2022 Malibu Boats For Sale – In-Depth Information and Reviews

In this article, we’ll discuss the new 2022 Malibu boats, providing an in-depth description of their features and specifics that you’ll want to know as a future boat buyer.

New Malibu Boat Models

Starting with the all-new 2022 25 LSV, this is the latest model in the world’s best-selling towboat family. This 25-foot boat is the icon for the popular Luxury Sport V-Drive line. It has more interior space and storage capacity. 

Its high ballast allows you to create unbelievable wakes and waves. Its sharp, weight-balanced design keeps the rider dry on choppy days and handles just as well as boats two or three times smaller. 

Additionally, the 25 LSV includes standard fast-fill and fast-drain rear tanks with two tracking fins. Its lounger seats are customizable with extendable back, and leg rests for a true luxury experience. 

If you’re looking for a flexible, accessible, user-friendly, and classic boat, then the 25 LSV might just be the right fit for you. Its comfort and technology innovations make it a prime choice for any water enthusiast. 


  • Hull length: 25’
  • Beam: 102”
  • Draft: 32”
  • Max capacity: 18 people
  • Approximate dry weight: 6,175 lbs
  • Weight capacity: 2,538 lbs
  • Fuel capacity: 103 gallons 

2022 Malibu Boat Values, Specs, and Prices

In this section, we’ll go over some of Malibu’s boats that have been recently updated for the new year. 

2022 TXi Mo

This boat is one of the most respected ski boats in the world, excelling in three-event water ski performances. Its Diamond Hull is great for competition or recreation, and its advanced rubber control makes wakes barely noticeable.

It has a rock-solid track, consistent pull, and includes a 7-inch touch screen with GPS speed control. Accented with billet aluminum, the TXi is capable and luxurious. This boat is available in another model, the 2022 TXi MO CB. However, the TXi MO CB sports a smaller person and weight capacity.


  • Hull length: 20’6”
  • Beam: 95”
  • Draft: 22”
  • Max capacity: 7 people
  • Approximate dry weight: 3,100 lbs
  • Weight capacity: 987 lbs
  • Fuel capacity: 40 gallons 

2022 21 LX

Brand new for 2022, this boat gathers features from the models that preceded it. Its performance and unique characteristics make it a newly designed hybrid that incorporates the sharp lines of a traditional bow. 

This boat cuts smoothly through the water while being versatile, comfortable, and convenient. The 21 LX is the perfect entry point for the Wakesetter line-up.


  • Hull length: 21’
  • Beam: 98”
  • Draft: 27”
  • Max capacity: 12 people
  • Approximate dry weight: 4,580 lbs
  • Weight capacity: 1,692 lbs
  • Fuel capacity: 50 gallons 

2022 22 LSV

This boat may come in a smaller package, but it has the same wake potential. It’s the most compact boat out of the LSV family, combining comfort with technology. 

This is a great pick for smaller families or first-time buyers. It’s capable and performs solidly all around, combining the best aspects into a sizable ride while packing a punch. 


  • Hull length: 21’11”
  • Beam: 102”
  • Draft: 27”
  • Max capacity: 14 people
  • Approximate dry weight: 4,900 lbs
  • Weight capacity: 1,974 lbs
  • Fuel capacity: 48 gallons 

2022 23 LSV

The best-selling boat of the year, this ride delivers a legendary performance and has everything you could need for a fun time on the water. The 23 LSV balances performance and space with agility. Its design is sleek and cuts through choppy water. 

The new 2022 design has a transom walk-over and a redesigned interior. Some other eye-catching features include its wakeboard and traditional bow.


  • Hull length: 23’
  • Beam: 102”
  • Draft: 32”
  • Max capacity: 16 people
  • Approximate dry weight: 5,200 lbs
  • Weight capacity: 2,256 lbs
  • Fuel capacity: 65 gallons 

2022 23 MXZ

This boat maximizes space, comfort, and performance. It’s ideal for a group that demands pro-level waves while enjoying the luxury inside. Its pickle fork bow and plush cockpit are just a few features of this technology-inspired boat. 

The MXZ delivers in comfort while enunciating the Malibu performance. It’s destined to become a classic. 


  • Hull length: 23’
  • Beam: 102”
  • Draft: 32”
  • Max capacity: 16 people
  • Approximate dry weight: 5,400 lbs
  • Weight capacity: 2,256 lbs
  • Fuel capacity: 58 gallons 

2022 24 MXZ

Similar to the previous model, the 24 MXZ combines space and luxury. This boat makes the perfect wakes and is sharply designed, mixing cutting-edge technology with a new interior. 

