Content Editor and SEO Specialist at Best Boat Report

Justin Stephenson, a Florida native with a lifelong passion for the sea, is the dynamic Content Editor and SEO Specialist at Best Boat Report. His early days, spent on his dad’s motorboat and canoe, kindled a love for the water that has navigated the course of his life and career.

Justin’s affinity for the water extends to global adventures, where he has indulged his love of travel and exploration. He has journeyed through countries like the Dominican Republic, Mexico, Canada, The Bahamas, Taiwan, The Philippines, Germany, France, Switzerland, and the Netherlands, embracing activities like kayaking, snorkeling, boating, and fishing. These experiences have not only enriched his personal connection with the sea but also provided a rich tapestry of stories and insights for his writing.

Meet Justin Stephenson 1

His editorial skills, developed through crafting engaging landing pages and pillar posts, managing SEO, and overseeing content production, are evident in his work. Justin’s proficiency in editing articles, adding images and links, and ensuring grammatical precision has marked him as a standout in the field of digital content creation.

Justin’s professional journey includes a significant tenure at Gleim Publications, Inc., where he honed his skills in various roles within the Content department, from editing XML and HTML code to leading a team of over 25 professionals. His experience there developed his leadership and content production skills.

His background also encompasses a role as an English as a Second Language (ESL) teacher with Hess International Education Organization in Taiwan, broadening his communication abilities and enabling him to engage with a diverse range of audiences – a vital skill for the global boating community.

When he’s not working at Best Boat Report, Justin helms the content creation and management at, where he focuses on providing resources and advice for rescue dog volunteers and adopters. In addition to his role at, Justin leads Marsh Rabbit Media, a media and content production company. His leadership and expertise in managing diverse content projects make him an invaluable asset to the Best Boat Report team.

At Best Boat Report, Justin combines his extensive editorial experience, deep understanding of SEO, and personal enthusiasm for boating to steer content that truly resonates with fellow enthusiasts. His unique blend of professional expertise and personal passion positions him as a guiding star for those exploring the exciting world of boating and boatlife.