take to get Lund boat after ordering it?

While the standard estimate for a Lund boat to arrive in four to six weeks, as demand increases, so does that wait time. Ordering a custom boat will likely add to your wait time. 

However, since you can’t order a boat directly from Lund, you’ll need to contact your local Lund dealer, and they’ll be able to give you a much more definitive timeline.

How long is Lund boat Warranty?

Lund offers a limited lifetime warranty on its boats— all of them. The “limited” part means that a lifetime warranty applies to the riveted seams, the boat’s flooring, and the transom, which is almost as important to the boat staying afloat as the floor.

From your Lund dealer, you will have the option of a three-year warranty that will cover the entire boat— the so-called bow-to-stern warranty.

Where is Lund made?

Lund boats are built in New York Mills, Minn., with some fiberglass Lund boats being built in Manitoba and Mexico. Aluminum Lund boats come from the Minnesota plant. 

Who owns lund boats?

Brunswick acquired Lund in 2004. The company, devoted to marine recreational products, owns quite a few other boat companies and engine manufacturers like Mercury.

Is Lund a good boat brand?

Lund boats show themselves to be quite durable, as you can see that Lunds built in the 70s and 80s are still quite common sites in the water today. The company argues that its aluminum is a higher grade than that of most other aluminum boatmakers, and it’s hard to dispute the claim, as the boats’ durability is pretty unquestioned.

You’ll also find that salt water doesn’t adversely affect a Lund’s hull as it might some other boats. While Lund boats may cost a little more than other boats, Lund owners almost universally signal that the extra money was worth it.

What are Lund transoms made of?

While some Lund models (like the Jon Boat, for one) have aluminum transoms, the bulk of Lund boats employ a composite material in the transoms. This is important because transoms— from any boat manufacturer— can rot.

This is a problem not only because it might cause your boat to start taking on water but also because your outboard motor generally mounts on the transom. A transom failure can cause your engine to end up going overboard, and those don’t exactly float.

Does Lund use wood in their boats?

Technically, yes. Sometimes. Many Lund boats have wood floors. However, when most people ask about wood used in boat construction, they’re asking about the transom or other areas related to hull integrity. 

Lund does not use any wood in its transoms or hulls, having phased the material out entirely by 2018.

Are Lund boats welded?

Lund welds a seam down the keel of its boats. Other than that, the boats are built using riveted construction, allowing for quick and easy repair in the case of a leak or other minor structural issue, especially one that comes about while you’re out on the water where quick and easy become more important adjectives.