The 24 MXZ is the most spacious boat in the Malibu line, with bold and maximized innovations and unbelievable performance for the ultimate ride. 


  • Hull length: 24’5”
  • Beam: 102”
  • Draft: 32”
  • Max capacity: 17 people
  • Approximate dry weight: 6,000 lbs
  • Weight capacity: 2,397 lbs
  • Fuel capacity: 82 gallons 

2022 M220

Malibu is all about luxury and performance, with innovative features that stand out from the rest. This boat is recognized for its bold profile and a high freeboard. You can load on more passengers, meaning more fun, and the M220 has plenty of storage. 

Its large presence on the water makes wakes clean and crisp. For surfers looking for waves that are better than ever, the M220 is for you.


  • Hull length: 22’5”
  • Beam: 102”
  • Draft: 32”
  • Max capacity: 15 people
  • Approximate dry weight: 6,200 lbs
  • Weight capacity: 2,115 lbs
  • Fuel capacity: 79 gallons 

2022 M240

Last but not least, the M240 is unsurpassed, unyielding, and unrivaled. This boat is the top of the Malibu line and is a luxury wake boat with no comparison. 

Its upscale style and functionality with a premium slide-out cooler and multi-view bench seating are just a few exclusive components of the M240. Its design makes it the greatest and cleanest ride for surfing, taking Malibu’s pride in innovation and highlighting it like never before.


  • Hull length: 24”
  • Beam: 102”
  • Draft: 32”
  • Max capacity: 17 people
  • Approximate dry weight: 7,500 lbs
  • Weight capacity: 2,397 lbs
  • Fuel capacity: 86 gallons 

Malibu Boat Buyer FAQ

Keep reading to get answers to some of the frequently asked questions about Malibu boats.

Can I customize the color of my Malibu boat?

Yes, you can customize the color of your Malibu boat. There are a variety of colors to choose from, depending on which part you’re customizing. Such as the deck, interior, hull logo and base, cushions, etc. 

You can see these options on Malibu’s virtual build a boat option on their website.

Do Malibu boats come with any warranties?

Yes, Malibu boats come with a 5-year warranty for the full-factory, powertrain, interior and upholstery, and audio. They also offer a one-year warranty for the gel coating.

How do I know which Malibu boat is right for me?

Hopefully, after reading this article, you have a better understanding of Malibu’s boats and their corresponding features. You can do your research, or build a boat on their website. 

Furthermore, they have a comparison option where you can choose up to four boats and see their components side to side for a complete visual.

Are Malibu Boats Expensive?

Malibu boat prices will fluctuate depending on the model you choose. Overall, they can cost around a hundred thousand dollars.

How much do Malibu boats cost?

Unfortunately, there are no prices listed on their website. However, other reviews state that the 2021 variations, (for example, the Malibu M220), start around $139,000. 

What Kind of Boat is a Malibu?

Malibu boats are towboats, but their design and features differentiate based on the model. 

Malibu introduced Surf Gate, beginning the evolution of design, engineering, and innovation. They aim to create an experience like no other, making each boat a playground with hundreds of customizable options. 

No competitor comes close to offering that range of flexibility. They continue to evolve in ideas, aiming for the best ride that’s fast, easy, and accessible with countless media controls and options.

Are Malibu Boats Good Quality?

Malibu has spent countless hours balancing all the capabilities a great surf boat should have, and they have been recognized for this effort through satisfied customer reviews and award-winning performances.

Who is Malibu made by?

In 1982, six California friends channeled their shared passion for water skiing into designing and building new boats. Malibu employed over 700+ experts to build boats and is committed to delivering the best on-water performance experience.

They are the largest and most successful producer of inboard towboats worldwide. Their boats are hand-crafted by innovators, designers, craftsmen, and boaters. They utilize world-class innovation.

Where is Malibu manufactured?

Malibu boats are made in three manufacturing facilities. These are located in Merced, California, Loudon, Tennessee, and New South Wales, Australia.

What is the Best Malibu Model?

Tricky question, but it depends on your preference! No model’s clear-cut and the best. Certainly, there are ones that stand over the others, but in the end, the ideal model for someone might differ for another. Your price range, hobbies, and opinions all factor into what Malibu model is right for you.